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  1. Former Skitsomania star strikes again? Comedy video thwarts Canada’s Tory Majority

    What happened during Steven Harper’s childhood to scar him so deeply, and make him so nasty to artists?The following video was made for Canada’s Department of Culture “30 Seconds and Gone” video page. Next thing ya know, The Toronto Star reports that the Tory lead is shrinking fast. Respondents who had watched either debate were […]

    October 10, 2008Entertainment, News1 comment

    The latest Comedy Mo-jo video is NOW online at NOW Tube! This 5-minute puppy is the 6th in our series of NOW Magazine movies, as we cover the T-dot beat with a comedic bent. In this one, we stage a backstage showdown between Andre Arruda and Marty Adams, whose hilarious 18-inch character ‘Clive‘ chews up […]

    August 31, 2008Cinema, EntertainmentNo comments
  3. Follow-Up: Bridgetown Film Festival Xtra, Pt 2 – The Kite Flyer (PG-13)

    The Kite Flyer is the latest addition to the Bridgetown Film Festival 2007, another “street soldier” action picture – Thom Cross directed the US $20-thousand dollar film which was made in eleven production days; this movie had other big differences when placed in conjunction with other contenders from similar perspectives! Dr Sean Russell learned videography […]

    May 4, 2007Cinema, Crime, Entertainment, Featured1 comment
  4. Skitsomania: Shameless Plug for Pals

    Skitsomania is a very popular comedy show from Barbados. These are a series of skits, improv games and songs are strung together by a team of versatile actors including Second City alumni – Brian Smith.The accent is on fast and furiously funny material and characters. Skitsomania is successful because the performers are among the best […]

    December 23, 2006Cinema, Featured, NewsNo comments