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  1. “We Don’t Need the G7” by Jeffrey D. Sachs, courtesy ‘Project Syndicate’

    The latest G7 summit was a waste of resources. If it had to be held at all, it should have been conducted online, saving time, logistical costs, and airplane emissions. But, more fundamentally, G7 summits are an anachronism. Political leaders need to stop devoting their energy to an exercise that is unrepresentative of today’s global […]

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  2. In the shadow of 2018’s “Redwash,” Former BLP Campaign Mgr brags ‘The Democratic Labour Party has much to celebrate this year’

    This year holds particular significance for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). The party will celebrate its 60th (Diamond) Anniversary of being first elected to government in 1961, and the 50th (Gold) Anniversary of being elected as the first government under the single member constituency system. The 1961 General Elections were the first held subsequent to […]

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  3. Letter To the Editor: “Return to a Paradise” by Dr Victor Eastmond

    There are currently more questions than I can answer and hence I hope this letter encourages responses. The first one is “How can Barbados return to normal?” It is my opinion that our country can return to the Pre-Covid era by either turning the clock back or have the island fully vaccinated along with adherence […]

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  4. Former BLP Campaign Manager suggests stories at CBC are disappearing?

    Are news stories at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) being washed through the newly created Public Affairs Department? Are select stories being deliberately omitted from CBC’s coverage, unlike at the other media houses, where they are widely covered? Given my personal experience of what transpired over the past week, I am now forced to ask […]

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    ‘The fish rots from the head‘ The COVID-19 Pandemic has served to reveal pre-existing inequities and challenges within our societies. It has ripped the scab off of the wound that is our societal ills. Similarly, the 2020 CXC Exam Fiasco  from September 2020′, has revealed to the entire region what teachers and principals have been […]

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  6. Difficult Conversations – “How to own your house in six years” by Grenville Phillips II

    A home mortgage is the price people pay for having a house before it is fully paid for. The price the unfortunate homeowners must pay is very high indeed – they must repay more than twice what they borrowed. Why would people choose to repay so much, in an uncertain economy, for 30-years? Why would […]

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  7. “Difficult Conversations – Stay and Live” by Grenville Phillips II

    On 1st August 2007, the Interstate-35 West bridge collapsed in Mississippi, killing 13 people and injuring 145. During the news reports, Engineers were criticized for not being explicit enough in their warnings about the “structurally deficient” rating of the bridge. Two months after the bridge collapsed, I wrote an article explicitly warning about the vulnerability […]

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  8. Chair of the NCSA celebrates International Women’s Day

    I am delighted for this opportunity to offer congratulations to women of all walks of life on March 8th, the day designated as International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021. Since 1911, IWD has been that day annually when we celebrate and recognise, on a worldwide basis, women’s achievements – historical, social, familial, cultural, economic and political. […]

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  9. USA – #Cuba normalization could increase production of #COVID19 vaccines

    If U.S. President, Joe Biden, eases the trade embargo against Cuba, one benefit to developing countries, including the Caribbean, could be greater access to coronavirus vaccines at an affordable price. Cuban scientists have been working on four vaccine candidates to counter the virus. They believe that their most successful candidate, Sovereign 2, will enter a […]

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  10. An Open Letter to those in charge of the Barbados COVID-19 Vaccine Programme

    I Have Questions… The polite version of what I want to say is this: What the red rotating rangate is going on? I registered 12 days ago and have yet to receive any word on where or when I can get my vaccination… On the one hand we have the official advice to “Wait for […]

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  11. Getting Through Tough Economic Times Without Substance Abuse

    Recent articles in the press have pointed to concerns of an increase in antisocial activity given these challenging economic times. The National Council on Substance Abuse acknowledges that economic downturns can be frightening to everyone, but reminds us that there are coping mechanisms – engaging in healthy activities, positive thinking, supportive relationships, and seeking help […]

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  12. Understanding and collaboration critical for Barbados’ survival

    With the start of a New Year, we officially have moved away from 2020 which has been a remarkable year for every nation on this earth. Few nations, if any, have been spared the onset of the coronavirus since the United Nations declaration of the COVID-19 as a pandemic in mid-March this year. As we […]

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  13. “The Birth of a Pothole” by Grenville Phillips II

