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  1. Central Bank Holding Essay Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students

    The Central Bank of Barbados has launched two essay competitions, one for primary school students and the other for secondary school students, as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. The competitions, which are open until May 16, 2022, offer attractive prizes for the winners and their schools. “As we mark our golden anniversary, we see […]

    March 24, 2022EducationNo comments
  2. “Liberating our Youth” by Grenville Phillips II – ‘Solutions Barbados’ perspective

    Recently, we described how our secondary school students could graduate with some measure of independence. This can be achieved by keeping our students interested in learning by teaching them the practical aspects of subjects during the first three years, and then training them to start and grow successful businesses using this practical knowledge. Our students […]

    February 19, 2018Breaking News, Featured, PoliticalNo comments
  3. “Don’t Blush, Baby!” – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Sexual harassment is a form of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by an employer, employee, colleague (or manager), or another person or group of people at work. Workplace bullying can happen in any type of workplace, from offices to shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, community groups and government organisations. According […]

    February 21, 2016Breaking News, Cricket, FeaturedNo comments
  4. “Stuart’s Social Partnership Call? 7 Years Too Late!” – Clement Payne Movement

    So, some seven years after the “People’s Empowerment Party” (PEP) publicly called for the democratization and broadening of the “Social Partnership“, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart finally, and belatedly, catches up and echoes the PEP’s call! What a shame that it took you so long, Mr Stuart! In the PEP’s January 2008 Election Manifesto — at […]

    August 11, 2015PoliticalNo comments
  5. LONDON HAS FALLEN – Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart (SEQUEL: 2016)

    In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

    July 30, 2015Cinema, Political, Video GalleryNo comments
  6. U.S. Embassy Bridgetown Hosts Theology of Inclusion Lecture in Barbados

    Acclaimed American theologians and professors from Howard University’s School of Divinity, Dr. Kortright Davis and Dr. Cain Hope Felder, shared their academic perspectives during a free public lecture on the theology of inclusion hosted by the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on June 17. […]

    June 19, 2015Culture, FeaturedNo comments
  7. Prominent Psychologist Jameca Falconer to lecture & train at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus

    Jameca Falconer, PhD Director for Counseling and Psychological Services at Logan University in St. Louis Missouri has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant in Public/Global Health to lecture and train at University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados during the 2015 academic year. The United States Department of State and the J. […]

    June 10, 2015EducationNo comments
  8. “We are How We Speak – Rhoda Arrindell’s Language, Culture, and Identity in St. Martin” by Rochelle Ward

    Everyone – students, linguists, cultural workers, educators, policy makers in St. Martin and abroad – can partake in this buffet of hard truths and innovative research that displays the complex realities of the St. Martin language, which its author, Dr. Rhoda Arrindell, connects to national identity and education in her new book, Language, Culture, and […]

    September 1, 2014Books, ReviewNo comments
  9. Gap Theatre’s ‘Down in the Arte Farte Gully…’ – Crop Over Meets “The Expendables;” Is it time to revive Mr Harding?

    The Gap Theatre wins again, this time not with an anthology of excerpts but original material based on combining discarded traditions of Barbados, ancient African cultural themes and how modernisation can hurt the natural environment. ‘Down in the Arte Farte Gully‘ at the Reggae Lounge was a bold undertaking which played on the Reggae Lounge’s huge […]

    August 20, 2014CultureNo comments
  10. ‘Lucy’ Interview: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, and Director Luc Besson August 5, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. “I’ll Follow You Down” (2014) – Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell & Victor Garber Sci-Fi Mystery Movie HD May 22, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  12. Book Launch celebrates 60th anniversary of George Lamming’s classic

    Caribbean literature will be in the local spotlight when poet and critic Margaret D. Gill launches, Rich Man in His Castle, Poor Ones Take the Street: Integrating the ‘Canonical’ Text & Popular Culture at the 3Ws Pavilion of the Cave Hill Campus on Tuesday 17 December at 6:30 pm. Rich Man in His Castle, Poor Ones […]

    December 15, 2013Books, ReviewNo comments
  13. ‘A Case For Fast Zombies’ by – Defending “World War Z”

    Be sure to visit and for all your entertainment needs

    July 1, 2013Cartoons, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments