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  1. OLD HENRY: Tim Blake Nelson, Scott Haze, Trace Adkins & Stephen Dorff

    An action western about a farmer who takes in an injured man with a satchel of cash. When a posse comes for the money, he must decide who to trust. Defending a siege, he reveals a gunslinging talent calling his true identity into question.

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    Police Officers from the Criminal Investigations Department at Oistins Police station have arrested and formally charged several individuals for a number of serious criminal offences which occurred on Wednesday 12th May 2021 at Gall Hill and Cane Vale Crescent both in Christ Church. The individuals and charges are: 4. (a) Trevor Junior Griffith, 38 years […]

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    Police at the Holetown Police Station, responded to Sandy Crest Medical Facility, Sunset Crest, St James, where an adult male reported around 09:55 am, on Christmas Day 2020, he was walking through a bushy area in Greenwich Village, St. James. He was then confronted by a male who shot at him injuring him in his […]

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  4. Spate of Gun related Incidents this weekend

    Unnatural death investigation – Police involved shooting Police are in the process of solving two firearm related situations, one of which resulted in the death of a male at Streats road, Flagstaff road, St. Michael Unnatural death investigation at Lower Bridge Gap, Cave Hill, St. Michael Police also busy looking into the report of an […]

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  5. Walcott & Warren in Remand until middle of Next Month

    Police in the Southern Division have arrested and formally charged Jamario Akeem Warren, 28 years of Parish Land, Christ Church that he: They have also arrested and formally charged Carlos Robert Jamal Walcott, 31 years of #753 Kingsland Terrace, Christ Church that he: Both were also charged that they on the 10th day of October […]

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  6. Bullets flew in Gall Hill, Christ Church and Police want to know why

    Police are busy solving what led to a shooting incident at Gall Hill, Christ Church, it was reported about 8:05 pm on Monday, September 07, 2020. Circumstances On the time and date aforementioned, Police verified a tip off about gunshots being heard in the vicinity of a Bar located at Gall Hill, Christ Church. On […]

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  7. Cops in Barbados looking to solve the shooting incident at Haynesville this weekend

    Police are holding investigations over the shooting incident that happened about 12:10 pm on Saturday August 29, 2020 at Haynesville, St. James. Circumstances Sometime around 12:10pm on Saturday August 29, 2020 a group of young men were reportedly involved in a dispute with persons known to them which resulted in gunshots being fired. (1) Romario […]

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  8. No Crop Over 2020 still had action: Late Nite Eden Lodge Shooting

    Police from District “A” Police Station responded to a report of a shooting incident which occurred at 10:00pm, Monday 3rd August 2020 at Division Drive, Eden Lodge, St. Michael It seems Four men were playing cards last night in Eden Lodge, when two unknown men approached them and opened fire causing them to flee. This […]

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    Police are busy looking to solve a shooting incident which occurred about 11:10 pm on Friday 3rd July 2020. In the area of Redman’s Village, St. Thomas where a male was shot multiple times about the body. S U M M A R Y The victim was in the area of Redman’s Village, St Thomas […]

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  10. Man stabbed during robbery on Jemmotts Lane

    About 9:15 last nite, officers based on a call attended Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael where was seen lying on the road. 38 year old Dwayne Straker from Trenches, St George reported he was stabbed multiple times about the body by an unknown man who attempted to rob him. Straker was taken to the QEH by […]

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    Police responded to reports of a shooting at London Road, Brittons Hill, St. Michael at about 10:15 on the night of Friday, 23rd November. On arrival, officers discovered Leon Lawrence of Canevale Crescent, Christ Church or Brittons Hill, St Michael received multiple gunshot injuries and was transported to the QEH by private transportation. Leon Lawrence’s […]

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    Police are investigating a stabbing incident which occurred about four o’clock on Monday afternoon along Upper James Street, St. Michael. Involved were two (2) males:- 1. Neilson Mason 39 years of #3 Shop Hill Terrace, St. Thomas 2. Lemay Rollock 35 years of Bishops Road, St. Lucy. They were taken by ambulance to the QEH. […]

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  13. 4th Male charged for Kadooment 2017 mass wounding

