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  1. Carib Beach Bar in Worthing – AFB fea. Tamara Marshall guests Malissa Alanna

    Malissa Alanna was born in Barbados on 12 August 1995. Her father is Bajan and her mother is British. She is the middle child of three sisters. At 17, Malissa Alanna visited Nashville to pursue her goal of a career in the music industry and also met Dolly Parton in person along the way.

    October 21, 2012Events, Music, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. Wayne Gibbs guests with AFB fea. Tamara Marshall at Carib Beach Bar, Worthing, Barbados

    “Ivory was one of the best bands going at the time. Attending your gigs was always a highlight of our time there. I remember you guys used to come north to Toronto and do a few shows in the ballroom of the King Edward hotel downtown and later at a hotel out by the airport […]

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  3. Tuesday nights rock hard down Cavans Lane – Bump & Wine Café hosts “Fighting Traffic” & debuts Barbadian Guitarist Eyan Alleyne’s EP

    I have not been out on a weeknight in a good while, got an e-mail about Eyan Alleyne playing at Bump & Wine Café, it seems he is launching a CD for radio airplay – knowing Barbadian Radio Stations I decided to check it out and I was glad for the good time and the reunion with […]

    December 19, 2010Featured, Music, Review3 comments
  4. The Beat Goes On – Barbadian Internet Competition yields real time quality at Plantation Garden Theatre

    The power of cyberspace, where a popular Bajan performer wishing to see new generations of Barbadian talent harnessed and not wasted steps up and hosts a contest also worthy of a $400-thousand trust from Government! Beat One is a recording studio formed by Marisa Lindsay and Tamara Marshall, the pair have been on a quest […]

    November 30, 2010Featured, NewsNo comments
  5. Barbadian Gospel Jazz: “Not Alone,” Unplugged at Beat Studio by Allison Norville-Forde

    A live video recording of Allison singing one of her latest tracks form her new album entitled “I’m a Winner” BGV’s: Zudi Hurley, Simone Clarke, Nica Jones and Lorimer Denny Band: Keys: Stephen “Big Steve” Francis Bass: Kirk Layne Drums: Kevin Cox Sound: Keron Boyce Beat Studios: Tamara Marshall and James McGowan Manager: Jennifer Highland

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  6. Future Centre Trust’s “Clean Up Barbados” gets a helping hand from the Opposition: St. Philip Team, On The Job, Among The People And Busy – Did any Cabinet Ministers assist?

    Tamara Marshall and the Future Centre Trust have been working overtime to ensure these 166 square miles which we call (are mostly, still) our own retain a degree of pristinery necessary not just for tourism, but for our health and also our self-esteem… The last time this initiative happened, Barbados Free Press was quick to observe the lack […]

    September 18, 2010Editorial, Featured, Political1 comment
  7. BEAT|one -THE SEARCH in Barbados for a new Female Vocalist continues

    We at BEAT|records are still on the look-out for females age 12yrs & UP, to be a part of BEAT|one-THE SEARCH. We’ve successfully completed Day 2 of our auditions and looking forward to Day 3 this Sunday 20th June. If you, or anyone you know is interested in being a part of the competition, please […]

    June 15, 2010Business, Music3 comments
  8. New Barbadian label, BEAT|records, recognizes the immense pool of diverse talent on this island.

    In recognition of this talent, BEAT|records has created an exciting opportunity in the form of a talent search web-show. “BEAT|one – The Search” begins with an island-wide casting call for females 12 and up. Two winners will be featured on a compilation CD with a remarkable lineup of well respected Barbadian female vocalists, including Tamara […]

    May 5, 2010Featured, Music1 comment

    I am so darn tired… Yawn! Get home at 1 this morning, was gonna take 2 hours’ shuteye and start the article on Adrian Clarke’s victory – the old charcoal stallion is not what he used to be, sigh! Hit the snooze button on the old cell-alarm until 5:30 am without realising! Anyhow, I had […]

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  10. Barbadian Time-Machine: Warp 2003 – Beauty Of The Bald Head from Seawoman Chronicles ** PG-13 **

    If you throw your minds back to July, you’ll recall there was a poetry-slam-rock gig with DJ Simmons, at the same show during intermission, we bought a copy of Sandra “Seawoman” Sealy’s “Beauty Of The Bald Head“ I do remember in responding to a comment somewhere in this Blog that I pledged a review of […]

    October 7, 2007Featured, Music, ReviewNo comments
  11. Gifted Re-Gifter: Bajan Xmas Hits Thru The Years

    Tamara Marshall was last sharing her vast repertoire at the Hilton and now has released an album of what is her Xmas Hits over the years. Printed without a label nor ads to support the album, “Christmas in the Son” is a ten-track compilation, approximately 40 minutes which is concise as CD’s run nowadays. The […]

    December 27, 2006Featured, Music, Review1 comment