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  1. Paid a visit yet to “Happy Days Café” in St Lawrence?

    Choose from eggs, bacon, chicken or pork sausage, melted cheese on toast OR have it all – Up to YOU! Coffee/tea/cappuccinos/lattes/espresso shots – HOT OR COLD – available for takeaways! WhatsApp your selection to 833-8431 click on either Ad here on this website – MUST BE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE…  We will confirm the order […]

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    If there are archives of Barbadian comedy, then Dy Browne must be prominent among those records – well known for historical portrayals of MacDonald Dunleavers better known as ‘King Dyall,’ or as the patriarchal Ernest Deighton Mottley (grandfather of the current PM) in a dramatisation composed by Sir Hilary Beckles… Now he’s doing a Live […]

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  3. Chop Suey brings new perspective for Barbadian art and music

    Chop Suey, a new art and music-based project series will offer Barbados a new way to see local visual art. Taking visual art outside of the four walls of gallery spaces, the event series was conceptualized by a group of young creatives headed by Barbadian photographer Jaryd Niles-Morris and supported by J.Ventures International. The photographer […]

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  4. Caribbean Fine Art Fair Barbados 2016 opens March 9

    The 6th Edition of Caribbean Fine Art (CaFA) Fair – Barbados will open on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at Divi Southwinds Resort with a Gala Reception from 6-9 pm, featuring opening remarks by Barbados Minister of Culture, Sport and Youth, Stephen Lashley. Kenneth “Black” Blackman, Ras Bongo Congo I, Ras Ilix Heartman, David “Guru” McClean, […]

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  5. Little bit of Bliss on St Lawrence, Trip Advisor says so…

    This article is so way overdue I should be pilloried, but hopefully the content can allow for my schedule overriding a chaotic first half of 2015? Was due to meet an advertising client and they suggested this secluded delight near Best Of Barbados along the St Lawrence Gap, what a treat! Partially inspired by the […]

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  6. Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom in Barbados: did it ever exist or is it a new concept?

    CAVEAT (Before I start my review and analysis, let’s make it absolutely clear that neither Jet Blue, nor the British High Commission far less the New Zealand High Commission are felt to be culpable in any of the incidents listed in this article, the aforementioned entities are unaware bystanders and should not be thought of […]

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  7. Gap Theatre’s ‘Down in the Arte Farte Gully…’ – Crop Over Meets “The Expendables;” Is it time to revive Mr Harding?

    The Gap Theatre wins again, this time not with an anthology of excerpts but original material based on combining discarded traditions of Barbados, ancient African cultural themes and how modernisation can hurt the natural environment. ‘Down in the Arte Farte Gully‘ at the Reggae Lounge was a bold undertaking which played on the Reggae Lounge’s huge […]

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    Police have arrested and charged Michael Oneal Beckles, 54 years of 1st Avenue, Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, in relation to the stabbing death of Brian Paul Mulligan. David Welch – Insp. Public Relations Officer

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  9. Death In Dover: British National stabbed, look out for Daily Mail & Telegraph rants… Unjustified?

    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death of a male British national believe to be in the late 20’s, who died at the QEH on Sunday June 15th 2014. Investigations are continuing. David Welch – Insp. Public Relations Officer

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  10. Minimalist Kubrick on St Lawrence? The Gap Theatre Launches with Innovative Play At The Reggae Lounge

    I was amazed at the expansion of the Reggae Lounge and enjoyed Three Dimensional theatre with many Barbadians and visitors who experienced a unique and exciting theatrical experience when The Gap Theatre held its first production, “Alleluia Pork Chops” at the Reggae Lounge, St Lawrence Gap. The Gap Theatre is a new company led by […]

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    Before returning to Qatar, where Buggy has been performing for the past year, Buggy Nhakente is blessing us with a one off show at the Reggae Lounge on Friday 7th February.

