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  1. Barbados’s answer to Miranda Lambert chosen for COSCAP Gala 2011 at Hilton Barbados: Malissa Alanna stuns Harbour Lights at Benefit Concert

    You will recall I recently interviewed a new singing sensation of Barbados whose niche is Country, Malissa Alanna was set to blaze down a set of tunes at Harbour Lights and that she did, with close to 400 patrons there to assist in raising funds for Derek “Driller“ Gill who is in need of surgery […]

    April 5, 2011Featured, Health1 comment
  2. Bermuda in Oistins – NBC Affiliate Charles Webbe chows down at Moe’s Grill April 4, 2011Agriculture, Culture, Video GalleryNo comments
  3. “Fete with the Saints 2011” – A true Trini success!

    The recent annual, all inclusive soiree ‘Fete with the Saints’ evoked a spirit of supreme festivity on the grounds of Saint Mary’s College, more popularly known as CIC (College of the Immaculate Conception). The prestigious college which has produced some of the country’s most notable citizens such as Sir Solomon Hochoy, former President Sir Ellis […]

    February 22, 2011Events, Music, Review1 comment
  4. OCEAN STYLE, KERRY and ESPN UP THE ANTE FOR 2010: COUTURE CARIBBEAN 2010 Weekend of ‘fashion/golf/party’

    OCEAN STYLE, ESPN, KERRYmanwomanhome and event partners are pulling out all the stops to make the 2010 FashionShowcase, Appleton Estate After-Party and OCEAN STYLE/ESPN Golf Invitational the best iteration of the weekend event to date. Now in its third year the ‘fashion, golf and party’ weekend takes place Friday November 19 through Sunday November 21 […]

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  5. Are we Barbados or 53rd State? Halloween candy is now Bajan Culture?

    {NOTE – Meant to do this every since, was so overloaded with events ’til now} In  1982 the Caribbean Pepperpot had a Halloween Costume Contest, but if you walk up to a Bajan and asked about Trick Or Treat, then you’d get a blank stare… In 1984, there was a similar contest at Rum Runners (now amalgamated […]

    October 1, 2010Agriculture, Controversy, Editorial3 comments
  6. Waterfront Cafe, Cavans Lane: Ebe’s 80th birthday party – Wednesday September 15th

    The 80th birthday party for Ebe Gilkes will happen at Waterfront Cafe, and this party is not to be missed. A lot of fun and laughs. We are expecting a wonderful evening so come and enjoy. See you there.

    September 2, 2010Agriculture, Featured, Music, Photo Gallery1 comment
  7. St Kitts erects stiff campaign for Condom Usage – Denzil Douglas regime offer incentives to carry machines to prick Kittitians’ consciences

    The National AIDS Secretariat of the St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public, particularly establishments such as night clubs, restaurants and work places {BR – Sex at Work, Really? Wow, Kittitians are PROGRESSIVE!}, that a number of male condom vending machines are available for distribution. Interested persons are invited to […]

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  8. Poetry Poolside with Damian Marvay – “Iron Sharpen Iron” at new Pablo Donte’s

    Imagine moonlight dancing across the the dazzling surface of a romantic pool water, a refreshing breeze breathing life into a lyrical lounge as the intimate intensity of Damian Marvay vibrates your soul… Hail! Iron Sharpen Iron is pleased to bring their eighth installment of “Talk Hard” the spoken word open mic event; this one entitled […]

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  9. Generation X Carnival Band Launching – Sat. Aug. 21st for Miami-Broward Carnival 2010

    Mahi Temple 1480 N.W. North River Drive, Miami FL. 33125 Drink Specials for Ladies Before 11.30PM Costumes on Display, Live-Models Admission: From 10:30 PM $15.00 before 11:30 P.M. 18 to Party 21 to Drink Dress Code Strictly Enforced No Sneakers, No T-Shirts, No Caps Music: Eternal Vibes, Dorenzo, G1 Directions: From I-95 or Turnpike to […]

    August 14, 2010Events, Photo GalleryNo comments
  10. US President Barack Obama is not welcome in Barbados … If he brings his cigarettes! Or: Why proposed smoking ban will HURT Barbadian Economy!

    Let me begin by stating I am fully aware this item will invoke lashes from clean-air people of Barbados, but since you enforce your way? I will enforce my view regardless of all concerns expressed. Non smokers always go on about health this and that, but I am yet to hear a smoker – except […]

    August 8, 2010Controversy, Featured, Health10 comments
  11. Education Minister of Barbados needs to go back to school – Ronald Jones decries Crop Over Fete almost 3 years after winning seat? Please!

    One thing I promise myself each Kadooment yet some crud always pops up and shoves it aside, but I vow, especially now, to go to Wadadah‘s Back To School fete where adults put on their alma mater‘s uniform and celebrate Crop Over – this is an institution which is now as significant as the one-time […]

    July 29, 2010Controversy, Culture, Education, Fashion, Featured7 comments
  12. Barbados’ Spice lead vocalist returns to “Brewster’s Road Crew” – Event now Upgraded To A True 24 Hour Soca Party For Barbados’ Crop Over 2010

    Answering the plea from thousands of Bajans, Alan Sheppard has come back for Crop Over! The same posse who wowed the Globe Drive In will be assembled again, minus party poopers Dean Straker & Roger Foster, who stated they will not be performing again… It’s just 4 days before our second ever 24 Hour Soca […]

