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  1. Missing Person now Suspected Suicide, body found and Identified

    Personnel at the Oistins Police Station received a report on Sunday June 19th 2022 around 07:20 am from an anonymous caller who stated that there was a body in the area of Landsdown, Enterprise, Christ Church hanging from a tree. CIRCUMSTANCES: Officers responded and on arrival at 07:50 am they were directed to a wooded […]

    June 20, 2022Controversy, FeaturedNo comments

    Police are investigating the suspected suicide of John David 69 years of Mount Standfast, St. James, who was discovered at his residence about 9:45 am on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022. S U M M A R Y Officers received a report on the day in question from a woman who identified herself as the wife […]

    April 13, 2022ControversyNo comments
  3. Lawmen still looking to solve suspected suicide of 17 year old

    Police are carrying out investigations into the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death of a female whose body was found hanging at her residence at Dunscombe St. Thomas about 8:15 pm on Tuesday December 01 2020. Circumstances A report was made to police that a female was found hanging by her brother and she was taken […]

    December 4, 2020CrimeNo comments
  4. Barbadian Police reviewing Suspected Suicide in Dunscombe, St Thomas

    Police were summoned to a scene about 6:25 pm on Monday 12th October 2020 on the compound of a residence located at Dunscombe, St. Thomas. It seems an 18 year old man was found hanging by the neck attached to a rope between two chicken coops by the residence of his father. Police investigations continue… […]

    October 13, 2020ControversyNo comments
  5. Barbados Police investigate suspected Suicide of Sexagenarian

    About 9:30am on Friday, July 10th, 2020 Police responded to a report of an unnatural death where the body of 60 year old Oliver Downes from Ashbury, St. George was found hanging in a bedroom at his residence. Investigations are ongoing. Anyone who can provide any information that can assist with these investigations is asked […]

    July 10, 2020ControversyNo comments

    Police from District C are now investigating a suspected case of suicide at Banyan Circle, Gooseberry Drive, Ruby St. Philip – officers got a report around 6:20 am of a man hanging by the neck with a rope at a nearby residence. District C responded immediately and on arrival, attended to the man but there […]

    January 6, 2020Breaking News, Crime, FeaturedNo comments

    The Int’l Women’s Resource Network is calling on leaders and corporate stakeholders globally, to urgently consider investing more into civil society groups whose work is focused on psycho-social issues such as depression, mental health, relationship challenges and financial instability, as these are some of the major triggers of suicide incidents. Unfortunately, the world is wired […]

    June 10, 2018Featured, HealthNo comments

    Police are looking to solve what led to be an apparent suicide by 44 year old Winston Tyrone Forde of Wanstead Gardens, St. Michael, this occurred sometime before 7:45 am, on Friday 17th November 2017. Circumstances Preliminary investigations revealed that sometime around 7:45 am, on Friday 17th November 2017, family members of Forde visited his […]

    November 18, 2017CrimeNo comments

    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural deaths of Kimberley Lovell, 27 years and Derek Lovell, 45 years, both of Alleyne’s Land, Bayville, St. Michael. Investigating Police Officers discovered the body of her husband Derek hanging from a rafter in a shed to the rear of the house. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public […]

    May 29, 2016CrimeNo comments

    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death of 20 year old Chad Delano Hope of Welchman Hall, St. Thomas. About 6:30 am on 4th February, 2016, the body of Chad Hope was discovered in a house at Sweet Vale, St. George, by one of its occupants. Paramedics of the Ambulance service attended to […]

    February 4, 2016Breaking News, Crime, FeaturedNo comments

    Police face another potential suicide – the last was two months ago on Bay Street, this time they’re probing the unnatural death of Edward Glen Archer, 43 years of Club Morgan, Christ Church. He was pronounced dead at the scene. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

    December 2, 2015Crime, FeaturedNo comments
  12. Potential Suicide of Former Coast Guard & Harrisonian under scrutiny

    Police are investigating the unnatural death of Sean “Bear” Reece, 56 years, of Nautilus Apartments, Bay Street, St. Michael, which occurred at the same address. A firearm was also found in the same room with the former Head Boy of Harrison College, 1977. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

    October 20, 2015ControversyNo comments
  13. ‘COURT’ – Vivek Gomber, Pradeep Joshi & Usha Bane (India: 2015)

    A sewerage worker’s dead body is found inside a manhole in Mumbai. An aging folk singer is tried in court on charges of abetment of suicide. He is accused of performing an inflammatory song which might have incited the worker to commit the act. As the trial unfolds, the personal lives of the lawyers and […]

