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  1. Sanitation Service Authority takes issue with NUPW statement to Barbadian Press

    Management of the Sanitation Service Authority read the press statement issued by the National Union of Public Workers today (14 December 2020) in addition to recent comments by the NUPW officials listed by local media. It is unfortunate the statement makes no mention of recent engagement between the management and Board of the SSA and […]

    December 14, 2020Business, FeaturedNo comments
  2. Support for the Single-Use Plastic Ban

    Jehroum Wood of the Blue Green Initiative lends his support to the ban on single-use plastics in Barbados. ********************* See more by visiting our website – or Facebook page – or see us on Instagram – or hear us on Soundcloud – Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you […]

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  3. Bahamians try to evacuate from corpses and devastation, as aid is painfully slow in arriving

    Residents in heavily damaged areas of the Bahamas are struggling to evacuate as aid vessels slowly arrive to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

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  4. Fire at Mangrove Landfill now Contained

    Barbadians are advised emergency services were dealing with a fire at the Mangrove Landfill in St. Thomas. The Ministry of Health and Wellness is advising persons with Asthma or other respiratory illnesses to leave these and surrounding areas until conditions improve. The emergency services are taking all necessary steps to bring the situation at the […]

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  5. “Keep Cool and Carry On! The Montreal Protocol.” A Message from the Environment Minister: Trevor A. Prescod, for International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

    “Keep Cool and Carry On” is the mantra adopted by the Montreal Protocol, as a message to all its members in commemoration of today, September 16, as International Ozone Day. As the new Minister of Environment and National Beautification, I feel honoured to be able to address you on this day of global and national […]

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    The Main Opposition Barbados Labour Party pledged pension reforms and civil servant salary reviews among other hot button issues when they launched their candidates over the weekend at the Weymouth Playing field over the weekend. Mia Mottley, political leader of the BLP and Opposition leader spoke to the massive audience as if they were guests […]

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  7. Solutions Barbados Candidate for St. Joseph Organises Major Constituency Cleanup Day Campaign

    WHAT: Solutions Barbados will be removing abandoned, dilapidated old cars; abandoned appliances and other house hold municipal solid waste left over a year within active tourism belts and surrounding communities. WHO: St. Joseph Candidate, Jennifer Highland, along with a other members of Solutions Barbados, will start the clean-up process beginning from the top of Cleavers […]

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    Dr Walcott was advised in this session by both Executive Assistant, former Senator Pat Parris and Chair of Marketing, PR & Communications – ex-Tourism Minister Noel Lynch.

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  9. Boil water before use, so claims the Bridgetown US Embassy

    The quality of drinking water in the South Coast appears to have been compromised by the ongoing sewerage problem… Well, this is what some American diplomats are suggesting. The United States Embassy issued a health alert warning its citizens not to drink water directly from the taps, but boil it first or use bottled water. […]

    January 29, 2018Breaking News, Featured, HealthNo comments
  10. Duquesa landfill operates at turtle pace, DR Gov’t threatens intervention

    The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Environment and city governments of Greater Santo Domingo have rejected the 10 am to 4 pm schedule of Lajun Corporation that operates the dump and ordered the dump be open from 8 am or the dump would be intervened. Diario Libre reports that the company is allowing the entry of […]

    July 24, 2017NatureNo comments
  11. Collecting garbage in the D.R. by nights

    The Dominican Republic’s National District (Santo Domingo) city government, under new mayor David Collado, has announced that garbage will now be collected between 9 pm and 5 am. ADN Services has already begun garbage collection on that schedule in District No. 1 and Colonial City areas to avoid daytime traffic with satisfactory results after a […]

    November 8, 2016EventsNo comments