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  1. BWA to Make New Connection in the Mount, St. George

    The Barbados Water Authority informs residents of St. George that it will be making a new connection in The Mount on Thursday, July 1st between 10 am and 6 pm. As a result, residents and businesses located in The Mount, Mount Tenantry, Drax Hall to Drax Hall Hope, Drax Hall Jump and surrounding districts may […]

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  2. St George PIC Entrepreneurship & Community Expo – June 2021 June 5, 2021Culture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  3. Emergency Work Being Conducted This Afternoon at the Belle Pumping Station: 31/05/2021

    The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) wishes to inform the public effective today Monday, May 31st, it will be conducting emergency work at the Belle Station. This work will require a shutdown of the station starts this afternoon from 4:00 pm. The Authority has tried to postpone the work as long as it could, however any […]

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  4. Going to Harrison’s Point is NOT a Death Sentence: Confessions of an Asymptomatic

    CAVEAT I have images here which were accumulated while under Isolation, I made sure to include no depiction of Staff nor Patients and thus maintain confidentiality, if there are any objections still? I welcome official images to substitute them with. Please feel free to either contact me or send approved photography at UNAVOIDABLE EXCLUSIVE? […]

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  5. Micro-Marketing for Micro-Enterprises, book now for 3rd Feb 2021

    What price would you pay for this course? BDS$499 BDS$299 BDS$199 Sample of course content: Business Structure – explanation of options and examples; The Importance of Communication, SWOT Analysis of Marketing Strategies. Go to

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  6. BWA to Make Connections in The Mount, St. George

    The Barbados Water Authority is alerting residents and businesses in St. George that on Thursday 17th December it will be making connections to an 11-inch main in The Mount. As a result, customers in The Mount, Mount Tenantry, Drax Hall, Drax Hall Hope, Drax Hall Jump and the surrounding areas may experience low pressure or […]

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  7. BAC’s Plans for Expansion Revealed

    In celebration of the start of a week to celebrate its 16th anniversary, the Barbados Accreditation Council joined Senator Dr. Rev. John Rogers and his congregation at St. George Parish Church in worship. In attendance were current staff, members of the Board led by the Chairman Ann Lady Hewitt, as well as some familiar faces, […]

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  8. “I Do Not Know” by Grenville Phillips II (ex-Solutions Barbados)

    The Government recently patched potholes along the road to Brighton in St George. It was foreseen that the high-quality asphalt, and the effort to install it, would be wasted. After the recent heavy rains, the asphalt washed away, the potholes became larger, and we simply resumed the daily game of ‘dodge-the-pothole’. Engineers normally use words […]

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  9. Solutions Barbados: Congratulations and Thank You (Finale)

    Congratulations to Toni Moore who has been confirmed to be the St George North representative. Congratulations must also go to Floyd Reifer, who came in a commendable second. I thank all of my fellow candidates for running a relatively clean campaign. It is extremely important that we keep the families of our competitors out of […]

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  10. Solutions Barbados: Lower Estate Dump and Toxic Odours

    After learning of alleged dumping occurring at the Lower Estate quarry, I investigated the matter. I did this because the quarry is located in St George North, and as an Environmental Engineer, I am qualified to investigate such matters. I can confirm the following observations. 1. It is not possible for any vehicle to reach […]

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  11. Solutions Barbados – Closing Arguments

    I believe that all candidates in this by election are accomplished persons, who can competently represent the people of St George North. However, can they address the specific problems facing this constituency? The housing, drainage, roads, water, and transportation problems require engineering solutions – which I specialise in. The unemployment problems require business development solutions, […]

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  12. Solutions Barbados – A Most Dangerous Secret

    Candidates for political office normally identify problems in the constituency, and describe their capacity to address them. All Candidates identified housing, roads, road repairs, transportation, drainage, and high unemployment as major problems in St George North. These problems have persisted through repeated BLP and DLP administrations. If those administrations were serious about addressing them, they […]

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  13. “Cease and Desist” – SOLUTIONS BARBADOS, Grenville Phillips II

