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  1. Alan Arkin, Greg Kinnear & Billy “Dr Manhattan” Crudup: Official Trailer for “Thin Ice” dark comedy of larceny & music

    Release Date: February 17, 2012 Genre: Crime | Drama Cast: Greg Kinnear, Billy Crudup, Alan Arkin Directors: Jill Sprecher Writer: Jill Sprecher, Karen Sprecher Studio: ATO Pictures

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  2. You find a Bajan Everywhere (A lifting of property purchase restrictions in the canton of Uri heralds a change in investor fortunes for foreigners in the Swiss Alps)

    {This} is a great online piece which provides a detailed insight into the property purchase restrictions in Switzerland and how Andermatt Swiss Alps overcame this hurdle. {The Telegraph} also provides an overview of the property options available and includes a nice quote from {Barbadian & former Model} Sara Collins.

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  3. Rick Mercer Report: Rick at the Tilbury Puddle Jump & Mud Bog

    Rick heads to Tilbury, ON to take a snowmobile across 400 feet of water.

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  4. Barbadians have a CHUM in Canada as Radio Station makes Top Acts available for all Barbados

    Barbados more and more is becoming a lodestone for premium entertainers laying their shingle here, in the 50’s the Supremes and in the 70’s there was Stevie Wonder fast forward to 2004 when Bryan Adams, 2007 found UB 40 – next month John Legend will be here while just days ago there was Maroon 5 […]

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  5. Hello Africa #3 – Barbadian Artist Sheena Rose’s residency at Cape Town’s Greatmore Gallery

    The ending of Africa literally Lea and I decided that we will return to the same route , we got to Boulder beach where the penguins were but we’ll be going to Cape Point instead. It was a long drive to get there, but since we drove the route the day before, it was easier […]

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  6. More NY-Caribbeans At Polar Bear Swim: Everybody’s Magazine Photo-Link

    According to Everybody’s Magazine, the annual swim on New Year’s Day in the sea at Coney Island, Brooklyn, is the main media event in New York City on New Year’s Day. This year about ten Caribbean-Americans were observed swimming at the event dominated by Eastern Europeans immigrants especially from the former Soviet Union.

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    Irie Jam Media Group, the Tri-State region’s top-rated Caribbean entertainment firm, plans to bring some of the heat from the islands to the snow-covered Pocono Mountains this winter with the inaugural Irie Jam Celebrity Ski Fest. The Fernwood Hotel & Resort in Bushkill, PA will be the site of the massive Irie Jam snow fete, […]

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  8. Bobsled then dogsled – now Jamaica has… A skier? Yeh Mon! Chat with Jamaican Ski team member Errol Kerr

    When I read Jamaica has a skier planning to go Olympic, I began to see how sidestream smoke is really dangerous, especially in Jamaica… I mean a tropical dude in a WINTER contest? Isn’t that like a Laplander wanting to boogie-board? As far as I know, they stay cold and drink reindeer pee with wacky […]

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  9. Human polar bear aims to break record in freezing bath – Dutchman loves cold

    Back in March, we surfed on to Want To Know back in March, we learned about a crazy dude who can prance about in sub-zero weather in a pair of shorts and feel like it’s a day in Barbados! Now, the insane Dutchman plans to endure even more cold for charity and research according to […]

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    EE-bwoy! Oonoo-ear? Looka fi de Jamaicans in nah bobsled but DOG-sled! TRANSLATION: Hey, bo’! Ya hear? Jamaicans give up bobsled fuh DOG-sled… Jamaica?s dog sled team participated in the Three Bear Sled Dog Races in Land O? Lakes, Wisconsin. Ken Davis, coach of the Jamaica sled dog team, noted that it is always fun for […]

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