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  1. Introducing Flow’s Blockbuster Summer! What to watch?


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  2. Cinema, Theatre & Pop Culture in 2013 for Barbados: how far and how crucial to economy?

    This year proved significant for Barbados in some positive ways and if paid the correct attention, can be a Way Fwd from the current fiscal morass we’re enduring… Culture in the form of Theatre, Cinema and the new venue of Cosplay can be serious avenues of Entrepreneurship which can teach our MP’s a thing or […]

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    Digicel continues to deliver on its promise of celebrating its customers. Recently, Digicel organised a pampering session for customers of Sky Mall and Sheraton Centre, where the public had the opportunity to receive on the spot treatments from a team of massage therapists compliment Digicel. Additionally, pedestrians in the Bridgetown area were also treated to […]

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    Local cinema screening of the Barbadian movie, PAYDAY, has been extended for two weeks at the Olympus Theatres. Expressing delight with this decision, he said, “PAYDAY has been doing really well at home and abroad. I am really happy to see how people have been appreciating the hard work that was put in by our […]

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    Digicel launched its latest promotion named SMILE. The free SMS (S) is for people who love to text, the free Magic (M) Number calls is for those who want to spend more time talking to that special person, the free International (I) calls allows you call your friends and family overseas, and the free Local […]

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  6. U.S. Embassy Geekfest Film Series brings crowds at Olympus – Prelude to 24 & 25 August’s “Anime Kon”

    It was a fully packed audience that took in the first night of the weekly “Geekfest” film screenings, currently being produced for the public by the United States Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Barbadian fans flocked to the film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and some even dressed as characters from the film […]

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  7. Geekfest #3 at Olympus Expo: “Comic-Con Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope” 22nd Aug at 7:00 pm

    This Thursday 22nd is your last chance to view a FREE GeekFest film at 7:00 pm at the Olympus Expo, Barbados. Free giveaways that night! Comic-con to some is just another convention, but for others, it is a livelihood. This Morgan Spurlock documentary “Comic-Con Episode IV – A Fans Hope” the passion and dreams of […]

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  8. Sogood KFC Christmas Lunch for Touring Children of Eagle Hall Special Unit

    Christmas is a time for cheerful giving especially to children like the students of the Eagle Hall Primary Special Unit who topped off a shopping tour of Sheraton Mall yesterday December 4th with a jolly and delicious “Sogood” lunch at KFC. Over 20 delighted children packed out the store and expressed their approval as KFC […]

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  9. Christmas With Blackberry & Digicel – Sheraton Mall: Santa’s Helper!

    If you like RIM Technology, Santa’s Curvy (as in a BB) assistant, be sure to sweep through to Colonnade Mall from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm? She’ll be glad to assist, apart from the Christmas Spirit? She’s a trained Blackberry Dr!

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  10. Christmas With Blackberry & Digicel – Sheraton Mall: Prizes and Gifts!

    When you check the Blackberry specials it includes entries towards a chance at winning a plot of land in St Philip (ask clerks for details)!

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  11. Christmas With Blackberry & Digicel – Sheraton Mall: Tannenbaum?

    As you go into Colonnade (DaCosta’s Mall) from Broad St entrance on Dec. 14th, the Digi-Store is opposite Italia D’Oro coffee and the Friday fun starts at 9:30 am and continues to 4:00 pm!

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  12. Christmas With Blackberry & Digicel – Sheraton Mall: Month’s Free Data?

    You may have missed today, but tomorrow at Colonnade in Bridgetown, there’ll be chances for deals on RIM Handsets and 1 month free data!

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    Digicel, in partnership with Huawei Technologies, has announced the launch of the new Huawei Media Pad 7 Lite, set to become the best value tablet on the market. Retailing at Bds $699 the sleek and efficient Huawei Media Pad is a product of the partnership between Digicel and Huawei, which will give Barbadian customers access […]

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  14. Vauxhall Primary School students better equipped for learning through CIBC FirstCaribbean initiative

    Over 25 students at the Vauxhall Primary School in Christ Church are better able to concentrate on their school work after the establishment and launch of a breakfast programme at the school thanks to the initiative taken by staff from the Sheraton Centre branch of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank. The staff reached out to Vauxhall […]

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  15. An anti-bully testimonial & stinging commentary on Public Sector negativity; “Chrissy” – now not only at Olympus, but in the UK {MILD SPOILERS}

    {Ed’s. Note – If at one point the article seems repetitive or redundant in using a crew member’s job title, they took umbrage at the use of an alternative to break up the monotony, I know it’s bad writing or News Composition when a single phrase is used over and over and over – even […]

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  16. First Bajan Family Film “Chrissy” premieres November 5th

    Yet another local film production hits the Barbadian silver screen in November 2012. The producers of the successful “HUSH” movie series “Step by Step” are now releasing the first ever Bajan Family Film entitled “CHRISSY” “Chrissy” Combines young talent of stars Makalah Harrison and Cara O’Donnell with veterans Mac Fingall, Sophia Thomas and Peter Boyce […]

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    What has Denis Lowe been up to? Not trying to save Graeme Hall, nor even looking at buying new trucks for Sanitation and the BLP’s Kerrie Symmonds (a former DEM) claims the Ch Ch East MP wants repairs done to vehicles only if it’s expensive and conducted by known associates to the Drainage Minister… (I […]

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  18. Bridgetown Gallery, Sheraton Mall: October Joint Show – Colors of Mexico & Arthur Atkinson October 4, 2012Galleries, Photo GalleryNo comments
  19. “Gotta be Bajan” at Bridgetown Gallery, Sheraton Mall – 22 September: 4 to 7 p.m.

    Sheraton Mall upstairs on the second floor, at the top of the escalators, across from the radio station. 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm for debut

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  20. To BOLD-ly go… Looking at Blackberry’s OS 7.1 in the new 9900

    Believe it not, because of Barack Obama – I started using a BlackBerry™ in August 2009, that was a Pearl 8120, then last November I had a second-hand Javelin 8900, but I finally made the plunge and got a brand new Bold 9900! My first venture into a touch-pad, it is a lot easier than I […]

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  21. “Anything Goes” group show at Bridgetown Gallery at Sheraton Mall: “Munchin’ Lady”

    Barbara Secher-Greenidge – “Munchin’ Lady“

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  22. “Anything Goes” group show at Bridgetown Gallery at Sheraton Mall: Wendy Lewis, until 11/09/2012

    “Rose (Semi-Abstract)” from Wendy Lewis

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  23. “Anything Goes” group show at Bridgetown Gallery at Sheraton Mall: ‘Collette’s Garden’

    Katherine Felip‘s “Collette’s Garden“

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  24. ‘Anything Goes’ group show at Bridgetown Gallery at Sheraton Mall: Until 11th Sept. 2012

    (Moving Wire Sculpture) Nyssa Haynes-Holder’s “Dancing“

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  25. ‘Anything Goes’ group show at Bridgetown Gallery at Sheraton Mall: ‘Lighthouse At Ragged Point’

    Lisa Cole‘s “Lighthouse At Ragged Point“

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