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  1. Herbert ‘Flying Fish’ Nitsch freedives towards an 800-foot record off Greek island

    Herbert Nitsch, airline pilot and extreme record man, went down in history on June 14th 2007, off the Greek island of Spetses, by freediving to a depth of 700 feet (-214 m). This incredible feat put him way ahead of his nearest competitors and has yet to be superseded. Since then, he has kept right […]

    December 2, 2011Featured, Sports1 comment
  2. Breitling inaugurates its first flagship store in the heart of Manhattan

    The Breitling watch brand and chronograph specialists chose New York to open its first flagship boutique. Breitling invited a prestigious array of aviation, show business and sports personalities to this inauguration, including John Travolta, ice hockey legend Wayne Gretsky, Mark Streit, the Swiss star of the New York Islanders, along with a number of basketball […]

    January 15, 2011BusinessNo comments