    July 21, 2010Editorial, Featured, Music, Photo Gallery1 comment
  13. Fundraising Party in Fontabelle, St Michael, Barbados: Saturday July 17th from 10:00 pm – good music & vibes

    Yes, it’s an open event, so tell as many people as you like. It’s also to help a worthy cause. Cheers, Craig Sounds like a good party and lime & time! (even if you don’t know Craig)

    July 14, 2010Agriculture, Music, Oddity, Photo GalleryNo comments
  14. {UPDATED – LIME replies} Pork LIME leaves bitter taste in St Michael, Barbados resident’s ears – Open Letter for ex-Cable & Wireless fete organisers

    As you know, over the weekend we got a letter from an irate member of the Upton community over the weekly Crop Over festivity at BET Grounds near the Wildey Gymnasium. Early this morning, There was a response sent to the complainant and copied to this Web Magazine. This is what was said;- Thanks for […]

    July 3, 2010Controversy, Featured, Music8 comments
  15. 10th round of LIME Barbados National Karaoke Championships – Sweeter 2nd time around

    Last Friday night at Braddies Bar Michaela Blackett proved nothing beats a second try and she came out on top in last week’s Qualifying Round in the LIME Barbados Karaoke Championship 2010. Her performance was noted by the judges as being ‘even better than the week before’ when she missed the top spot by just […]

    June 24, 2010Music, Photo GalleryNo comments
  16. Rihanna and the quest for the perfect Jäger-Bomb? Barbadian singer should stick with good ol’ rum!

    Caribbean Fever has a scoop? On Monday night, Rihanna reportedly dropping $30,000 on booze in a mere three hours. “She turned up with a massive entourage of about 70 people,” a fellow reveller told press. “She ordered thousands of dollars worth of alcohol, including Krug champagne, huge bottles of Grey Goose vodka and trays of […]

    May 18, 2010Rihanna1 comment
  17. 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup: Latest News – And the winner is…

    From more than two thousand bartenders around the world, tonight the Team USA trio of Mark Stoddard, Todd Thrasher and Sean Hoard emerged as the clear winners in the sixth 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup. The grand final event in Wellington capped off five days of intense competition, with 24 bartenders from seven countries competing in […]

    April 5, 2010Agriculture, Games, Travel2 comments
  18. Barbados’ Top Model – Sara Collins: Front Row at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief Haiti

    Twas the night before London Fashion Week, when all through Somerset House every celebrity was bustling…why even Kate Moss! With an 8 hour flight to London still hanging in the air, I prayed that St. Cambpell’s fashions would make my night something shiny to share! Pinching myself several times to ensure I was truly here […]

    March 22, 2010Cinema, Fashion2 comments
  19. BACARDI: Puerto Rican Beverage, Announces Digital Release of Soundtrack From its ‘Island’ TV Commercial

    BACARDI, the world’s most awarded drink, is pleased to announce the eagerly-awaited digital release of the music from its new TV commercial ‘Island’. The track, called ‘Danca Loca‘, was created especially for BACARDI by legendary producer Sao Benitez under the Mr. Bongo record label. It’s the perfect collaboration for BACARDI, a long-time supporter of musical […]

    February 22, 2010Music, TravelNo comments
  20. 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup 2010 National Winners announced at Shoreditch House (UK & Northern Ireland)

    Two Michelin starred chef Raymond Blanc announced Team Belfast; Hayden Scott Lambert and Lisa McCarron from The Merchant Hotel, as the winners of the 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup National Final at Shoreditch House last night. Team Belfast will go on to represent the UK in New Zealand next month joined by Team West London; James […]

    February 18, 2010Agriculture, Games, Travel3 comments
  21. Huge girl cat-fight outside Club Xtreme in Worthing, Ch Ch, Barbados

    Got an e-mail of a nightclub brawl in Worthing, makes you wonder what Barbados is diminishing to?

    February 15, 2010Controversy, Crime, Culture, Featured10 comments
  22. Popular Barbadian Models chilling at Oasis in Holetown, St James – Teneille Stoute & Nada Yearwood


    February 15, 2010Fashion, Photo Gallery1 comment
  23. Minute’s Silence for “Haiti’s SOS” twice how long ‘Quake lasted: Simon-Peter Designs raised funds from Fashion Gala

    White Wine, Coconut Shrimp, Red Wine, Vegetable Rolls in a piquant vinaigrette,or Champagne all blended in with a young jazz band to ease you in for the Main Event – these were some of the delicacies paraded during cocktails for donors to Simon-Peter’s 2010 Collection for the Children of Haiti. Held at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion resort, when […]

    February 15, 2010Fashion, Featured, Nature, Review1 comment
  24. SPICE & CO – Come February 27th: IT IS ON! ONE NIGHT ONLY! © Michelle Springer, February 2010 © Michelle Springer: Feb. 2010 “Spice & Co expect to do what no other entertainment entity has done in Barbados, stage a massive multi-media music concert at the Drive-In and one that accommodates children and families.”

    February 8, 2010Featured, Music4 comments
  25. Young Alternative Band of Barbados heats up Cavans Lane, plans for Los Angeles and London: THREADS OF SCARLET

    They roared on the stage at 110 mps (miles per second) and shifted from fifth gear into 8th… Their drummer is unhinged, playing a brutal set – BARE-HANDED? This was a slice of what I found at Bump N’Wine Cafe in the City last weekend. They have a special show for teens before they go […]

    December 31, 2009Featured, Music, Review2 comments