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  1. NCF’s Writers’ Clinic offers insightful sessions

    The National Cultural Foundation has resumed its Writers’ Clinic which is aimed at helping writers to better hone their skills and take their writing to another level.  The free monthly programmes seek to provide training for Literary Arts practitioners, however the NCF has also structured the sessions to cater to members of the public who […]

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  2. Grenadian Directive transmitted on Bajan Social media creates unnecessary Panic

    Barbadians are being urged once again not to circulate information about COVID-19 directives of uncertain origin, especially when such information has the potential to panic others, or otherwise cause distress. “While our health officials are concerned about the increase in cases, and while we want Barbadians to recognise that by limiting their own movements, they […]

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  3. BEST SELLERS (2021) Aubrey Plaza & Michael Caine

    A cranky, retired author reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help out a young publisher.

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  4. Try Bajan Reporter’s Social Media campaign $95 Bds for just 8 weeks!

    With followers close to 9,500 there’s 3,345 on Twitter, 2950+ on IG and just under 3,000 with FB group, WhatsApp status has 85 views in a 24 hr cycle. Now LinkedIn added, plus Breaking News carousel on IG. Online banking payments accepted?? Just $95 for 8 weeks!!

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  5. Airbnb confirms more than 100 alliances to help reactivate tourism, including CTO in the Caribbean

    Airbnb participated during the High-level Discussion “The Future of Tourism, what is next?” organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, as part of the Future Tourism Regional Policy Dialogues. In the chat, the Airbnb platform, the future of travel and the Digital Nomads trend were discussed. The “Future-Tourism (FUT-Tourism): […]

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  6. Barbados Celebrates International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

    The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. has announced that the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) will be celebrated this year in Barbados with a Zumba event that will be broadcasted live on CBC TV 8 on Saturday, April 10 at 4 pm. Previously IDSDP was observed through a fun day of sporting […]

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  7. Is it time for Mark #Zuckerberg to feel #Facebook Gaol? More and more #Bajans fed up with the platform, #Telegram is slowly gaining…

    “Nearly 270 million Facebook users have had their user IDs, phone numbers and names left in an unsecured database accessible on the Internet for anyone to mine, a security researcher said.” Facebook Data Leak: Personal Info of Nearly 270 Million Users Exposed – MSSP Alert Last year, I was in Facebook jail five times, sounds […]

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  8. Facebook is so 1990s, switch to Telegram, keep your chats secret and send large files easily!

    Are you tired of landing up in Facebook jail because of your WhatsApp status transferring anything – one is prudish while the other is a slut? Make the change, encourage all of your friends and family (you too) to join the Bajan Reporter Irregulars and stay informed via Telegram!

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  9. Global ad market is set to hit $769.9 billion by 2024

    Amid an intensifying race between companies to increase their advertising expenditure to boost profitability prospects, the global advertising market is set to reach $769.9 billion by 2024, an industry expert has pointed out. Digital advertisement portal Advert on Click is a one-of-its-kind digital platforms that connects all stakeholders of the media industry from across the […]

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  10. HBO’s FAKE FAMOUS, An Exploration Into The World Of Influencers, Debuts Feb. 23

    HBO’s FAKE FAMOUS, debuting FEBRUARY 23, from first-time director and veteran journalist Nick Bilton, explores the industry of social media influencers through an innovative social experiment. The film’s journey into this world is driven by the casting of three people in Los Angeles who all have relatively small social followings and the attempt to grow them […]

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  11. #EMERA launches chance to win $20,000 Installation – Solar Fuh We

    Emera Caribbean Renewables Ltd (ECRL) is inviting local non-government organizations (NGOs) to tell them why they need an energy efficient photovoltaic system. “Solar Fuh We“, ECRL’s 2020 promotion is inviting NGOs registered in Barbados, to share how a free PV system would be of value to them and the work they do. The submissions should […]

    September 18, 2020Breaking News, Featured, Technology1 comment
  12. Has the time come for Facebook to make an appointment with Dr Kevorkian?