    C A V E A T is relaying the submitted article as part of “efforts to advance understanding of issues related to St George North‘s electoral process” and this website believes it constitutes a “fair use” of the provided material, any offence taken or assumed is at remit of the original author and not […]

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  14. “An Unacceptable Risk” – Solutions Barbados Press Release

    The voters of St George North will soon elect someone to represent their concerns in Parliament. This representation consists of explaining voters’ problems, and defending their solutions after scrutiny from 29 other members of Parliament. None of us Candidates have ever debated in Parliament. Therefore, voters have no idea whether we can defend our plans, […]

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  15. ‘Say Something Nice’ – Solutions Barbados

    It has not taken long for some political candidates to behave badly. Even when their political party starts their meeting with prayer to our Creator, they still manage to find their way into the gutter. Perhaps things may improve if Candidates started their meetings, by saying something nice about their fellow candidates. Since the suggestion […]

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  16. SOLUTIONS BARBADOS: “Let the Debates Begin”

    The Prime Minister advised that CBC should allow debates between all candidates contesting the St George North by-election. Political parties do not have to participate in these debates. However, we think that it would be unwise not to participate. By participating, Candidates have the opportunity to both explain their plans to voters, and defend their […]

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  17. Solutions Barbados defines “The Author of Confusion”

    Canvassing in St George North is getting congested. There are now six political parties canvassing across the constituency. Each party’s canvassers are known by their party colours, as is the norm in Barbados to avoid confusion during an election. The BLP wears red, the DLP wears yellow, Solutions Barbados wears green, the UPP wears Orange, […]

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  18. Solutions Barbados – What do the Residents of St George North Want?

    From my visits to almost every community in St George North, I have found one consistent desperate need. The employed want work for the unemployed, and the unemployed want work. All other issues were secondary. All five candidates in this by-election (BLP, DLP, Solutions Barbados, UPP, and PdP) have a responsibility to propose workable solutions […]

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  19. Solutions Barbados – ‘Dead Sheep Politics’

    It is assumed that modern Barbados is a two-party (BLP and DLP) state. Our political scientists promote this unverified assumption as fact. Therefore, most Barbadians are convinced that third parties are not viable in modern Barbados. If that assumption is true, then it does not matter how qualified and accomplished a third-party candidate is, that […]

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  20. 13 year old from Glebe Land safely located

    The Royal Barbados Police Force appreciate every effort from public and media in tracking this teenager and look forward to similar cooperation in future. Rodney Inniss – Insp. (Ag); Public Relations Officer

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  21. Solutions Barbados – St George North Manifesto

    Dear People of St George North. My name is Grenville Phillips II. I am the President of Solutions Barbados, and your candidate in this by-election. Let me first tell you about myself, and then about what we plan to do in St George North over the next two and one-half years. About Me. I have […]

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  22. Will Deputy Speaker have Big News for Sunday? St George Secondary at 4:30pm

    Prime Minister of Barbados and Political Leader of the ruling BLP, Mia Amor Mottley – QC & MP, will be the main Speaker tomorrow Sunday 20th September 2020, at the Annual General meeting of the George North branch. Other Speakers will be Gline Clarke Member of Parliament for the constituency, Attorney General and Member of […]

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    The Barbados Water Authority wishes to inform residents and businesses in parts of St. George that it will be installing a valve at Constant, St. George on Wednesday, July 15th between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As a result, customers in the following areas may be affected by low pressure or water outages: Constant, Dash […]

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  24. ‘One People – One Community’ in action, St. George helps its own

    Members of the St. George Parish Independence Committee are living up to the parish motto by donating hampers of food and household supplies to needy families. These supplies were collected from charitable donors in the parish. The COVID-19 shutdown has had a disastrous effect on the world economy, and the central parish of St. George, […]

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    Police are urging Barbadians to help locate missing 32 year old Crystal Takila Holder of 49 Drax Hall Woods, St. George. Description: She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, has an oval shaped face and head, medium build, dark complexion, small breasted. Large nose, thick lips, thick eyebrows, small rounded ears both pierced once. Circumstances: […]

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