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  1. Acting PM Santia Bradshaw laments passing of Broadcaster Dennis Johnson

    “Although it is difficult today to see beyond the sorrow; may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.” These words of an unknown author seem most appropriate today as we try to come to grips with the passing of veteran broadcaster Dennis Johnson. They become even more touching as we consider the stealth with […]

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  2. Former MP and Radio Personality “Sweet Boy Leroy” gone at 79

    Here’s a statement from Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley on the passing of Leroy Sisnett. “I am indeed saddened tonight to learn of the passing of party stalwart, friend and former Member of Parliament for the constituency I now represent, Leroy Laurisford Sisnett, at the age of 79. “Leroy was indeed a national personality, with […]

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  3. Julie’s Party Rentals – Christmas In My Community, 22nd Dec 2020 December 17, 2020Events, Photo GalleryNo comments
  4. Former Chief Town Planner Says No Permission Needed to Dump Waste at Quarry

    Former Chief Town Planner Lennie St. Hill has lent his voice to the issue of Anderson Cherry’s use of the Lears Quarry as an area to “dump” and sort waste for his company “Project Recycle Limited”. Cherry last week issued a press release in which he openly condemned the government of wasting money even though […]

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  5. Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom in Barbados: did it ever exist or is it a new concept?

    CAVEAT (Before I start my review and analysis, let’s make it absolutely clear that neither Jet Blue, nor the British High Commission far less the New Zealand High Commission are felt to be culpable in any of the incidents listed in this article, the aforementioned entities are unaware bystanders and should not be thought of […]

    May 21, 2015Editorial, Political2 comments
  6. Regional airline vex at Starcom Network’s moderator for daring to analyse LIAT’s flight plans

    LIAT has taken note of comments made by a talk-show host on the Voice of Barbados Radio on Tuesday regarding a recent company advisory about high winds in Dominica and St. Vincent. Head of Corporate Communications Desmond Brown said LIAT’s number one priority is to run a safe and reliable operation throughout its network. Mr. […]

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    Veteran broadcaster, Julian Ernest Chetvynde Rogers, was today presented with his Insignia for the award of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), by Governor-General, Sir Elliott Belgrave, at Government House. Known for training announcers throughout the Caribbean, apart from making Voice Of Barbados known on the world map when it had the […]

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    Barbadians hopefully will get a better understanding of how policy makers are messing up our finances addressing the country’s economic issues. The Central Bank of Barbados announced a new initiative in which the Bank and captains of industry will examine in a discussion forum the strategy for sustainable economic recovery. The first forum, titled The Barbados […]

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    It could not be a more unexpected, but perfect birthday gift, when Rebecca Fernandes (daughter of Barbados Today director: V. F. Fernandes, formerly of Starcom Network) found out that she was the first winner in Digicel’s “Party All Summer” with Digicel promotion. Having topped up during the first week of the promotion which began on […]

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  10. Did Global Pressure lead to the Central Bank of Barbados renege its draconian ban? Nation Editor & Dr DeLisle Worrell behave like long-lost friends at Opening Ceremony

    It is at times like this when the importance of a strong and allied media makes itself felt, you realise why reporters are necessary to keep Government stay true for its original tenets… Only a few days ago the Central Bank of Barbados sought to exclude the Nation Newspaper from covering future events due to […]

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    Police are investigating a report of an Aggravated burglary which occurred about 9.00 pm on Saturday 12 April 2014 at Accra Beach Hotel, Christ Church. A masked armed man entered the hotel, and stole an undisclosed sum of money from staff on duty. No one was injured. David Welch; Insp. P.R.O

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  12. Barbadian media (Bloggers & Reporters) urged to stick to standards when competing with Social Media portals

    Ethical choices remains the most important skill of a journalist. Senior Program Director of Special Projects at the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ), Luis Botello, impressed this with a cadre of key Barbadian bloggers, as well as TV, Radio, print media practitioners during a one-day seminar hosted by the Bridgetown US Embassy at the Courtyard […]

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  13. First Family of Fine Foods is giving Barbadians a chance to go to Paris with ‘I Love Disney’! March 26, 2014Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  14. Barbadian Legal Admin Melissa is FITFOO with Virgin Atlantic

    A surprised and very happy Melissa Singh was all smiles as she collected her ticket for two to the UK, as the winner of Virgin Atlantic’s recent Flying in the Face of Ordinary (FITFOO) Barbados promotion. Ms. Singh was one of hundreds of Barbadian who entered the competition, which hinged on Virgin Atlantic’s FITFOO campaign. […]

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  15. Tune in at 8:45 am on LOVE 104.1 FM for the live FITFOO Contest Draw!