    Police have arrested and charge a fourth (4th) man in relation to the Kadooment Day 7th August 2017 shooting incident which resulted in twenty three (23) persons receiving gunshot injuries at Spring Garden, St. Michael. He is Diego Rayshawn Wilson 17 years of Spencers Gap, Baxters Road, St. Michael. Wilson was arrested and formally charged […]

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  14. Weekend Shooting Incident at Eden Lodge, again…

    Police are investigating a shooting incident which occurred sometime about 7:35 pm, on Friday 19th May 2017, while at Eden Lodge, St. Michael. Circumstances Cumberbatch was walking through a track in the area when he was approached by a man who shot him before fleeing the scene. He was taken to the QEH by ambulance […]

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  15. Policeman shot at Melrose

    Investigations are continuing into the wounding of a policeman by gunfire shortly after midnight on Saturday 9th July 2016, by an unknown assailant. The CID Detective along with a number of Police Officers responded to a report in the Melrose, St. Thomas community when they were fired upon. As a result, the Detective received a […]

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  16. Sr Citizen charged for wounding 35 year old ZR driver

    Police have arrested and charged Albert Granville Weekes 60 years of Silver Sands, Christ Church with the offence of Wounding in relation to the investigation into the wounding of Route Taxi driver Andrew Bullen, 35 years of Jackson, St. Michael. Weekes made an appearance at the District A Magistrates Court on 23 January 2016. David […]

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    Police made a breakthrough into three murders committed earlier this year. Michael Kenan Blackette, 21 years of Block 2, Flat Rock, St. George, was arrested and formally charged with the following offences: 1. In relation to the death of Charles Ellis, who was shot 5th May at Nelson Street; 2.Blackette was also charged with the […]

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  18. 36 year old resident of St. Andrew with two gunshot wounds

    Police are continuing their investigations into the latest shooting incident which resulted in Andy Lynch, 36 year old resident of St. Andrew receiving two gunshot wounds to his lower abdomen sometime around 4:00 Pm on the 9th of October 2015 whilst at Jackson St.Michael. Investigations are continuing into this matter. Anyone who can provide information […]

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    Police have arrested and charged Cedric Oneal Maynard 38 years of Kingsland Crest, Christ Church with the offence of Murder in relation to the death of Christopher McDonald Callender which occurred on 22 August 2015 at the Zanzi Bar, Nelson Street, St. Michael. Maynard has also been charged with 2 counts of Serious Bodily Harm […]

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  20. Wanted man Gamble charged

    Police have arrested and formally charged Jabari Kenrico Gamble, 24 years of St. Paul’s Avenue, Bayville St. Michael, with the offences of Serious Bodily Harm and Escaping Lawful Custody. Jabari Gamble made an appearance at the District A Magistrates Court on Saturday 22 August 2015. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

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  21. Unnatural death at Snaggs Land: Alleged Bystander caught in dispute

    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death of Dwight Marlon Holder, 29 years, of Blackmans Development, St. Joseph. Two other men from Waterford, St. Michael were also injured reportedly from the shooting. They received several wounds about their bodies and were detained at the QEH. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

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    Police jointly charged Ryan Andre Smith, 33 years and Jose McDonald Belle, 40 years of Storey Gap, Codrington Hill, St. Michael, with the offence of Wounding with Intent in relation to the wounding of Arnold Atwell about 3:30 pm on 3 August 2015 whilst on Black Rock Main Road. Atwell was transported to the QEH […]

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  23. “Hiroshima Cover-up: How the War Department’s Timesman Won a Pulitzer” by Amy Goodman & David Goodman

    The below article is an excellent example of how even the New York Times has twisted the facts and manipulated public opinion in order to support a deeper agenda. This revealing story covers the bombing of Hiroshima 70 years ago, yet the same deceptive techniques of distortion and manipulation continue to be used today to support […]

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    Police have arrested and charged Douglas Fitzgerald Dacosta Hurdle 49 years of Work Hall St. Philip with the offences of Wounding with Intent and Use of a firearm, in relation to a shooting incident at Ruby Tenantry, St. Philip. On 30 June 2015, Anthony Prescott was shot twice, in the chest and left leg, whilst […]

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  25. Shooting incident at Beckwith Street

    Police are investigating a shooting incident which occurred at Beckwith Street, St. Michael, about 3.00 am on 21st May 2015. Two houses in the nearby area of Ashby Alley and Queen’s Street were damaged. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

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