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  1. The day the Earth did NOT stand still – Barbadians (and the Windward Isles) were shaken not stirred!

    MY STORY – How do you photograph a quake? I was at work, listening to Jude Eastmond mangle “Stand By Me” while Kimberley Skeete and Veoma Ali proved they could sing on Love FM. I felt the first vibrations just before three, I remember asking what is going on and everyone asking me why and […]

    November 30, 2007Controversy, Featured, NewsNo comments

    CHRIST CHURCH Christ Church Boys St. Bartholomew?s Primary St. Christopher Primary The Arthur Smith Primary School St. Patrick?s Primary Deighton Griffith Secondary School Cane Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church Christ Church Parish Church St. Bartholomew?s Church St. Christopher Church Parish Land Community Centre ST. ANDREW Alleyne School St. Andrew?s Primary ST. JOSEPH St. Bernard’s Primary […]

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  3. Queen’s Park Gallery houses Group Show’s Fine Arts & Crafts – Sweet Masquerade & more 2 be found; Pt 1/2

    Are we really happy hereWith this lonely game we playLooking for words to say?SearchingBut not finding understanding anywayWe’re lost in a mas–masqueradeBoth afraid to sayWe’re just too far awayFrom being close together from the startWe tried to talk it overBut the words got in the wayWe’re lost inside this lonely game we playThoughts of leaving […]

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  4. RE-ISSUE: How far do you go to get a story? An edited repeat of an entry from March 2007

    {Ed’s. Note – A slightly different version of this appeared here five months ago for similar reasons, for sticklers to details who want to know when or what differences there are, then you can check HERE} There are unfortunately way too many examples of people looking to invent a story rather than find one… “USA […]

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  5. UN Secretary General breaks crumpets with UK ex-leader, this as Korean hostages languish in Afghanistan

    If you recall, The Bajan Reporter wondered why was Ban Ki-Moon out in the Caribbean so close on the heels of Canada’s leader Stephen Harper – it seems only the Canadian was on a busman’s holiday… The Inner City Press tracked it down all along, they’re implying the global luminary is on a West Coast […]

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  6. Remnants Of A 2007 Barbadian Tragedy (6 Dead 43 Hurt)

    Requiescant In Pace (each word is a separate link, please – thanks) We hope an investigation is done before 2007 is over and new laws are made and enforced as a result… (thanks to Betty)

    August 9, 2007Controversy, NewsNo comments