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  1. “DEEP ABIDING DISAPPOINTMENT” (We are failing our children, Shame on us all) by Paula Anne Moore

    There are few services which  have more of a fundamental and intimate impact on most families than education. There have been several hot topics of late: resumption of face to face school, prayers, the policing of boys’ hair in school, student cellphone use. (Even Rihanna’s pregnant belly and Will Smith’s slap). What is concerning is […]

    April 6, 2022Breaking News, Education, FeaturedNo comments
  2. Suggestions For The Pandemic by Dr Victor Eastmond (Ret’d)

    My question today is “How serious are we about improving the status of Barbados during this Covid-19 pandemic?” Dr. Etienne of PAHO has continually observed there is a need to take the pandemic seriously but discussion still continue about individuals’ rights and/or mandates. I hope the editor will publish my personal view on this subject […]

    April 5, 2022Breaking News, Featured, HealthNo comments
  3. A Century of Oil, A Future of Options, by Dr Devon Gardner, Head of Technical Programmes, CCREEE

    Energy is among the top strategic issues shaping the global agenda; the uncertainty and impact of energy and commodity price volatility has now established itself as the number?one issue for energy leaders worldwide. A history of unpredictable global oil price spikes has consistently impacted negatively on the sustainability of economic growth in the majority of Caribbean countries; when oil prices […]

    March 10, 2022Featured, TechnologyNo comments
  4. Reaction about this week’s press conference, re: back to school F2F

    Safety. Collaboration. Communication. Flexibility. Phased. There were several key words and perspectives which quite heartening and encouraging, which we heard in the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training (METVT) Press conference this week regarding the f2f national school reopening. This is an incredibly complex endeavour requiring all hands on deck. We do not envy […]

    February 19, 2022Breaking News, Education, FeaturedNo comments

    I want to begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! This is normally a time of year when families and friends gather in a spirit of joy and hope, however, to celebrate this year as we have in the past will be difficult if not impossible. This Christmas arrives against a backdrop of much […]

    December 25, 2021EditorialNo comments
  6. World Peace Ambassador shares his view on Government’s intention to remove God from the Republic Charter

    I was asked what is my view on the proposal to remove God from the upcoming Charter? I would like to establish the fact that God is not an authority found only in words, the rule of God is both eternal, universal and cosmic, the laws of God are steadfast and can’t be affected by […]

    November 30, 2021Breaking News, Featured, Political1 comment
  7. Mandatory Vaccination to rescuing the Economy in the Era of Vaccine Hesitancy and Skepticism

    Public health measures often were mandated by governments to protect the wellbeing of individuals or communities. Such policies can be ethically justified, as they may be crucial to protect the health and wellbeing of the public. Although vaccines are one of the most effective tools for protecting people against COVID-19, vaccines alone won’t stop the […]

    August 5, 2021Breaking News, Featured, HealthNo comments
  8. “An Idea Whose Time Has Come” Khaleel Kothdiwala’s view on Barbados becoming Republic

    Our coming transition to republican status is a proud moment for our country. As has been acknowledged before, it is not a slight to Her Majesty, Her Family or the UK, for which we have tremendous respect, but rather represents the ultimate statement of confidence in ourselves and our boundless capacity. Our commemoration of this […]

    August 3, 2021Featured, PoliticalNo comments
  9. Wisconsin’s mantra, “Forward”? Make that “Backward”

    I’m inviting all the world’s press, not just the African continent, to come see. Wisconsin’s new 486 Pentium III computer! There’s a message in here somewhere. The question is, if the state of Wisconsin can’t handle President Biden s American Rescue Plan, what about Africa? Where does aid money go, when the US drops a […]

    June 9, 2021Breaking News, Featured, PoliticalNo comments