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  1. 400 years landed at the Vatican

    Don Victor Mooney of Queens, the first African American to row across the Atlantic Ocean was honored with an audience with Pope Francis on World AIDS Day. Just as important was bringing the 400 years of African American History to the Vatican. His Excellency Cardinal Peter Turkson, former head of Prefect of the Disatery for […]

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    I want to begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! This is normally a time of year when families and friends gather in a spirit of joy and hope, however, to celebrate this year as we have in the past will be difficult if not impossible. This Christmas arrives against a backdrop of much […]

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  3. Queens Man Returns from Historic Visit to Vatican

    Don Victor Mooney of Queens, New York concluded a three-day visit to Raliegh, North Carolina after an historic audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on World AIDS Day. In Rome, Italy, Mooney met with the American, Polish, and Portugal diplomats accredited to the Holy See. After meeting with Pope Francis, Mooney had a second […]

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  4. World Peace Ambassador shares his view on Government’s intention to remove God from the Republic Charter

    I was asked what is my view on the proposal to remove God from the upcoming Charter? I would like to establish the fact that God is not an authority found only in words, the rule of God is both eternal, universal and cosmic, the laws of God are steadfast and can’t be affected by […]

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    “In times of celebration, we must first acknowledge God and not allow prosperity to lure us into embracing pride and self sufficiency as the main contributors to any success story of our lives.” Advice from the Rector of St John’s Parish Church, Rev. Anthony Harewood, as he delivered the homily at the 100th Anniversary Thanksgiving […]

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  6. Mooney Serves Amore On Columbus Day

    He didn’t sail the Niña, Pinta, or Santa María. On his 4th try, Don Victor Mooney, of Kew Gardens Hills, President of H.R. 1242 Resilience Project departed from Maspalomas, Canary Islands, an archipelago located off the coast of West Africa. Twenty-one months later, he arrived at New York’s Brooklyn Bridge aboard Spirit of Malabo by […]

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  7. “What’s on my mind?” by Krystle Howell (Pandemic Thoughts)

    What’s on my mind? Why do we keep doing the same thing with regards to covid and curfews and expecting a different result? Why do we keep taking the “easy” way out when it just makes a bigger mess for us all down the road? Why do we think it makes sense to allow persons […]

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  8. As Covid-19 Cases Drop, Freewinds Volunteers See the Increase of Action to Stay Safe Crucial

    With the number of active cases of Covid-19 on the decline locally it does not mean it is time to relax. In fact, the opposite should be done and taking measures to prevent the increase in positive cases has moved to the top of the list. Sanitization is one of the most effective measures to […]

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  9. #ICYMI? Cleanup requires 1,500 extra hands (Infographics)

    Barbados’ national cleanup campaign is about to get bigger. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley revealed yesterday she would be upsizing the complement from the Ministry of Transport and Works which has been hard at work the past four days, by hiring around 1 500 temporary workers to hit the highways and secondary roads in the […]

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  10. Message from Prime Minister Mottley to mark the start of Ramadan 2021

    At sunset today, April 13, 2021, as members of the Barbadian Muslim faith join the worldwide community to celebrate the start of the holy month of Ramadan, I am sure at the forefront of your minds must be the state of our world after more than a year of battling COVID-19. Yes, as a global […]

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  11. Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Blue Economy alerts to Change of Opening Hours at All Markets for Easter

    All fish markets across Barbados will open from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm from Wednesday 31st March. This is due to the emergency directives now allowing for persons to leave home at 5:00 am, however all Markets will follow Emergency Directive No 7 and remain shut all day on Good Friday 2nd April and Easter […]

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  12. Volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds Mobilize to Train Key Hotel Staff in Cleaning & Sanitisation

    With the intention of making Aruba the safest place on earth the Volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds are training hotel staffs on the most effective cleaning and sanitization materials and techniques to ensure hotels are safe for the staff and visitors. The purpose is to increase tourism and expand the economy of the island. The […]

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  13. World Day of Prayer Service – Vanuatu 2021