    July 30, 2015Cinema, Controversy, Video GalleryNo comments
  14. Unnatural death of 44 year old Constable in St Philip

    It is with great sadness that we confirm the death of a police officer, a colleague, a friend, a father, a family member. The Police extend condolences to his family, friends and work colleagues. Our thoughts, prayers and support are with them. David Welch – ASP (Ag); Public Relations Officer

    July 5, 2015ControversyNo comments
  15. Strangulation indicated but no other blunt force trauma, Forensic report not to be released ’til Weekend (almost 1 Month since Shemar Weekes’ demise)

    As promised by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), the post mortem in respect of Shemar Weekes was completed Monday 1st June 2015 by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Sainagendra Prasad Kadiyala. I received a brief from Dr. Sainagendra Prasad Kadiyala about 4.00 pm Monday and he promised to submit his written report by weekend. Nevertheless, the […]

    June 2, 2015CrimeNo comments
  16. “GABRIEL” (Rory Culkin, Drama – 2015)

    Rory Culkin stars in GABRIEL, a heartfelt portrait of a vulnerable teen at his psychological breaking point, struggling to keep it together in the wake of his father’s suicide. Convinced that reuniting with an ex-girlfriend holds the answers to his troubles, Gabriel risks everything in a desperate pursuit that will take him to uncharted and […]

    May 28, 2015Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  17. “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” – Weird Comedy, Alejandro “Birdman” Inarritu Like his previous features SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR and YOU, THE LIVING, master Swedish director Roy Andersson takes up the theme of “being a human being” with this meticulously crafted, dreamlike black comedy. Sam and Jonathan, a pair of hapless novelty salesman, take us on a kaleidoscopic tour of the human condition in […]

    May 26, 2015Cinema, OddityNo comments
  18. Teen Suicide: Boys need help too…

    It is a tragedy for our society when any child takes his or her life. The death of 12 year old Shemar Weekes in Barbados is one more example of the many children who have committed suicide within the Caribbean region. Teen suicide is one of the major concerns for adolescents who suffer from depression […]

    May 19, 2015HealthNo comments
  19. ‘Sunshine Superman’ – Documentary of late Carl Boenish, founder of Base Jumping

    Director: Marah Strauch Starring: Cecilie Bull, Marah Strauch, John Long

    March 27, 2015Controversy, Sports, Video GalleryNo comments
  20. “Cake” (2014: Drama) – Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick Movie HD December 8, 2014Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  21. “Before I Disappear” (2014) – Emmy Rossum & Paul Wesley, Drama HD

    As his life hits rock bottom, 20-something Richie (Shawn Christensen) decides to end it all—only to have his half-hearted suicide attempt interrupted by an urgent request from his sister (Emmy Rossum) to babysit her precocious daughter (Fatima Ptacek). So begins a madcap tour of Manhattan after dark, as uncle and niece find unexpected bonds in […]

    October 29, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  22. “A MERRY FRIGGIN’ CHRISTMAS” – Fea. late Robin Williams

    Boyd and his family are forced to spend a dreaded Christmas at his parents’ house with his eccentric father that he has been avoiding for years. When he realizes that he left his son’s gifts at home, Boyd and his father must hit the road in a blizzard to retrieve the gifts before sunrise to […]

    October 16, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  23. Domestic spat in Barbados: female barely escapes death and suspected killer on Suicide Watch

    Police are investigating a report where Margaret Christopher, 27 years of Halls Road, St. Michael, was attacked by a man whilst at Parris Hill, St. Joseph, about 7:15 am on Tuesday 12th August 2014. Her attacker was also transported to the QEH by ambulance, suffering from wounds to both wrists which are believed to be […]

    August 13, 2014Controversy, CrimeNo comments
  24. Iconic comedian Robin Williams killed himself at his North California home

    {EDITOR’s NOTE: DATA COURTESY – The International Olympic Committee, Movieclips, ENTV, Huffington Post & CNN} Known for hilarious classic movies such as “Good Morning Vietnam,” or “Mrs Doubtfire,” and his voice in Disney cartoon “Aladdin,” beginning on TV in a sci-fi spoof “Mork & Mindy” and venturing into serious works like “Awakenings,” “Jakob The Liar,” […]

    August 12, 2014CinemaNo comments
  25. “Clouds of Sils Maria” 21st Century ‘All About Eve’ – Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart Drama HD

    Enders departs with her assistant to rehearse in Sils Maria; a remote region of the Alps. A young Hollywood starlet with a penchant for scandal is to take on the role of Sigrid, and Maria finds herself on the other side of the mirror, face to face with an ambiguously charming woman who is, in […]

    July 20, 2014Cinema, Culture, Video GalleryNo comments