UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS! Cariaccess silenced: C&W’s Main Opposer loses battle and succumbs to cancer in Barbados – Sadly True!

UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS! Cariaccess silenced: C&W’s Main Opposer loses battle and succumbs to cancer in Barbados – Sadly True!


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I only now got the chance to update here and I did some digging – apart from 2 e-mails I got, Anthony’s death was announced in the print edition of Nation newspaper from Thursday 27th Sept 2007 where they asked in lieu of flowers if donations to the Barbados Cancer Society can be made. I am still shocked! RIP dear half-cousin…

Here is e-mail #1;

I’m so sorry to tell u I saw your blog and yes it’s true. Anthony passed away Wed. 26 Sept with cancer. The Cariaccess web site is down for a while

This is the second e-mail from a former schoolmate;

I am sad to say that it is true; Anthony left us for a better place at 12:noon on Tuesday.

Take care and keep up the good work

Perhaps I am clutching at straws, but two things – each e-mail had a conflicting date and there is no mention of his death on his website that is running again, unless it is like what Tupac Shakur quoted and Machiavelli wrote about – fake your demise to fool your enemies. I mean, God knows he offended C&W often enough, LOL! We resume now with original article…

I was outside RBTT in Hastings Plaza when a friend of my mother’s dropped a bombshell on me – Anthony Gunn is dead?

They claimed he was in Dominica, took ill all of a sudden and was rushed here to Barbados at Intensive Care and subsequently succumbed to cancer??

I find this rather stunning as Anthony and I used to e-mail each other often and he always was on the go about something – sailing, telecoms sector and/or his ongoing bugbear of Cable & Wireless

Since I cannot hook up to the website of his company and I tried at least five times – If anyone can confirm or deny his passing please e-mail me via my contact at My Profile and do so ASAP, thanks!

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5 responses to “UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS! Cariaccess silenced: C&W’s Main Opposer loses battle and succumbs to cancer in Barbados – Sadly True!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    You have second thoughts coming if you think for one moment that Cariaccess has been silenced!! Anthony’s legend and his works will continue. I must add,to the blogger who talked about Anthony offending C&W too many times, how insensitive can you be?? Ignorance is truly a curse!

  2. AirBourne Avatar

    Hmmm, okay, welllll…. Obviously, you are very passionate about my former half-cousin!

    News-Blog, in case you may not be aware of it, means a degree of poetic license or some sort of perhaps social or personal belief or commentary – I never thought for one second Cariaccess is silenced, but ppl usually do have a min’s silence when acknowledging the passing of a great One?

    If you read my article carefully, I was hoping against hope Anthony is not really dead and faked his death as he was a constant thorn in C&W’s side, that was very true!

    Use the links I provide, they give you clues and enlightenment as to what I am really saying – you are right beyond measure when you say ignorance is truly a curse, have you ever thought of exorcism?

    Now let me grieve over my family’s passing in my own way and you do it in yours, ok? Peace!

  3. Jim Avatar

    Anthony couldn’t be dead. He would have emailed us all first to tell us himself — he wouldn’t have trusted the media to get it right.

    Wait … an email from agunn@…

  4. Jeffrey Gunn Avatar
    Jeffrey Gunn

    It is with great sadness that I only found out today of my dear cousins passing. This information came by way of a reply email asking if he was up to getting together this Christmas. The reply did not come from Anthony’s address, it however came from his brother-in-law, telling me the sad news.
    Being from Canada we have only gotten together a brief few times, but he always went out of his way to make me feel at home.
    I, as others have, invested in Anthony’s dream of Cariaccess and will be sure to continue in his name to “offend” as it was put, C&W.

  5. Anonymous Avatar


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