    After an asphalt pavement has been laid for about a decade, it is normal for rectangular shaped cracks to appear on the surface. These cracks can be economically sealed to prevent further damage to the pavement. Sometimes, a road is not designed for the actual amount of traffic, and the pavement can crack from overuse […]

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  14. “An Unacceptable Risk” – Solutions Barbados Press Release

    The voters of St George North will soon elect someone to represent their concerns in Parliament. This representation consists of explaining voters’ problems, and defending their solutions after scrutiny from 29 other members of Parliament. None of us Candidates have ever debated in Parliament. Therefore, voters have no idea whether we can defend our plans, […]

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  15. Let’s listen to girls and uphold their rights

    It is every girl’s right to speak and to be heard. Today, on the International Day of the Girl, let’s commit to listening to and lifting up girls’ voices. Too often, their voices are silenced, in households, in schools and in the public sphere. For millions of girls around the world, silence is enforced through […]

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  16. Has the time come for Facebook to make an appointment with Dr Kevorkian?

    WhatsApp was designed by a so called Facebook failure, yet Facebook ended up buying the global text service and enriching that creator. So before I return let me note I joined FB in 2006 but didn’t get Reported until 2011 by a religious prude for a naughty Santa. But not until this year have I […]

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  17. Solutions Barbados: “Nelson The Astronaut”

    There is more evidence to support the claim that Nelson built a space shuttle, went into Earth’s orbit and brought back the cow that jumped over the moon, than for Nelson being a racist white supremacist mass-murderer. In both claims, history would need to be invented. Nelson modifying his ships to improve their performance during […]

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  18. SOLUTIONS BARBADOS: ‘The End Game, Part 3 – Taking Milk from a Baby’ by Grenville Phillips

    Internationally competitive European industries wanted to legally exploit the developing Caribbean markets. To achieve that aim, their governments wanted to negotiate a trade agreement with the Caribbean. That trade agreement was called the Economic Partnership Agreement. With the benefit of our FTAA preparations in 2002, Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean were well-positioned to […]

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  19. SOLUTIONS BARBADOS: ‘The End Game, Part 2 – Choking on Worms’ by Grenville Phillips

    Industries in developed countries normally mature until they are internationally competitive. When they are ready to expand beyond their national borders, they ask their Governments to negotiate trade agreements to legally exploit the less developed markets of other nations. Barbados was consistently given the same strategic economic advice from the Inter-American Development Bank and others […]

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  20. Letter for Editor: (Open Letter to Transport Min.) by Dr Victor Eastmond

    In the words of Barrack Obama “There’s no set of issues we can’t solve if we are working together and we are true to our traditions.” These words also refer to Barbados, but I would like to add the words “and disciplines” to finish that sentence. If we all put our hands to the plough, […]

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  21. “Bitter Medicine with a Smile” by Grenville Phillips II

    This first budget provided all of us with the Government’s priorities during economically challenging times. They evidently consist of sustaining both people and businesses for as long as possible, while giving them bitter medicine with a smile. To be fair, this was the stated priority of the last administration during their budget speeches, but their […]

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  22. “Caribbean democracy demands Constitutional change” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The Leader of the Opposition is assigned important roles in the Constitutions of all Commonwealth Caribbean (CC) countries. The roles stand at the heart of the democratic values to which the peoples of CC countries adhere. That is why provision should be made in the Constitutions of all CC countries for a seat to be […]

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  23. Solutions Barbados’ Response to Mia Mottley – “We Are Not Family!

    The leader of the BLP reportedly described Solutions Barbados as a nephew of and supported by the DLP. She thinks that all parties are out to get her. She is entirely wrong. The BLP and DLP can be described as a family. They share members and entertain us with their platform humour, but they are […]

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  24. “Liberating our Youth” by Grenville Phillips II – ‘Solutions Barbados’ perspective

    Recently, we described how our secondary school students could graduate with some measure of independence. This can be achieved by keeping our students interested in learning by teaching them the practical aspects of subjects during the first three years, and then training them to start and grow successful businesses using this practical knowledge. Our students […]

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  25. “Class-ism within the Democratic Labour Party” (Part 1)

    In dismissing the DLP’s resolution, Edmund Hinkson said: “When you scraping at the bottom of the barrel you come up with those things“. In his address themed, Elitism within the Democratic Labour Party, the Case for Mia Amor Mottley to become Prime Minister of Barbados, Hinkson also took the Prime Minister to task for suggesting […]

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