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  1. Globe Cinema shows Marvel Comics movie ahead of World Debut – What contract claws let them show Wolverine before 1 May??

    Can you recall when a video chain outlet in Barbados had “Rambo: First Blood – Part 3” about six weeks or so before the Globe cinema & drive-in here got it, and there was such a hue and cry that it made the Brass Tacks radio talk show on VOB? The uproar nearly destroyed the […]

    April 30, 2009Controversy, Entertainment, Featured4 comments
  2. (Follow-Up) Around The World in 65 Days? The Biodiesel Trimaran is Ready!

    First of all, the biodiesel vessel is ENORMOUS ? you don?t get that impression when visiting the website or seeing pictures of Earthrace over the Internet? I had e-mailed the skipper and he sent me an itinerary, so over the weekend I was then given an actual tour of the vessel by their resident cinematographer, […]

    March 4, 2007SailingNo comments
  3. Follow-Up: Polished Hoe – Bajan ads on Canadian TV

    She has played Storm‘s voice in the animated X-Men, been a judge as well as a legal secretary on TV, played a jealous stifling mother in Honey with Jessica Alba… Now she gets to return to her Caribbean, and – even better, her Bajan roots… To my mind, she has never wanted to be anything […]

    February 17, 2007Cinema, Crime, Entertainment, FeaturedNo comments
  4. Barbados Music Awards Commentary has stepped on some sensitive toes to the point of slander? Oh Dear!

    Well-Well-well!!! It seems my observations about the B’dos Music Awards have come home to roost, my questions over what judging practices and accounting measures were used or not has brought a supposedly stinging commentary from an outraged Bajan transplant but when you read the remark, I think we all know where it really came from… […]

    February 10, 2007Controversy, Entertainment, Featured1 comment
  5. Broadmoor & Lancashire: Two models for Barbados not to follow!

    Well, I had a good rant the other day about the death penalty in Lancashire, then when I was driving to home from work yesterday I heard the Market Vendor on Starcom Network and it was like insult to injury for what I saw the other day about a (disgusting) Bajan in the UK… Not […]

    February 1, 2007Controversy, Crime, Featured, NewsNo comments