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  1. Single Electronic Window introduced at Small Business Week Launch 2022

    Members of the Small Business Association learned of a new programme forthcoming which has the potential to either work alongside or maybe even replace ASYCUDA when it comes to making trade easier. This was revealed over the weekend at Flow Business in Warrens when Permamemt Secretary Francia Jordan was speaking on behalf of minister Sandra […]

    September 5, 2022Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  2. Saint Lucia repositions Citizenship Programme under new slogan “Beyond the Passport:” – CS Global Partners

    The citizenship by investment programme of Saint Lucia is one of the youngest economic citizenship programmes in the Caribbean. The government has set up a dedicated Citizenship by Investment Board that oversees all the operations and assists investors while facilitating unmatched benefits for the country and its people. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme […]

    July 22, 2022TravelNo comments

    There are a number of changes to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s medication delivery service for its out-patient clientele taking place since Tuesday 1st December 2020. Chief among these modifications, the Barbados Postal Service will join Hopscotch to facilitate the delivery of medication; and a small delivery fee of Bds $10 or $16 based on the […]

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