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  1. “Pillars of Success” – Milestone Ceremony (Part 1)

    “Pillars of Success“, Milestone Ceremony hosted at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre by Labour Ministry Fea. Barbados’ PM; Fruendel J. Stuart

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  2. “Pillars of Success” – Milestone Ceremony (Part 2)

    “Pillars of Success“, Milestone Ceremony hosted at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre by Labour Ministry Fea. Fruendel Stuart, PM of Barbados (2017)

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  3. “Pillars of Success” – Milestone Ceremony (Part 3)

    “Pillars of Success“, Milestone Ceremony hosted at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre by Labour Ministry Fea. EU Representative – Marc Thill; Min. of Education – Ronald Jones and Pinelands Creative Workshop – Sophie Greaves

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  4. Harris Paints Introduces New Brand Formulated for Professionals

    The island’s leading paint company recently unveiled their newest line of decorative paints designed to help Barbadian professionals work within tight maintenance or renovation budgets providing a cost effective alternative where there is considerable pressure on prices. This innovative new line of Pro Speed Cover water-based, interior/exterior products is the first commercial paint specially designed […]

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  5. A showcase of Canadian Food and Beverage Products in Barbados

    On March 14th and 15th, Caribbean partners, importers and buyers will have the opportunity to view a wide array of new Canadian food and beverage products in the island. In addition to crowd-favourites like seafood, meat, salt fish, spirits, snacks being on display, there will be sampling of french fries, cheeses, sauces, marinades and pastries […]

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    Government is putting the relevant institutional infrastructure in place to ensure that greater levels of efficiency, productivity and international competitiveness are achieved. Mr. Sinckler said that Government, through the Barbados Competitiveness Programme (BCP), had taken steps to reinvigorate the Commission on Competitiveness and to establish a supporting Technical Unit, in an effort to urgently address […]

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  7. U.S. Embassy Hosts American soul singer Carolyn Malachi

    The U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States is pleased to host American soul singer Carolyn Malachi and her band, in a three-country traveling tour of American soul music. The program travels to Barbados, St. Lucia, and Grenada. Accompanied by her band members, drummer Wes Watkins, and bassist […]

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  8. B’dos Assoc. of Ret’d Persons’ 2016 Annual General Meeting Results

    The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons took place over last weekend at the former Sherbourne Centre also known as the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Complex. Newly elected to the board was Right Reverend Monsignor Vincent Blackett and Frank Da Silva. Other members of the current board are President Edward Bushell, […]

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    The squads and their Managers have been named! Clive Lloyd’s team of cricketing masters will come up against Sir Vivian Richards’ all-star crop of young talent in a T20 ‘Legends to Legacy’ celebration of Sir Garfield Sobers’ 80th birthday Well known former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd will manage a team of West Indian and […]

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    The process leading to the passing of an act for the regulation and control of Public Procurement in Barbados is well under way. Mr. Sinckler later disclosed to the media that the legislation was at a very advanced stage, and should hopefully go to Parliament before year-end. He explained that it was part of the […]

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    Derika Harewood, delegate #6 was born in November 1996, attended the Alexandra and Frederick Smith Secondary School after which she was able to enter the BCCHI with 8 CXC passes and is now in the process of obtaining her Associate Degree in Tourism and Travel. This course assists in feeding her love for the tourism […]

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  12. Long Live the Plus Size Divas – “Viva La Diva” 3rd July 2016

    The inaugural Miss Plus Size Diva Barbados Pageant and Show themed “Viva La Diva” slated for Sunday 3rd July 2016 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Doors open at 5:00 p.m., show starts at 6:00 p.m. The pageant hosted by the dynamic, gifted singer, deejay, model and songwriter, Kirk Brown will showcase seven (7) divas […]

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  13. This Is The Year That Was – 2015 belongs to Quality Service & ex-Missing Person(s), plus Bajans abroad and more…

    The Bajan Reporter came into being on 23rd December nine years ago – today we reflect on 2015 and what was hot at this popular web locale… 2015 will be special for many for many reasons – regular readers are aware at Bajan Reporter the statistics for year-enders is based on shares from Facebook, up […]

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  14. Geeking’s Greetings from AnimeKon!

