Democratic Labour Party of Barbados Runs From Discussing St John’s Issues – Presents “Homecoming FETE” Instead

There would hardly be another Government in the world that could be so inhumane, reckless and uncaring, that it can hold a “home coming FETE” and at a time when most in the country are yanking out their hair and having sleepless nights wondering how they will pay their bills; dealing with the high cost of living, escalating crime and increasing taxes and whether they will be next on the bread-line or if their roof or wheels may get repossessed.

Thank you so much for all you are doing as well as for accepting to intensify your efforts in the coming days to give yourself a change and St. John a new beginning with Hutson Griffith and Team Barbados Labour Party. Barbados is counting on you!

Election Day is mere hours away, but you still have the opportunity to make a difference for Hudson Griffith and Barbados. Change never comes without a fight — and it won’t come at all unless each of us does our part. This By-election is a fight for the future. And it is a fight we must win. Still, it is important to remember that whichever way it is decided, come January 21st – Barbados will still be saddled with a Government it cannot afford.

Social Commentator rips up Dem's concept for Fete - Could funds not be used for Poverty Alleviation? Who REALLY foots the Bill?

It is therefore up to you –the people of St. John to give yourself a chance and the hope for a new beginning by voting for Hudson Griffith and Team Barbados Labour Party because we care about you, your lives, and your children’s futures.

The people of Barbados are also counting on you to send the appropriate message to the ruling DLP so that it would start to work for Barbados, instead of complaining and wasting so much time feting and making more silly promises it know it will not keep. Let us work together in these final days to give Hudson Griffith and Team BLP the boost they need to win. Surely it has not escaped your attention that while Team BLP is dealing with the issues and offering credible solutions to the problems you face – the DLP prefers to hold FETES and complain.

In so many ways, our families’ futures and our children’s aspirations are on the line in this By-election. Therefore, getting Hudson Griffith elected to Parliament will mean getting relief and new hope to people bearing the brunt of the DLP administration’s failures, which has resulted in high taxes, escalating crime, high unemployment, high cost of living as well as people working on some plantations in St. John – who are only getting one, two or three days work per week. This is totally unacceptable.

January 20th is therefore about giving every child in St. John and across Barbados the chance to reach his or her God-given potential and that is why we cannot afford to slacken off or turn back now. With only 2 days to go, we cannot afford to be lulled into a false sense of security and we must do everything we can to win; rescue Barbados and put it back on track. This By-election is about bringing jobs and opportunity to families who have been hit hard by this failed DLP economy. It is about securing retirement for BARP members who live in St. John but who cannot get their money out of Clico, even while the DLP‘s candidate purport to have seniors as her priority.

Hudson Griffith does not want to be elected to Parliament to defend Clico‘s interest!. He cares about the things that are important to you and is therefore offering you hope and quality representation. Those are the things – and you are the one, we are fighting for. That is why it is so important to do the most you can possibly do to secure victory for “Team BLP” in these final days.

Fellow citizens of St. John – Barbados is counting on you to give yourself a chance and to put our country back on track by voting for Team BLP. Only you have it within your power to get Hutson Griffith over the line. Extraordinary commitment is what it is going to take to see our candidates through to victory and to see our country through to better days.

"Surely it has not escaped your attention that while Team BLP is dealing with the issues and offering credible solutions to the problems you face - the DLP prefers to hold FETES and complain."

There are two truths that cannot be denied! Come January 21st 2011, Barbados will still be saddled with a Government it cannot afford. Secondly, that the DLP is today significantly and substantially weaker without David Thompson, which explains my first point and also why Barbados is today on the pathway to poverty. But, there is “HOPE” with Hutson Griffith and Team BLP.

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