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  1. “Youth, unemployment and selling citizenship” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The economies of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are not doing well. Belize, Guyana and Suriname are the only three economies showing appreciable growth. The major effect of little or no growth has been increasing unemployment and underemployment of young people who constitute three of every five persons across the region. The problem of youth unemployment […]

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    The celebration of Labour Day across the world is an expression of the unification of the workers’ movement, and identifies with the common struggles engaging the attention of labour. In today’s world where globalization threatens the existence of unions, unification of the movement is imperative. The 1991 economic crisis in Barbados marked a watershed period […]

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  3. Barbadian Opposition Leader rebukes current regime over state of NIS coffers

    The BLP stands ready to do all that is necessary and legal to replenish the Unemployment Benefit Fund, which will have no money to pay benefits to former workers come the end of this month. Regrettably this Government has continued its habit of carrying institutions to crisis levels before acting. In addition, the Government was […]

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  4. European Union Delegation drops $20+ million in Barbados’ Christmas Stocking

    Just as head of the EU Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Ambassador Mikael Barfod was making the announcement to the Press yesterday morning, the money was being deposited into The Treasury as part of support for Barbados’ Human Resource Development Programme. This is the second tranche of a total $130 million, and Barfod […]

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    Dear Friends, Colleagues and my fellow Barbadians; Those of us who celebrate the birth of Christ do so with feelings of great joy in remembrance of his arrival in Bethlehem. His teachings tell us of the importance of charity, love and courage. At this time it is important that we share our expressions of joy […]

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  6. CHRISTMAS DAY MESSAGE 2014: Congress of Trade Unions & Staff Associations of Barbados

    The Yuletide season is a special time of the year. It is the season in which people around the world engage in festivities to commemorate and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Christmas, we do so by promoting peace and love as our watch words. Barbadians like all other people around the […]

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  7. YEAR WITHOUT A BUDGET? BREAKING ELECTORAL PROMISES DEEMED A SUCCESS: Ministerial Statement on Barbados’ Economy by Finance Minister Chris Sinckler

    Mr. Speaker Sir, precisely sixteen months ago we called on all Barbadians to sacrifice in order that we can reap the benefits of necessary stabilization and adjustment in the economy. Today I can say to the country that, based on actual performance and projections for the immediate future, we have not labored in vain: Barbados […]

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  8. ‘After The Fall’ – Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett & Wes Bentley

    Director: Saar Klein Starring: Wes Bentley, Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett

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  9. Too much Social Media, not enough Conflict Resolution – Barbadian educator and Union alarmed at growing trends

    When not embroiled in clashes with the BCC, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) looks to garner assistance for the children of members affected by recent job losses – such as NCC staff who object to their removal and see it as incorrect tenure applications. “Second Chances” is an initiative where free lessons are […]

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  10. Penny for whose Thoughts? Not even a Quarter? No Media roundup for Central Bank of Barbados yet again!

    It is now clear that Paul indeed pays for all, in regards to the spat earlier this year between the Nation newspaper and the Central Bank of Barbados… For the second quarterly review in a row, the once usual media gathering has been set aside without any explanation? You’ll recall shortly after  Roy Morris resumed […]

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  11. 16% Solution? Better call Tyrone, has Police Commissioner (Ag) of Barbados inhaled too many eradications?

    I think ya better call Tyrone (Call Him) And Tell him come on, Help you get your Sh*t (Come On, Come on) You need to Call Tyrone (Call Him) Writer(s): Erica Wright © Divine Pimp Publishing, Universal Music – Mgb Songs (Unconfirmed) Sheraton car park is a vicious battlefield tonight – over 500 or so teenagers are […]

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  12. “The Longest Week” (2014) – Billy Crudup, Olivia Wilde & Jason Bateman: Comedy HD

    Luckily, he is taken in by his old friend Dylan (Billy Crudup), and returns the favor by immediately falling for Dylan’s girlfriend Beatrice (Olivia Wilde). As Conrad attempts to woo Beatrice while keeping both their relationship and his bank balance secret, Dylan tries to set him up with Jocelyn (Jenny Slate). Ever committed to the […]

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  13. MadGaskin’s Satire “Da People’s Business” – NCC Limbo Vs. Municipal Solid Waste Tax July 4, 2014Controversy, Political, Video GalleryNo comments