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  1. Finance Ministry is Anti-Septic? Says it’s all about Germ Warfare… LOL!

    #everybodyhateschris #Budget2017 #enoughisenough #stepupifyafedup #Barbados #nationalsocialresponsibilitylevy #taxesorjobs #payuporelse #barbadosrevenueauthority #christophersinckler

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  2. This Is The Year That Was – 2015 belongs to Quality Service & ex-Missing Person(s), plus Bajans abroad and more…

    The Bajan Reporter came into being on 23rd December nine years ago – today we reflect on 2015 and what was hot at this popular web locale… 2015 will be special for many for many reasons – regular readers are aware at Bajan Reporter the statistics for year-enders is based on shares from Facebook, up […]

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  3. Leroy Parris in hard times? Yet was seen in plain sight at FoodWine Rum festival…

    REMEMBER WHEN THE BARBADOS HIGH COURT froze the assets of former CLICO boss Leroy Parris and his company Branlee Consulting Services Inc. to the tune of $4.5 million? Didn’t stop him going Polo on Saturday though…

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  4. Cahill Energy proposed Waste To Energy is a Waste of Time – NOT BARBADOS!

    Kid #3: My Mommy says smoking kills. Nick Naylor: Oh, is your Mommy a doctor? Kid #3: No. Nick Naylor: A scientific researcher of some kind? Kid #3: No. Nick Naylor: Well, then she’s hardly a credible expert, is she? Aaron Eckhart – Thank You for Smoking (2005) This film was a seminal treatise on […]

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  5. Future Centre Trust with 2 Town Hall Meetings – Re: Cahill Energy of Guernsey & Freundel Stuart Regime

    In 2014 the Future Centre Trust learned Cahill Energy of Guernsey signed an agreement with the Government of Barbados (GoB) which in effect will create a Waste to Energy plant in Barbados. We are told that by 2017, after employing 650 construction workers and injecting much needed cash into our economy through the construction of […]

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  6. Barbadian Engineer designs new Political movement: Grenville Phillips II warns of vicious attacks if joining, urges everyone to solve and comment

    Grenville Phillips II chooses his words carefully, whether suggesting how Barbadians build better homes or examining if NISE really served its purpose, once he’s made a careful assessment – he makes no bones to state what should or should not be done if success can be grasped… For the noted engineer to decide to embark on […]

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  7. 39 YEAR OLD ELECTRICIAN CHARGED FOR ‘MALICIOUS COMMUNICATION:’ Will Barbados Gov’t Ban Twitter & Facebook next?

    First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for Trade Unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist […]

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  8. Threat, what threat? Barbados’ Finance Minister downplays alleged threat – praises Central Bank for Website, but ignores their Media disrespect

    Cry wolf is an expression that means “raise a false alarm“, derived from the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. (WIKIPEDIA) You may recall it was not so long ago when Chris Sinckler implied he received a threat against his life and pledged to have the insidious device probed forthwith… Yet no more was heard? […]

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  9. Health and Education Security (HES) Fund idea from BAMP is wrong or Barbados’ Polyclinic system is best? Easy to dismiss, where are answers?

    A Barbadian consumer under the name of Anthony Davis recently got into a hissy fit over a very comprehensively researched idea from Dr Carlos Chase, president of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners… In a typical Barbadian assault, no counter proposal was offered – “{How} many more taxes should be put on the backs of […]

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  10. 16% Solution? Better call Tyrone, has Police Commissioner (Ag) of Barbados inhaled too many eradications?

    I think ya better call Tyrone (Call Him) And Tell him come on, Help you get your Sh*t (Come On, Come on) You need to Call Tyrone (Call Him) Writer(s): Erica Wright © Divine Pimp Publishing, Universal Music – Mgb Songs (Unconfirmed) Sheraton car park is a vicious battlefield tonight – over 500 or so teenagers are […]

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  11. Barbadian Minister of Commerce considers it appropriate if sugar is no longer exported but used locally: this as Banks Beer asks Media to limit questions at Press Conference

    Two Cabinet Ministers of Barbados for one tour, what gives? It seems John Boyce, who handles Health, was asked to attend a special tour in Newton recently as he was a former Engineer there… Donville Inniss, who deals with Commerce, was invited as the brewery was launching a new product… Or maybe, both were there […]

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  12. Boon Or Bane? Owen Arthur departs BLP in hissy fit: says remainder of Term as Independent, really?

    T I M E L I N E January 2008 – Owen Arthur endures crushing defeat as Barbados Labour Party’s fourth term hopes dashed by 20-10 swing in General Elections, claims to spend his time as Backbencher and opens way for Mia Mottley to be Opposition Leader. February 2010 – Makes first public appearance since assuming […]

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  13. No News Conference for Barbados’ Economic Performance for 2nd Quarter of 2014? Why on Earth not? Heavens to Betsy!

