Barbadians are being asked to donate towards urgently needed supplies for Vincentians

Arising from the ongoing discussions between authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados, Barbadian businesses and individuals are being asked to contribute items to a list of urgently needed supplies for the people of that nation.

Since yesterday, emergency agencies there have been grappling with the effects of La Soufriere volcano’s eruptions, which have so far resulted in the evacuation of thousands of householders from residence near the explosions and the disruption of the everyday lives of tens of thousands more across the country.

The requested items are (H = high priority; M = medium priority; L = low priority):


Water Tanks (800-gallon capacity)                 H          500                  Target – 100 shelters

Water Tanks 1,000-gallons capacity)             H          500                  Target – farms and livestock

Buckets (5 gallons)                                          H          5,000               Target – shelter laundry and shower

Folding Cots                                                    H          10,000

Portable Potties (Toilets)                                H          150                  For Shelters

Blankets                                                          H          30,000             For shelters

Field Tents (20ft x 20ft)                                   M         30                    For shelters

Field Tents (10ft x 10ft)                                   M         20                    For shelters

Field Kitchen                                                   M         2                      Provide meals to the shelters

Sleeping Mats                                                 L          1,000               Contingency for shelters (in lieu of cots)

Respirator masks with filters                          H          1,000               Target – front line and first responders

Reflective Vests                                               M         2,000               First responders and volunteers

Caution Tape (100ft roll)                                M         100                  Cordoning of emergency sites

Hygiene Kits                                                    H          10,000             For Shelterees/evacuees

Disinfectants                                                   H          5000 gallons

Bleach                                                             H          1000 gallons

Liquid soap                                                      H          5000 gallons

Water for full population of the country — 110,000 litres for 30 days

Drinking and domestic hygiene water            H          12,774,194 gallons

Drinking water 24×500 ml                              H          40,000

Drinking water 12×1 litre (7 days’ supply)      H          28,000

Drinking water 4×4 litre                                  H          45,000

Water bladders collapsible                             H          20,000 (To be provided in minimum quantities of 5-gallon bottles)

Water bladders collapsible                             H          50                    100 gallon

Water bladders collapsible                             H          50                    200 gallon

While emergency officials there are making preparation to provide daily meals for approximately 20,000 Vincentians and are asking for assistance, they are requesting contributions in cash, which should be transferred to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency’s (CDEMA) Emergency Assistance Fund at account number 10 3666 589 at FirstCaribbean International Bank, Rendezvous, Christ Church.

All persons desirous of assisting should deliver items from the above list — except for cash — directly to the HMBS Pelican base of the Barbados Coast Guard on the Mighty Grynner Highway. Please note that only items on the list will be accepted, and individuals should therefore refrain from taking random donations to the Coast Guard base.

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