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Thursday morning, a man threw a rock at my car while I was driving through Mt. Friendship, St. Michael. (Very ironic this!) I don’t know why he did this, and I am extremely grateful to Heavenly Father that no major damage was done. I immediately stopped the car, put on the hazard lights and jumped out to see what the @#$% had happened.

Apparently this person also threw rocks at other cars who were behind me. The rock hit the car on the back left roof support, between the windscreen and rear passenger door glass. So now I have a dented car but my son and I are alive and unharmed. I reported the incident to the police and they took me back to the scene, where I saw the same man walking by with a bag of what looked like mangoes on his shoulder.

The contributor added;- “I was not brave – I was @#$*@ PISSED OFF!! This man endangered my child! Thank God the culprit was moving away and I really could not chase his @$$ down. I think he hit at least one other car because I saw another driver get our of his vehicle and head towards him.” I could say what type of parent this is but then you may identify them – let’s just say they’re not a Wallflower in the least!

People in the neighbourhood confirmed the incident and said that he has mental problems and has family in the area, and has a history of throwing rocks at people. I am sharing this story in the hope that someone will get this man some help, before he injures someone or runs into “ig’rant body” with a weapon!

Honestly, this incident scared and infuriated me, not to mention taking up time that I would much rather have spent elsewhere. Much respect and praise to the Royal Barbados Police Force for the courteous way that they handled this situation.

Ideally, I guess, this man would be in the Mental Hospital getting help, and I can only hope that some member of his family reads this and takes the appropriate action.

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