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  12. SPOTLIGHT: More Bajan Comedy – Friday 16th August, 9:30 pm at Pablo Donte’s, Chattel House Village

    A unique brand of performance art illuminates the Gap at Pablo Donte’s, Chattel House Village on Friday August 16th at 9:30 starring Dy Browne and G81 Snappah. He has performed in comedy shows with the likes of Trevor Eastmond, John Walcott, and Samud Ali. He has sparkled at Plantation Theatre’s Comedy House, Tin Pan Alley, […]

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    Members of the Major Crimes Unit arrested and charged Terrence Caswell Meusa, 43 years, a Guyanese national, for the offence of Arson, in relation to a fire which occurred at the Rio Guest House, St. Lawrence, Christ Church on 17 SEPTEMBER 2012. Meusa arrived in Barbados on 9th September 2012 and checked in at the […]

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  14. Barbadian Law hold Zero Tolerance on Tourism Crimes: Men face heavy charges

    1. Man Charged for Serious Bodily Harm (SBH) King is expected to appear at the District A Magistrate Court on Tuesday 21 May 2013. 2. Men charged for Robbery of Tourist They ares expected to appear at the District A Magistrate Court on Tuesday 21 May 2013. David Welch; Inspector Pub. Rel’s. Officer of the RBPF

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  15. Britain in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados celebrates Diamond Jubilee of QE2: Rats In The Kitchen

    The UK tribute band are also Brummies (Birmingham) which means they hail from the same town as Ali Campbell at al.

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  16. Britain in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados celebrates Diamond Jubilee of QE2: Lovers’ Lane?

    The Jubilee event, while not living up to my expectations, did make me wonder when Virgin Atlantic would have their crazy flight contest called Birdman at the Boatyard once again?

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  17. Britain in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados celebrates Diamond Jubilee of QE2: Soccerfan of Lanterns Mall – Official Gear

    The soccer goods on display here are not counterfeit, these are genuine items approved by the teams involved, you can even find genuine license plates such as – CH3L534 or M4NCH35T3R or 4R53N4L or T0TT3NH4M, etc. The south coast shop is called Soccerfan, since you may have missed the Jubilee,  and Robert Brathwaite is the […]

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  18. Britain in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados celebrates Diamond Jubilee of QE2: London Cabbie for Milady Kate?

    There were a choice of masks for sale – Prince Philip, Prince William and Princess Kate plus Lizzie the Second, none of Harry nor Charles I can recall – they were not cheap either and considering it’s just a photo on cardboard with two eye-holes punched out and a string of elastic, isn’t that a bit […]

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  19. Britain in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados celebrates Diamond Jubilee of QE2: Juggling, not unlike 10 Downing Street?

    There was not a drop of rain and so the afternoon was bright and muggy, unlike Brit weather which can be overcast and foggy on certain days and times in particular areas…

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  20. London in St Lawrence Gap via Virgin Atlantic, Barbados celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II – 3rd June 2012

    Do you believe YouTube would not let me save this Barbadian crowd-scene video under a Creative Commons License, but under their Standard license? They claimed I was using a third-party copyright – it wasn’t Virgin nor QE2 as when I removed their names, the same stipulation was made. So I can only guess it would […]

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  21. Barbados Tourism Authority provides Total Support to “Homecoming” Visit of Bajan-descended UK deejay

    Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority, Adrian Elcock, endorsed the visit of Barbadian-descended Carl Cox, FYI: for many British-Caribbean peoples – Cox is considered to be a party deejay of “legendary” status, apart from being thought of in those same circles, as a global music icon too. This was revealed during a press conference held […]

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  22. {UPDATED – Likely to reach Sun. 26th Feb!} Green and White “Tusmobil” rowing boat due via North Point at Port St Charles

    {EDITOR’S NOTE – MOST CURRENT STATUS: They are now due to arrive into Port St Charles at 6:00 pm local today (26 Feb). One of the crew members injured their hand last night due to an emergency repair of the oar gate, but they have patched him up and are soldiering on.} Perhaps this afternoon […]

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  23. Bajan Toilet Humor: Tribal Vids Comedy – Gastro Story Pt1

    This is real Barbadian Bathroom Humour, not for faint of heart nor bowels, if you like it, then the sequel is HERE!

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  24. Divi Southwinds, Christ Church, Barbados – Voice Training Showcase: ONE NIGHT ONLY

    All Bajans are asked to come to to the student vocal showcase to be held at Divi Southwinds. The event runs from 7 to 9 pm.

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  25. Lucky Horseshoe & “Jump” Out First For Kadooment once again

    Eager to get the ball rolling this year and start the 2011 Crop Over season with a bang, Lucky Horseshoe and Jump were first out of the blocks with last Friday’s launch of their Kadooment Band “Pride”. Featuring five colourful sections, this year’s theme focuses on showcasing the “Pride of Barbados”, depicting the essence of […]

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