    Happy Holidays from Team AnimeKon!

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  15. U.S. Embassy hosts President of Howard University in presentation on American Higher Education

    The U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS was pleased to host Dr. Wayne Frederick, the President of Howard University, in Grenada and Barbados as he delivered free public lectures on higher education options in the United States. Dr. Frederick, a Trinidadian by birth, is a U.S. physician and academic, and was […]

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  16. Mutual of America Life Insurance Company Appoints Trinidadian to its Board of Directors

    Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, which specializes in providing retirement products and related services to organizations and their employees, as well as to individuals, announced the appointment of Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick to its Board of Directors. A native of Port of Spain, Trinidad, Dr. Frederick is the 17th President of Howard University […]

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  17. FLOW’s Anime Kon 2015: Third of his Name? Father of Felines?

    There are those who quake in their buskins on sight of this other Colossus and others who ready to side with him & sojourn in any battle he may join, loved or hated – seldom is there a mixture for the latest usurper of the Iron Throne! Outgunned? Perhaps… Outnumbered? Usually… Outmaneuvered? He’s still there, […]

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  18. FLOW’s Anime Kon 2015: Bridgeland & Spellbent

    Book Source had a very active Lounge for Anime Kon’s readers with comic books and graphic novels galore – seen here is Marc “Bridgeland” Gibson interviewing Lucy Snyder who is an accomplished author in Horror with 4 Bram Stoker awards

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  19. FLOW’s Anime Kon 2015: Yaya Han, Khal Drogo & Daenyrys?

    Khal Drogo’s makeup by Mandy Cummins, Barbados’ Rick Baker of wounds

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  20. Fantopia Weekend is here, Superhero Popcorn?

    Thor as Mead flavoured; Iron Man as Bacon & Bourbon; Hulk as Chocolate Pistachio and Captain America as multi-coloured cherry vanilla and blueberry flavoured? Try it out at Coconut Baby’s table!

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  21. Fantopia Weekend is here, Two Mile Hill finale tonight!

    Harley Quinn is just one of many characters haunting the former Sherbourne Centre this weekend, but the Main Event is the Cosplay Tournament – thanks in part to FLOW, providing free WiFi and offering great prizes for both guests and competitors alike!

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  22. “Fantopia” awaits fans at Flow AnimeKon at Two Mile Hill this weekend!

    Animated fandom will be out in their pageantry this weekend at the Flow AnimeKon Expo, the Caribbean’s premier pop culture convention taking place at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Now in its sixth year, the event is being held under the theme ‘Fantopia – Where reality far exceeds all imaginings‘, and according to coordinators Melissa […]

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  23. Bram Stoker Award Winning Author at FLOW AnimeKon Expo 2015

    Lucy A. Snyder is the featured guest at the Authors’ Lounge, which is a major attraction of the FLOW AnimeKon Expo 2015. Snyder was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in 2009 for “Spellbent”. She netted her first Bram Stoker win in the category of Superior Achievement in Poetry, in 2010 […]

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  24. Finance Minister accuses Barbadians of acting hastily before hearing Cahill Energy out

    Government is yet to respond to concerns from a wide cross section of Barbados over a proposed gasification plant in Vaucluse, mainly because an amendment to legislation is yet to be ratified… Chris Sinckler, placed as Finance Minister by the late David Thompson in 2010 and continues with the portfolio unabated despite a few reshuffles […]

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  25. Cahill Energy proposed Waste To Energy is a Waste of Time – NOT BARBADOS!

    Kid #3: My Mommy says smoking kills. Nick Naylor: Oh, is your Mommy a doctor? Kid #3: No. Nick Naylor: A scientific researcher of some kind? Kid #3: No. Nick Naylor: Well, then she’s hardly a credible expert, is she? Aaron Eckhart – Thank You for Smoking (2005) This film was a seminal treatise on […]

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