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  1. Barbadian Photographer earns justified Kudos for his Unusual perspectives

    Zemicon Gallery is no more, although I hear something new may be afoot – will keep a track on it… One of the last reviews I did featured a local shutterbug, Mark King, who seemed under siege at the time and in my daring to defend him I was suddenly questioned as to what qualifies […]

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  2. Sixth Carmichael Prize Exhibition – Bridgetown Gallery Reception, Sunday 12th Dec. 2010, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    In association with the Goldcorp Insurance Company Inc., the Bridgetown Gallery in Hincks Street cordially invites you to the opening of The Sixth Carmichael Prize Exhibition On Sunday 12th December 2010 from 7 – 9 pm Submissions by past and present students of the Barbados Community College’s Visual Arts Programme Guests will be asked to […]

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  3. Barbadian Art Glut: Alison Chapman Andrews’ Collection in the City; “There & Back” at Bridgetown Gallery; “A-Merge” at the Main Guard, Garrison & “Tierra Y El Mar” at Aweipo, Crane Resort

    Barbados certainly is not lacking for art shows at the moment once again, almost a month after Kadooment when there was a similar overload – still, is it not better that people have a lot of culture to choose from rather than wonder if Bajans are indeed cultured? Alison Chapman Andrews is an artist of her own right, yet […]

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  4. Invitation extended to public of Barbados for Artists’ talk with Alicia Alleyne and Mark King at the Bridgetown Gallery, Sun. 5 Sept. 2010

    All Barbadians are welcome to attend an artists’ talk with Alicia Alleyne and Mark King on Sunday 5th September, 4 – 6 pm at the Bridgetown Gallery in Hincks Street. The artists will be talking about their recent exhibition There and Back. For further information: 826-4875 Kind regards, Therese Hadchity: Curator

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  5. ART OVERLOAD – More Barbadian Art than you can shake a Paintbrush at: Queen’s Park Gallery, Grand Salle, Bridgetown Gallery & Barbados Arts Council

    Usually after the Winter season for Tourism, art in Barbados is scarcer than locating a mythical winner for the current Super Lotto with its ever-climbing jackpot (It was last at $9-mil. plus, oh babies!)… This Crop Over, however, finds art overloading the culture-meter and both within and without from the City environs! Starting from the outer bands of Bridgetown […]

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  6. Cthulu was a LADY? Bridgetown Gallery plays host to sequinned “Battle Of the Sexes” of Alberta Whittle

    Back in the late 30’s, an author by name of August Derleth tried to create an archetypal clash of Pure against Profane with the squid-headed demonic Cthulu – a character from HP Lovecraft’s fevered psyche. Neil Gaiman once gave a humourous memoir of the Jungian nightmare-avatar as if it can recall the angst of teen-Elder […]

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  7. Arthur’s Art at Former Zemicon Gallery – “BRIDGETOWN” runs to Month-End, 28 Feb. 2010 at the Bridgetown Gallery

    You better rush over to Hincks Street fast, because by the time you read this all of Arthur Atkinson’s works may have sold out? Be it acrylic, watercolour or mixed media – the depictions of various aspects of ‘Street‘ life even to the life of the street itself are being gobbled up by collectors. I […]

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  8. Zemicon Gallery closes forever by end of December – Cost of Culture prohibitive without National Gallery

    It seems Barbados is going the way of Cancun, no genuine culture or green spots, just Condos and Waiters everywhere, sigh…

    December 9, 2009Editorial, Featured, Galleries3 comments
  9. Vote for your favorite work of Art! 5th Carmichael Prize Exhibition at the Zemicon Gallery

    On December 6th 2009, between 6 pm and 8 pm at Zemicon Gallery, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, “BEGINNINGS” the 5th Carmichael Prize Exhibition opens. The exhibition/competition is a group show that takes place every year, each year of its existence there is a different theme. This year the exhibition was limited to participants that are Past […]

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  10. Bill Grace show at Zemicon Gallery in the City – PLEASE CLICK ICONS FOR LARGER IMAGES

    Bill Grace Exhibition “Art about water, the reef, interconnections, balance, harmony, healing and peace“ New Work at Zemicon Gallery Opening Sunday November 1st, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PMalsoNov 2nd & Nov 3rd, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Informal retrospective at Blue Waters Studio by appointment * Excellent opportunity; Limited offer: 20% off, further 15% for […]

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  11. Call for Works from all past and present students of Barbados Community College

    Final call for participants in the Carmichael Prize exhibition: If you want to participate and haven’t signed up, pls. note that THE DEADLINE FOR DOING SO IS OCTOBER 31st! The Zemicon Gallery hereby invites submissions for the 5th Carmichael Prize exhibition/competition, which is to open on December 6th. This year?s invitation is restricted to works […]

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  12. Stanley Greaves regales select crowd at Barbados’ Zemicon Gallery with Haiku-like Poetry and new Colourful Works, out of the Shadows

    One thing which usually permeates the works of Stanley Greaves, in either his political or literary inspired works, is the worlds of Shadow… While at Bridgetown’s Zemicon gallery recently, he told the intimate audience that during childhood he would assist his father in painting signs and mostly black paint was used. He suspects that’s part […]

