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  1. “Age of Ultron” Comes to ‘Marvel Heroes 2015’

    Follow Marvel on Twitter: Like Marvel on FaceBook: For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: Instagram: Google+: Pintrest:

    May 4, 2015Cinema, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. LEGO DIMENSIONS (w/ Joey McHale: Game Trailer)

    Journey through unexpected worlds and team up with unlikely allies on a mission to bring down the ruthless Lord Vortech in LEGO Dimensions, an epic adventure that takes LEGO gaming to remarkable new heights. For more on LEGO Dimensions:

    April 27, 2015Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  3. Marvel Mighty Heroes: DeNA & Marvel Entertainment launch

    For the first time on mobile devices, up to four players will suit up as iconic Marvel characters to battle evildoers in action-packed gameplay. Players will collect and level-up characters, equip heroic abilities, and team up with friends to rule the multiverse. With the first in-game event starting today, “Marvel Mighty Heroes” is available as […]

    April 24, 2015Cartoons, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  4. Spider-Verse Finale in “Spider-Man Unlimited!” tablet & mobile videogames…

    Bow down to Solus, the father of the Inheritors, and suit up to put an end to the dimensional destruction as the war of the multiverse continues. Plus the first Clash of the Spiders team event starts today! Who’s team will you join: Superior Spider-Man‘s or the Amazing Spider-Man‘s?

    April 10, 2015Cartoons, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  5. LEGO JURASSIC WORLD Game – Chris Pratt, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum (2015)

    Follow the storylines of Jurassic Park, The Lost World; Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and the highly-anticipated Jurassic World, all in one game – LEGO Jurassic World Game!

    April 3, 2015Books, Cartoons, Video GalleryNo comments
  6. Ghostbusters and Aliens meet Wreck It Ralph? “PIXELS” Sci-Fi Comedy (Adam Sandler, Kevin James & Peter Dinklage 2015)

    When intergalactic aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war against them, they attack the Earth, using the games as models for their various assaults. President Will Cooper (Kevin James) has to call on his childhood best friend, ’80s video game champion Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), now a home theater installer, […]

    March 23, 2015Games, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  7. HITMAN AGENT 47: Ciarán Hinds, Thomas Kretschmann & Zachary Quinto (2015)

    HITMAN: AGENT 47 centers on an elite assassin who was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, and is known only by the last two digits on the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research – and forty-six earlier Agent clones – endowing […]

    February 16, 2015Cinema, Games, Video GalleryNo comments

    Based on the video game of the same name, Need for Speed (Saturday, February 21st) is an action film directed by Scott Waugh. * For more information on the HBO/MAX family of channels, either call (246) 620-FLOW/3569 or visit

    January 27, 2015Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments
  9. Spider-Punk is Coming to “Spider-Man Unlimited”

    Anarchy is coming to Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited! Rock the Spider-Verse with Spider-Punk!

    January 20, 2015Cartoons, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  10. Dante’s Rebellion Sword (Devil May Cry) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED!

    More AWEme on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Kerry Stagmer – Swordsmith and Machinist Matt Stagmer – Swordsmith Ilya Alekseyev – Master Armourer and Engraver Sam Salvati – Blacksmith Lauren Schott – Goldsmith and Casting John Mitchell – Fabricator Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword Series Created & Directed by […]

    January 13, 2015Games, Sculpture, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. “Marvel Contest of Champions” Launch – FREE DOWNLOAD!

    Join the cosmic battle with the new mobile fighting game from Kabam Studios and Marvel! Play as 25 of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains as you take on Kang in an original story written by Sam Humphries!

    January 7, 2015Cartoons, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  12. Spider-Verse Arrives in ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’

    “Every Spider must die…” The epic Spider-Verse event arrives in the “Spider-Man Unlimited” mobile game this week! Prepare for new Spider-Men, new villains, and much more on iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone!

    December 19, 2014Books, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  13. Spider-Man Unlimited: Sandman, new Villain in Latest game

    Issue #4 introduces another classic Spidey foe to the hit mobile game as well as Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, and more!

    October 21, 2014Games, Technology, Video GalleryNo comments
  14. Spider-Man Unlimited Mobile Game: SDCC 2014 Trailer

    Get a glimpse at the new villains coming to the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game!

    September 8, 2014Events, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  15. AnimeKon Expo 2014 – Cosplay Tournament (Akasha – Queen Of The Damned)

    Thinking of becoming a Demi-God, or Villain, Hero or Demon? Whether as a Team or Solo next year, here are the rules for both, so be sure to click on the highlighted words to learn the rest…

    August 27, 2014Fashion, Featured, Video GalleryNo comments
  16. Anime Kon V: Empire Rises – Cosplay & Video Tournaments (Packed Audience) August 26, 2014Games, Photo GalleryNo comments
  17. The Lich King’s Frostmourne (World of Warcraft) – “MAN AT ARMS”

    Get your Awe Me or Man At Arms Swag! More AWEme on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

    August 19, 2014Events, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  18. Seriously Super Summer at AnimeKon Episode V: The Empire Rises!

    It’s gonna be a #SeriouslySuperSummer at AnimeKon Episode V: The Empire Rises! Get your ticket and tell a friend!

    August 11, 2014Games, Photo GalleryNo comments
  19. Joseph “Long Island Joe” Ciaramelli will be making his next stop (and win!) at AnimeKon in Barbados

    Gaming guru, Joseph “Long Island Joe” Ciaramelli is on a world-wide, lifelong mission to share his passion and love for gaming with the entire community. Joe has been challenging other fighters since the early 1990s when Neo Geos were still all the rave. Titles including The Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury would be his […]

    August 6, 2014Games, Photo GalleryNo comments
  20. PIXELS Movie – Electric Dreams Arcade with Peter Dinklage as a Heavy Metal Motor Fan

    See Pixels in theaters Summer 2015!

    August 5, 2014Cinema, Rally, Video GalleryNo comments
  21. AnimeKon Expo Tickets Now Available! Early bird tickets are now SOLD OUT!

    Early bird tickets for THE pop culture event of the summer are now SOLD OUT. Komik Kraze – Sheraton Mall, Christ Church: 437-3678 Anime Spot – Bridgetown, St. Michael Digital Plus – Lanterns Mall, Hastings, Christ Church: 431-0750 Digital Plus – The Colonnade Mall, Bridgetown, St. Michael: 431-0750 GameXpress – Super Centre Complex, Warrens, St. […]

    July 7, 2014Culture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  22. ‘Junkers Cosplay’ is headed to AnimeKon! 23rd & 24th August at LESC!

    Currently attending University of California San Diego for Structural Engineering he creates costumes as a hobby for both fun and profit. Starting cosplay in 2011 with few tools and resources he was given the chance to work on a team to create a promotional piece for Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 at San Diego Comic Con […]

    June 28, 2014Events, Photo GalleryNo comments
  23. VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE, Documentary HD (2014)

    A feature length documentary chronicling the birth, rise, fall, rebirth and modern day revolution of video games. In depth interviews with the creators of the industry, icons of classic gaming and celebrities. The true & fascinating story of how the interactive industry has forever changed our society in far reaching ways.

    June 17, 2014Business, Games, Video GalleryNo comments
  24. AnimeKon Episode V: The Empire Rises (Meagan Marie)

    Cosplayer and videogame maven Meagan Marie has just been announced as a featured guest for AnimeKon Expo this summer!

    April 23, 2014Games, Photo GalleryNo comments
  25. Marvel & Pixar? Get Ready to Assemble… April 8, 2014Books, Cartoons, Video GalleryNo comments