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  1. ‘Brad Pitt Must Pay!’ or?? “MALEFICENT 2” stereotypes Angeline Jolie

    Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies, and dark new forces at play.

    July 22, 2019Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. SEVENTH SON: Jeff Bridges (Fantasy adaptation – 2015)

    In a time of enchantments when legends and magic collide, the sole remaining warrior of a mystical order (OscarĀ® winner Jeff Bridges) travels to find a prophesied hero born with incredible powers, the last Seventh Son (Ben Barnes). Torn from his quiet life as a farmhand, the unlikely young hero embarks on a daring adventure […]

    September 24, 2014Books, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments