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  1. Flow TV is now Flow1

    Flow customers will experience a fresh approach to regional and international programming, plus on-the-go access, when next they tune in to their local Flow TV Channel, which becomes Flow1 effective January 30, 2017. Cable & Wireless Communications’ consumer brand, Flow, has announced that Flow1 will replace the channel formerly known as Flow TV and will […]

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  2. Do we still all look alike? U.S. Leader mistaken for UK player in 2014 World Cup mug mix-up

    A BRITISH COMPANY was left red-faced after mistaking US president Barack Obama for England defender Chris Smalling on a set of cups intended to be World Cup merchandise. The unnamed company had intended to produce mugs with the photos of England’s players but on several of the mugs, there is a picture of Obama wearing […]

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  3. Get Flow Now: Many Fans Sign Up to Join!

    Many Barbadians got a shock when all of the hard work Flow did disappeared with their Facebook page, however they have not surrendered as it seemed Cyber Squatting and other negative activities were being instigated – the safest way to reach Flow is via Twitter @flowbarbados

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  4. “The Other Fellow” Trailer – A ‘Special’ James Bond Documentary

    In early 2012 director and viral video maker Matthew Bowyer embarked on a surreal journey. Interested in producing a Youtube video about a real person called James Bond experiencing the release of Skyfall he jumped on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn one evening and contacted hundreds of real James Bond’s from around the world. The next […]

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  5. Education Minister of Barbados dismisses claims all Schools in island to be renamed

    In Barbadian Social Media arenas like Facebook and BlackBerry Instant Messenger, there have been suggestions that St Michael Secondary, along with Harrison College and Foundation in Christ Church would be renamed in a sweeping reform to capitalise on upcoming elections, especially after Garrison Secondary was just changed to Graydon Sealy Secondary and a similar fate applies […]

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  6. Royal Wedding: Kate & William Memorabilia – When Harry’s cup runneth over…

    “But few could fail to spot that the smartly dressed young man named “Will” is actually his red-headed brother. On the back, an inscription reads: “The fairytale romantic union of all the centuries. 29th April 2011.”” {DATA & IMAGE COURTESY – Daily Telegraph, UK}

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  7. Bajan Reporter Contributor ponders; “Is this the best example of Barbados’ ‘Christmas Spirit’?” Damon Corrie disgusted at so-called Worshippers

    — Eddy’s soul is just a prisoner of his physical body and deteriorated mind, but I bet if you could see Eddy’s soul you would be shocked at the beauty of it…

    December 13, 2009Editorial, Featured1 comment

    Was scoping the local Gov’t Info Service’s website earlier today to see if anything new is up… Took a freeze-frame when I saw this juicy boo-boo since Saturday morning, as I am busy that day every weekend – look at headline carefully; if this resolution is too small? Just click on the picture and you […]

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  9. Barbados continues military offensive – Fresh off of successful annexation of Turks & Caicos, BDF now turn to Castries

    Do you recall when we showed how the Independent online listed Barbados as owning the Turks & Caicos? It seems Barbados’ expansionist policies are more aggressive than even I was aware of… Ensuring Castries cannot develop a new cadre of successful cricketers – according to the UK’s Echo, we have now assimilated St Lucia? GREAT […]

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  10. China gets Barbadian Area Code wrong – still thinks of Caribbean Isle as 809

    809 is now the Area code for the Dominican Republic and has been that way for quite some time now, the Bajan Area Code was chosen as it spells out B-I-M as in the nickname for Barbados… But not if you visit this Chinese travel info website? Ambassador: YANG Zhikuan Address of Chinese Embassy: NO.17, […]

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  11. Barbados invades Turks & Caicos, takes posssession just before Hurricane, ask UK online daily

    Everyone is always accusing Barbados of becoming a Trinidadian subsidiary – what with C’bean Commercial Bank changing to RBTT; the B’dos Nat’l Bank now belongs to T&T; so is Accra Beach Hotel, etc. The Bajan Government has decided to put paid to this nonsense by claiming the Turks & Caicos Islands! That’s right, we timed […]

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  12. New Phone Numbers and Same Officers ? the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry?s 181st AGM: Plans to merge with similar groups

    Big changes are in store for the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they recently conducted their Annual General Meeting and members voted for an executive to guide their affairs and concerns – Dick Stoute was re-elected as President for a second term. Glenda Medford was elected Senior Vice President and Lisa Padmore was returned […]

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  13. Johannesburg stops rape in its tracks – Hook, Line & Sinker! (PG-13)

    Those of you who saw “De-Lovely” a film about the life of Cole Porter, may recall the following song that was actually a hit tune for Frank Sinatra… I’ve got you under my skinI’ve got you deep in the heart of meSo deep in my heart, that you’re really a part of me I’ve got […]

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  14. Australians then Arabs – how a Barbadian Salmon-tot Retriever adapts from Barbados to Bahrain

    The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados by Winfred Peppinck is an account of one of the more famous canines in this country as he switched from sand by the shore to sand inland, with the indirect help of the Australian High Commission! It seems this mutt was rescued from a life as a beach bum, but […]

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  15. Is fourth time the charm? Barbadian political aspirant could be looking for a clean-bowl in Hamilton…

    In Barbados, he tried to run on a DLP ticket and did not show his spurs… In Antigua, there was a similar result, now Hartley Henry seems to be making a hat-trick of useless consultancies – this time in Bermuda where the track record is even worse? At least, we think it’s him – he […]

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  16. International Soca Monarch has Bajan & Japanese competitors

    Dale Carnegie once said that the sweetest sound a person can hear is their own name, so Barry Chandler must be ticked off that the Trinidad Newsday got his name wrong! “From the Caribbean, Cupid and Ninja Dan from St Lucia, Barbadian Barry Callender and Baby Killer from Grenada have also lined up for the […]

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  17. Reservation Website changes a singer’s name for Paint It Jazz

    Uh, who is Ann Baker? I dunno, I may seem hostile, but ask Hostel-Bookers… “Ann Baker, a legendary jazz performer, will be performing again at Garfield Sobers in what is possibly the blockbuster show of the festival.” Now, I have heard of ANITA Baker, but where is Garfield Sobers? Ain’t that a baseball player? As […]

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