    World Day of Prayer Barbados Ecumenical Committee Presents World Day of Prayer 2021 Vanuatu Worship Service Theme: Build on A Strong Foundation Date: Friday 5th March, 2021 Time: 6.00 p.m. Via YouTube Channel James Street Methodist Church

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  14. “A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices” – CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2020

    The traditional Christmas carols that we sing have beautiful verses that carry special meaning – words like, “A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn“. This particular carol captures the harshness and hope that collide every Christmas but especially so this year, 2020. It has been a […]

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  15. Exclusive Coverage: Barbados Lotteries presents cheque and feeds homeless in City for Living Waters Community

    Living Waters Community welcome volunteers to assist in their drive to alleviate the hardships endured by the local indigent members of Barbadian society, at five each Tuesday afternoon, they head for Bridgetown by Heroes Square and make offerings of food, hymns and prayers to the homeless. This year, Living Waters were the recipient of a […]

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  16. Living Waters Community benefits from kindness thanks to Barbados Lotteries

    Every Tuesday evening at about 5:00 pm in Heroes Square in the City, Living Waters donates food and prayers to members of the Barbadian Homeless

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  17. If there was no Coronavirus, CIBC staff would get a $100,000.00 shindig? Matchbox Girl redux? Gadzooks!

    C A V E A T The intent was probably far from what I saw, but on reading this, it made me cringe. I couldn’t help but think of the poor li’l Match Girl from Hans Christian Andersen? Please note all sarcasm listed is my views and not FirstCaribbean, they have to develop a thick […]

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  18. Barbadian clergy make sensible call for end to buggery laws

    Laws that criminalize consensual same-sex intimacy still exist in more than sixty countries across the globe – and in most instances these laws are sustained by Church doctrine. The first Intimate Conviction conference in 2017 brought together many voices from across the globe to discuss the role of the church in maintaining these anti-sodomy statutes […]

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  19. American Gods, Season 3: with new cast! Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) and Danny “Machete” Trejo

    A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow’s life and past.

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    C A V E A T Although we recognise the Methodist Church has their right to air concerns, nevertheless? This sect of Christianity (as many others in the island) is missing the point, a Referendum would be held on Same Sex marriage but remote workers if coming to Barbados would need their Civil Unions be […]

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  21. Original HBO series 30 COINS to premiere in Latin America in 2021

    HBO released the new 30 COINS teaser recently. The original production by HBO Europe in collaboration with HBO Latin America will premiere in Latin America in 2021. The series was officially screened in Spain at the Sitges Film Festival on October 11. 30 COINS, an eight-episode drama series produced by HBO Europe in Spain, which […]

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  22. Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE: Josh Brolin, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya & Jason Momoa

    “This looks pretty incredible. The costumes and FX aren’t over done and everything looks like how Dune should. Paul looks like a teenager and not a 28 year old actor playing a teen. I especially like how the Ornithopters look like dragonflys. I’ve seen some pretty wonky interpretations of those over the years but they […]

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  23. Christian Youth Foundation Condemns Racism in Trinidad and Tobago

    Trinidad and Tobago recently had its General Elections on August 10th. This election witnessed unprecedented levels of racism . The Christian Youth Foundation, an organization made up of members from diverse ethnic backgrounds , hereby condemns all forms of racism and hate speech. We ask that every effort be made for healing and reconciliation to […]

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  24. LDS Charities donate to the Barbados Salvation Army Hostel and Feeding Centre

    Homeless men in Barbados now have 20 more beds to sleep in, as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints humanitarian organization donated mattresses and pillows, food and cleaning supplies. In early May 2020, the Salvation Army Hostel & Feeding Centre in Bridgetown received much-needed supplies of food, bedding and cleaning supplies from Latter-day […]

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    The senior citizens at the Gordon Cummins District Hospital, Rock Hall, St. Thomas, now have six new wheeled commode chairs to assist with their comfort, and hygiene, thanks to Latter-day Saints Charities. “Ultimately,” she said, “we now have greater comfort, privacy and mobility for our very precious senior citizens.” These donations are part of the […]

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