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  13. Other Voices – Zemicon Gallery of Barbados to the power of 10

    Ten fingers. Ten toes. Separate entities, yet aiming for common goals. Reaching, grasping, travelling, fighting, loving, stroking, and more – like how good art should do too, eh? These sentiments are left for you to discover in Bridgetown at Hincks Street until the end of this month… “Other Voices” is a special presentation by ten […]

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  14. Other Voices – A Group Show in the City: 26/07/2009 at Zemicon [MO’ SHAMELESS PLUGGIN’]

    {IF THIS IS TOO SMALL FOR YOU TO READ, THEN CLICK ON THE FLYER AND MAGIC WILL HAPPEN}An intensely diverse Art exhibition with ten local (Barbadian) artists including: Simbah Pile Joyce Daniel Ann Rudder Bill Grace Derek Went Julianne Gill Aurelia Walcott Alicia Alleyne Nicholas Barnett Martina Pile

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  15. Zemicon Gallery is hosting a chance to talk with artist Tonya Wiles about her show “Hide and Seek” this 14 June 2009

    Tonya, a proud Barbados Scholar, has returned to the island after pursuing her Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Fine Art: Painting at a prestigious university in London called Wimbledon College of Art. She has hosted and participated in a number of exhibitions in the heart of the London?s art capital. Both Art Collectors and Art Galleries […]

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  16. “Every island is different – every island is the same;” A collaborative Art Show on at Zemicon Gallery, B’town – March 15th to 31st 2009

    “Every Island is Different: Every Island is the Same” {On until March 31st} is presented as a collaboration between Caroline Sardine, or Bops (as she prefers), and Philip Nanton. Though born into the tiny white minority of St. Vincent, Bops spent her early childhood blissfully unaware of social hierarchies and racial difference. The world was […]

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  17. Barbadian Art on Display – Exhibits at both Zemicon and Queen’s Park this Sunday 8 February 2009

    The National Art Gallery Committee, the National Cultural Foundation and the Zemicon Gallery cordially invite you to the opening of ‘The Road to Many: Towards a Genealogy of Barbadian Art‘ an exhibition featuring works by 3 generations of Barbadian artists SUNDAY FEBRUARY 8TH 6:30pm starting at QUEEN’S PARK GALLERY, continuing on to ZEMICON GALLERY for […]

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  18. Guyanese DeCaires’ art at Barbados’ Lancaster Great House continues until month-end

    Was sad to see that no-one appeared to have any remarks for Dennis DeCaires’ art at the Lancaster Great House Gallery. I have since learned it’s not even the first time he’s appeared at the West Coast venue, thanks to Caribbean Beat;- [Denis DeCaires] is also passionate about everyday things like mangoes, flowers, a cup, […]

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  19. REVIEW; 4th Carmichael Prize Exhibition – December 7th at the Zemicon Gallery

    On behalf of the Goldcorp Insurance Company Inc., the Zemicon Gallery and the following artists: Arthur Atkinson, Ewan Atkinson, Eric Belgrave, Heidi Berger, Ras Ishi Butcher, Alison Chapman-Andrews, William Cummins, Bill Grace, Stanley Greaves, Juliana Inniss, Winston Kellman, Bob Kiss, Ian Moore, Ras Akyem Ramsay, Heather-Dawn Scott, Goldie Spieler,Norma Talma, Gordon Webster, Nick Whittle, Tracey […]

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  20. Barbados’ Prime Minister attends local art show at Queen’s Park Gallery, “Whittle In Context” runs to November 29th

    When I look at Whittle’s most recent, mixed media works, my attention fixes on the canvas strips that fall freely from the traditional rectangles, some with different material attached to them, others burnt. Again, I see the fluctuation pattern or pendulum motion characteristic of Whittle’s work. He himself calls the strips ?kite tails?, but one […]

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  21. Baptism By Fire – Raku Method on show at Zemicon Gallery in B’town ’til 9th May 2008

    Juliana Inniss is an energetic pixie zipping from guest to guest at the City art emporium, making sure questions are answered or if folks are buying and so on. Her work looks like ancient vases and goblets for kings and gods of bygone eras – but have been cured in the fires of a Raku […]

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  22. Juliana Inniss Exhibition “Baptism by Fire”; Zemicon Gallery April 20th – May 9th

    EXHIBITION at Zemicon Gallery April 20th – May 9th 2008 Opening Night: Sunday April 20th 6-8pm Artist Afternoon: Sunday April 27th 4-6pm Webpage: Email: Tel: (246) 428-1449 , (246) 231-0335 Studio: Painted Earth Studio, #4 South Point View, Enterprise, Christ Church BB17127, Barbados W.I.

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  23. The public’s choice at Zemicon – too safe and predictable: Carmichael prize goes to Barbadian teenager (PG-13/Caution: Language)

    The Zemicon Gallery recently hosted the second Carmichael Art Prize. There’s a new sponsor now, from Canada – the Goldcorp Insurance Company Inc. The theme for the 2007 competition is ?Food?. The entries had to be very particular paintings, not exceeding 36?x 48? (frame incl.), executed in 2007 and for sale (at a price consistent […]

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