    Thanks a lot for taking a look at our Virgin Atlantic trailer video and sending us your answers to the three questions! Tune in to Love 104.1 FM this Friday morning. We’ll be with Samud at 8:45 for our live draw from all the correct entries we’ve received. If your name is randomly selected, we’ll […]

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  16. New Radio Show on Hott 95.3 FM powered by Signia

    Barbadian music lovers will be tuned into the newest radio segment premiering Saturday 23 March at 4:30 pm on HOTT 95.3 FM. Manager of Hit Island Studios Kristen “KB Sharp” Broome has teamed up with Signia Financing to provide an outlet for Bajan music, particularly the young upcoming artists in the genres of pop, R&B and […]

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  17. The British Are Coming? Yes – Girlfriends’ Expo 2013 at Concorde Experience January 10, 2013Culture, Events, Video GalleryNo comments
  18. London Calling: British themed-exhibition for Girlfriends Expo 2013

    Every inch of the Concorde Experience will be transformed into the vibrant and cultural city of London for the highly anticipated Love Fm’s Girlfriends’ Expo 2013. This year promises to be bigger and better as the team at Girlfriends Expo looks to the UK for their inspiration highlighting the sights and sounds of one of […]

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  19. Bajan Reporter removes older content from Grenada Real Estate impasse: Developer says search engine listings hurt sales…

    In the past, when we started off as a wee tadpole of a News-Blog before evolving into content more suited as a Web Magazine or an Online Newspaper, there was a nasty clash with Ocean Park. The obsolete fish mausoleum threatened to haul us off to court if we didn’t remove our PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE & […]

    March 1, 2012Travel1 comment
  20. Barbados lacks proper teeth to prevent future Madoff’s, Stanford’s or irregular Insurance agencies and Auditors in need of a good Ophthamologist

    David Ellis and myself have known each other a long time, some view us Moriarty and Holmes (considering Robert Downey Jr and myself have the same year of Birth, then I do not mind the analogy as one having Jude Law as a Second is cool)… He seems propelled to show over the years he […]

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  21. Barbadian Finance minister Chris Sinckler’s call for 60% Local Music on radio leaves a would-be media house in tears of laughter!

    OK so here is the thing. The Minister of Finance, in his budget speech, came out with something totally unrelated to his portfolio and something which does not fall under his ministry, when he called on local radio stations to play 60% local music. As an interested party to this let me firstly state the […]

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  22. The Bad, The Good & The LEGENDary – Better treatment for Media expected from Premier Barbadian Entertainment conglomerate

    PRECEDENT(S) It is amazing over the years how the 4th Estate and now, Social Media like this Online Publication, is lauded when publicity is needed once the event is in progress then they are placed to one side like a threadbare and moth-eaten teddy once the latest poseable Action Figure arrives for Christmas, Birthday or […]

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  23. Apes Hill Chukkas, 9 January – Pretoria Vs. Whitehall: Part 1

    Apes Hill, Whitehall and Pretoria – one can only ponder the potential connotations and how Nelson Mandela would view the names of such Polo teams here in Barbados? Mandela – isn’t that the person Sir COW, during a flood of ‘tears‘ not so long ago, said was 2nd to Jesus Christ as he was donating lands to UWI? In other […]

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  24. Should Barbados abolish Income Tax and boost VAT? Panel Discussion mulls consequences of bold move…

    2010 in all of its battered and bludgeoned façade will soon retreat into the shadows of history, while 2011 is just a sparkle in the eye of most folks, that sparkle – however – may be that of a Knuckle Duster waiting to cold-cock you as the full import of Value Added Tax/VAT lurks to assault Bajans […]

    December 27, 2010Business7 comments
  25. Barbados Securities Commission and the Barbados Stock Exchange approve Emera’s offer made to Shareholders of Light & Power Holdings Ltd. – Radio Talk Show Commentator urges Caution and avoid possible Overseas Regional Monopolies

    Emera Inc. (“Emera” – Toronto Stock Exchange listing “EMA“) wishes to advise all shareholders of Light & Power Holdings Ltd. (“Light & Power Holdings” – Barbados Stock Exchange listing: “LPH“) that the offer to purchase all issued and outstanding common shares in Light & Power Holdings at a cash price per share of BB$25.70 (twenty […]

    December 20, 2010Business2 comments