Barbados Labour Party’s Butt Of Joke – Clown Princes of Homophobia attack CLICO

There are some within the Barbados Labour Party who will not learn – they make repeated attempts at gutter humour at the expense of reputations and lifestyles not only whether or not true but also if it has any bearing on handling a plan, situation or crisis…

"CLICO: A Call For Justice" 4 March 2012, Haggatt Hall - BLP Meeting

If Tyrone had info he did not want out in public domain, would he feel good if his opponents used such data and ran over their own mouths attempting to lay him low with unproven gossip instead of rules and regulations or evidence showing why a certain position may appear congruent yet is in fact against the grain?

There was a massive audience at Haggatt Hall over the weekend to listen to the BLP’s multi-speakered presentation on “CLICO: A Call to Justice” – most of the speakers kept to issues of why or how funds disappear and reappear and is it fraud or not? But there were some who sought to draw cheap laughs by assaulting the memory of the late Prime Minister of Barbados and insinuate he had a gay lifestyle with key personnel of CL Financial Holdings (B’dos) Ltd.

Having been the victim of such a smear tactic by the same BLP in the 80’s because my late father fell out with the regime of the day over funds due, one of their Pit Bulls of that era – the late Denzil Agard (suspected to be a downlow himself) tried to imply that my own father molested this writer and so created a young queer.

For this reason alone, I hated the Barbados Labour Party a long time as this smear tactic tarnished my reputation past my teens into my early adulthood, even one of my sister in law’s almost bought into that lie when she heard I was pursuing the lady who eventually became my wife.

This is why certain elements on the ruling DLP try to go around tell people similar deeds, but I have to let those members of the Upper Chamber know if I hear it from anyone else then I will gather all the witnesses and carry their sorry backsides into court and garnish their wages! What’s ironic is the DEM’s have quite a few of this persuasion among them, but they keep them in their fold since they get the job done!

Now let’s get something straight, those who are gay by choice or claims of natural inclination, that is their business, it is not my decision and I have no wish to be so proselytised. Nevertheless, those who are comfortable with it should not be punished for their decision.

If Thompson never married and had no children, yet he maintained a close stance with Insurance executives who also opted to stay single, even if it was true, then that is THEIR business! Bill Clinton balanced the budget while doing weird things with a cigar, and we want to give him a medal, yet when US Congress members regularly pursue Pages of either sex via Twitter or Instant Messenger or when Catholic Priests assault children there are some who either sensationalise or seek to quash the allegations…

Perhaps the time has come in politics we should relinquish the idea we are hiring Saints, we know they’re human and have flaws once they are not at the expense of the voter?

This would than nullify the idiotic contributions of Senator Kerrie Symmonds (who also made similar Homophobic and Gay Bashing commentary while General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party, yet this was directed to not even a BLP Parliamentarian but one of their children, who’s a grown adult at the time which meant it is their choice and none of his business) who juxtaposed intriguing details of how money was diverted in CLICO with slurs against Barbados’ 6th Prime Minister of what his sexual practices may or may not have been.

Tyrone Lovell, one of the most affable persons you can ever hope to meet and has wicked timing as a Stand Up Comedian, laid a monologue which in the USA would earn a Lifetime Ban from the Rainbow Coalition.


There are many in the Diplomatic Corps of Barbados who have such a Lifestyle, and it does not stop them from carrying out what their respective territories expect them to to do while interacting in this region. Why punish their decision or embracing what feels biologically comfortable? Worse, why tar people who may not even be guilty of such a choice and make life difficult for them in an area where people are yet to reach the 21st Century in Full?

"CLICO: A Call For Justice" 4 March 2012, Haggatt Hall - BLP Meeting

Everyone knows Senator Symmonds divorce was far from amicable – so if a body asks him was part of his divorce settlemnt involve Car Seat Covers or a voucher from Automotive Art, would he feel as kind as the widow or daughters of the late David Thompson are now feeling, knowing how Kerrie who used to be so kind in KOLIJ is now approaching a level expected from USA’s Rush Limbaugh (who’s losing advertisers by the second for similar crap)?

It is really time for Kerrie and Tyrone to grow up, if the other members of your party can attack issues and offer suggestions without getting personal, then why do YOU? This is known as maturity, there are some folk who tend to think using such so-called humour encroaches on the boundaries of good taste!

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