St Michael South East MP calls it a Day – hedges bets and praises both Gov’t & Opposition of Barbados

Hamilton Lashley may create more problems than solutions on his departure from active politics in Barbados, Lashley will not resume campaigning for his seat in next elections due to health reasons of Low Blood Pressure – paving the way for new blood from the ruling Democratic Labour Party, yet his constituents preferred his Community-focus of his campaigning from his outset in 1994 and they are concerned a nomination will not follow due process in selection. This fear has erupted into a declared preference for Santia Bradshaw, whose family ties are also in this particular St Michael riding.

“Hammie Lah” as he’s sometimes referred to is pondering here – maybe he’s sorry he’s stepping down… But he himself admitted to health issues related to Low Blood Pressure…

After Lashley’s Official Announcement at the UWI School of Continuing Studies in Parkinson Field, the Pine, St Michael – many residents have made clear their dissatisfaction with one contender, Patrick Tannis – former Harrisonian, banker and Social Media Activist. They do not feel his style of representation compares favourably with Lashley’s record where he maintained his seat under not only BLP and ruling DLP ridings but also as an Independent briefly in 2010.

Santia Bradshaw is no stranger to St Michael South East, she grew up watching her father pound the Pine’s pavements – if the DEM’s don’t do what’s right (something they’ve become famous for in the last 18 months) then she may stand a good chance when the Bell rings!

When constituents expressed their ire to other journalists present at the gathering, they made it openly clear if the Democratic Labour Party does not have a selection process for the successor to St Michael South East, then they plan not only to vote for the BLP’s Santia Bradshaw but will help to campaign for the daughter of former possessor of the same seat – DeLisle Bradshaw.

DeLisle’s absence in 1994 (he was in Antigua for an operation to remove piles) created a deadlock in a No Confidence motion {14 to 14} against then PM Erskine Sandiford whose controversial 8% pay cut in public sector wages eventually led to a house revolt where five sitting MP’s of the then ruling DLP sided with the BLP Opposition and forced new voting which led to Owen Arthur‘s commencement as Barbados’ fifth leader.

Other current potential candidates for St Michael South East are Pedro Shepherd and Hal Martin, with many Pine residents preferring Martin as his style of representation bears the closest resemblance to MP Lashley’s manner of interacting with the neighbourhood’s elderly and youth. If they are ignored, they warned, we will respond with our ballots and canvassing whenever next Elections are called – which is constitutionally due no later than next year.

Cranston Browne of the DLP’s executive was also present at the conference, but declined to indicate who the successor would be, nor what method of choosing who’ll run after Hamilton Lashley. Browne only admitted a decision will be made soon.

A week of activities to observe Lashley’s years of service was confirmed by Martin “Bob” Forde with one event incurring an Entry Fee as it is a Fundraiser at the Hilton hotel, however the price and details of the Gala Dinner were yet to be confirmed.

It seems Browne would rather I had not asked about Candidacy issues period, but then if the local media is hampered from doing their job – someone has to pose the questions which make them squirm like a cat on a hot tin roof? Is that not Democracy? That is the name of their party, right?

Lashley himself stated a Foundation in his name was to be established which was to concentrate on upholding Barbados’ Sr Citizen population, which is on the rise, and by accessing other well-known Foundations such as those set forth by – Bill & Melinda Gates (which has offices in Barbados & the Caribbean), UK soccer giant Andy Rooney, the late singer Michael Jackson, media mogul Oprah Winfrey and ex-USA President Bill Clinton – since these groups have been known for concrete assistance in humanitarian ways. A board of directors and its criteria are to be agreed on in the near future according to the outgoing MP.

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