    You will recall there was a recent tussle betwixt the Nation Publishing and the Central Bank of Barbados, where it seemed headed for a form of selective censorship when the Nation appeared too eager in relaying some unflattering news on the CBB (Why no, really, unflattering news? I thought all media were PR flunkies gave […]

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  14. An Insight into the Economy of Barbados from WHO? “Fledgling Middleclass et al to Pay Municipal Solid Waste Tax…”

    The government of Barbados has delivered on a promise to implement the municipal solid waste tax on an already overtaxed Barbadian. The tax is introduced in the Municipal Solid Waste Tax Bill, 2014 as, “There shall be charged, levied and collected on the site value of improved lands“. There has been a lot of discussion […]

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  15. Jeremy Clarkson with Lewis Hamilton? Race for Irony? Whither BBC? Will Barbadians let their conscience override wheels?

    Dear All The attached letter is the basis of the current complaint to the BBC and Ofcom. We believe that the BBC should dismiss the racists who were responsible for the N-word usage and previous racist broadcasts. We have written to your embassy in London and all of your major newspapers to protest at the […]

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  16. Can Barbados be run like a Company? If MP’s would learn to leave their Egos at home…

    DISCLAIMER – I.A.N.A.E! Like my old pal from Pull-Push, I also am not an Economist, but instead I wish to provide someways and means I have been mulling in the hopes Barbados would flourish once again, if they are used or adapted then at least progress is made – everyone is operating too close to the […]

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    WARNING – If you’re looking for all that happened sequentially in January, February, etc. then forget it… This is not that kind of reflection, this is a Tally based on Social Media voting, esp. Facebook shares and likes, or actual hit-counts depending on their nature. The trophies are mainly subjective and based on what stayed […]

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  18. Barbadian Senator fields queries from aggressive young Guyanese journalists

    When the late David Thompson, the 2nd PM of Barbados to die in Office, once declared “Ever so welcome, wait for a call,” in reference to removing a large contingent of Guyanese in Barbados (which would include Rihanna’s mother if he thought it through, yet he sees fit to bestow a Diplomatic Passport to RiRi […]

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    Chief Executive Officer of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Dr. Dexter James, has urged Barbadians to take greater responsibility for their health this holiday season to reduce the strain usually placed on the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department at this time of year. “We need you to exercise a measure of personal responsibility for your […]

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  20. CCJ ruling posed to Sen. Maxine McClean, Bds. Foreign Affairs Min. rebukes Bajan Reporter – decides what’s Newsworthy?

    As you may be aware, based on the Photo Gallery on this website, Bajan Reporter is in Georgetown for the Caribbean Week in Agriculture soon winding down… Guyana is a huge place and very interesting to visit, will soon be posting quite a few videos on my return to Bim! One unexpected bonus was to […]

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  21. Mark Zuckerberg flips bird at Freundel Stuart? Facebook refuses to squeal on 3 personalities – who were they?

    “If a regime cannot take a joke, then it has no right calling itself a regime!” Jon Stewart Is it so much of a surprise when Facebook, the currently global ruling Social Media engine (not so long ago it was Hi5 then MySpace, now Facebook shares cyberspace with mini-blogging venue Twitter), was approached by apparently […]

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  22. Parliamentary Gaffe by Barbados’ Edu. Minister now spoofed into Crop Over Social Commentary

    On 11th June 2013, Education Minister Ronald Jones while debating in Parliament gave a speech which incensed many Barbadians – but not Bajan Poppets, we saw it as a stirring motivational oratorical masterpiece which urged Bajans to fall inline other wise Jones would call out the forces to “Crack Some Heads and Shoot Some People“. […]

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  23. Is Barbados Free Press Dead? Ian Bourne finally vindicated! Tabloid Blog inactive for 3 weeks!

    For years I have endured teasing, ribbing, jokes and outright threats how I, Ian Bourne, am both or either Barbados Free Press & B’dos Underground as well as here at Bajan Reporter – where do I find the time, I always reply… The answers are beyond ridiculous or sublime and verge on something which would […]

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  24. Precious Metals and Second Hand Metals Act – Stops Barbadian Crime or Kills Entrepreneurial Spirit?

    CAVEAT This story is only now appearing as I was researching a lot of details which I needed to verify before just releasing the video. Such as how can Legislation be enacted only after Parliament was dissolved for Elections at the beginning of this year? I was able to verify this by directly asking the […]

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  25. If 2010 was left alone, would 2013 have a Female PM for Barbados? Congrats to Mia Mottley, a more sober approach to Gov’t?

    The reactions on Bajan Social Media have been tumultuous and conflicting, while the majority praise the change in the Barbadian political arena… Mia Mottley restored to Opposition Leader of Barbados, with MP of St Peter, Owen Arthur, not present as the 13 remaining members agreed between them selves to turn the clock back to 2010 […]

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