    WhatsApp was designed by a so called Facebook failure, yet Facebook ended up buying the global text service and enriching that creator. So before I return let me note I joined FB in 2006 but didn’t get Reported until 2011 by a religious prude for a naughty Santa. But not until this year have I […]

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    Digicel will cease all paid advertising activities on Facebook platforms globally for the month of July, it was announced today, as the company takes a stand against hate speech online. The move is in solidarity with a number of leading global brands who have moved to send a strong message to Facebook that enough is […]

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  14. New Crypto Trading Gem Developed in Barbados Crypto exchange now possible using popular messaging platforms – a world first

    The world’s first system that allows you to trade cryptocurrency from WhatsApp, has been developed and launched in Barbados under the leadership of Gabriel Abed, serial entrepreneur and the Caribbean’s leading authority on digital currency. “For the past two years, a small and talented tech team based in Barbados has been redefining the way we […]

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  15. Financial arm of Gilinski Group says it’s to acquire FirstCaribbean International Bank

    Barbadians awoke this weekend learning First Caribbean could soon become First Colombian? Seriously, the popular financial entity in the midst of ongoing controversy with its interest rates slashed in what many see as a draconian manner plus new charges added on, now has the additional controversy of a public reaction in discovering via overseas online […]

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  16. When Founders Leave Their Companies

    In an article published in 2013, author and blogger Mark Manson pointed out the importance of passion in whatever you do. This is especially true for the founders of startups – they have to be passionate enough about their vision of changing the world to work through being hungry, overworked, underslept, and broke for years […]

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  17. Red Advertising now largest Google Partner Agency in the Caribbean

    Red Advertising has added the region’s most certified Google Ad agency to its list of achievements after an extensive staff training program. Twenty-one Red Advertising staff members across Barbados and Trinidad recently completed a three months long Google Ad training course, delivered by the Company’s UK-trained Online/Affiliate Marketing Specialist and Digital Director, Hannah Swift. The […]

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    Fay Cooke-Nurse, new President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Barbados Chapter, is encouraging communications professionals to guard against irrelevance in a world where “change is the new norm“. In her President’s address to the Annual General Meeting of IABC Barbados, Cooke-Nurse, a Public Relations and Media Relations Consultant and Principal of Millennium […]

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  19. Solutions Barbados – St Elizabeth Hardcourts, St Joseph

    Travel along Horse Hill, make your way on to the newly constructed road, come to the junction just past St. Elizabeth Primary, make right turn past the sheltered bus stop on right and St. Elizabeth facilities on the right.

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  20. Thu 24th May …. Barbados Decides! Rose Hill Channel with CITA Radio 90.1 FM May 20, 2018Photo Gallery, PoliticalNo comments
  21. New Amadeus Booking Features Offer Greater Control & Cost Reduction To Agencies

    In a competitive market with more and more new players making use of recent technology, travel agents need to ensure that their operations are the most efficient and that response times are the lowest possible for their travelers. Having effective quality control and reducing the number of ADMs is vital to maintaining the profitability of […]

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    The move by the FCC in the US to roll back restrictive net neutrality regulation as it relates to regulating the Internet is a “victory for telecoms, consumers and economies” Digicel observed as they urged Caribbean regulators to take note and not simply apply a blanket one size fits all approach in their markets. Digicel […]

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  23. Caribbean Girls under Cyber Attack, says Belizean First Lady

    A cyberbullying victim’s parents are speaking out in Belize against the alarming practice of posting nude photos of young girls online. The couple sit facing away from the camera as they recount the episode that forever changed their daughter’s life. The father, slowly and in a plaintive voice, says someone accessed the photo from her […]

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  24. Flow completes major systems upgrade

    Barbados has become the first business unit in the Caribbean for telecoms provider Flow to achieve complete systems integration. Recently, Flow concluded a major upgrade to its billing, charging and customer relationship management systems that will act as the catalyst to drive an improved customer experience. “We always say that telecoms is the greatest team […]

    June 11, 2017Technology2 comments
  25. Expedia Group Announces Increase in Package Demand for Barbados

    The Expedia group, one of the world’s leading travel companies, reported today that hotel partners in Barbados have increase their package demand with nearly 15% growth in 2016 YoY. Package bookings, which combine components like flights and hotels, typically capture the attention of higher quality travelers that spend more money, have longer lengths of stay, […]

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