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  1. “What’s on my mind?” by Krystle Howell (Pandemic Thoughts)

    What’s on my mind? Why do we keep doing the same thing with regards to covid and curfews and expecting a different result? Why do we keep taking the “easy” way out when it just makes a bigger mess for us all down the road? Why do we think it makes sense to allow persons […]

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  2. Digital payments are on the increase in Barbados

    Since the first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, local digital payments platform, mMoney, has seen a steady increase in adoption and use. This is according to Bitt, the Barbados-based international digital currency company that launched the digital payments platform in October 2018. Merchant Acquisition Team Lead at Bitt, Omar Watson, outlined, “We have seen a […]

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  3. Meats In The Streets: Call now for all your Delivery Needs!

    Use Google Maps and Share location to place the order via (246) 850-5202

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    There will be a number of changes to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s medication delivery service for its out-patient clientele effective Tuesday 1st December 2020. Chief among these modifications, the Barbados Postal Service will join Hopscotch to facilitate the delivery of medication; and a small delivery fee of Bds $10 or $16 based on the size […]

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