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  1. Samud Ali at Obskewer – His jokes were smart but some of the crowd was stupid

    You ever been to a show with a Bajan audience? They STARE at you, don’t smile, say nothing then at the end of the event if you were more than halfway decent? They THEN applaud and behave like you were sliced bread on steroids and act sorry you are now leaving the stage!Be it music, […]

    September 5, 2008Entertainment, Featured, Review4 comments
  2. Obskewer, Deadbeats and Mini-Burgers: Life along the eateries of Barbados’ South Coast

    Thanks to Living In Barbados, I now know that there seems to be a club of deadbeats outstanding for high credit bills run up at various institutes along Bim’s southern coastline, you mean to say there is some kind of pride in owing and not paying? Martyn indicated that the report is true, and that […]

    May 26, 2008Agriculture, Editorial, Editorial, FeaturedNo comments