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  1. Live Absolut Wall New Attraction on Barbados’ most popular South Coast eatery

    Barbados has a new south coast attraction compliments of Absolut Vodka, the first installation of its kind on the island. It comes in the form of a stunning new décor on the Absolut wall outside the popular Mojo and The Chopping Board Kitchen along Worthing, Rendezvous. Bold and stylish by day, the wall is nothing […]

    August 20, 2014AgricultureNo comments
  2. Mojo Worthing’s #GoT Burger Challenge is getting intense!

    Based on Last Episode “Breaker Of Chains” I propose “Littlefinger and Sansa” alias a very Bajan fish & chips! Boneless Saltfish with dill pickle cubes prepared in a Banks Beer batter and deep fried; this is Petyr Baelisch as the ‘TART‘ flavour of the pickle refers to his bordellos! As Sansa thinks she is a […]

    April 23, 2014Agriculture, Books, Photo GalleryNo comments
  3. Valar Dohaeris: The Barbados #GoT Burger Challenge – What can YOU serve?

    I created the Hound‘s “Pluck The King” Burger – chicken liver pate stuffed inside a seared chicken breast & Colby cheese between sourdough saltbread halves and Colman’s English Mustard with a pickle on a Mini Sword Skewer garnished on top, washed down with a Vex Yellow Monkey Honeyed Ale!

    April 14, 2014Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  4. Crane Hotel’s Bartender emerges as Stoli Mixmaster

    Stephan Domenge owner of Scarlett bar and Restaurant wins the Stoli Mixmasters final at the Crane Hotel on Wednesday April 9th. He defeated nine other contestants who were;- Carl Henry – The Crane Rohan Hackshaw – Sandy Lane Hotel Ivan Edey -The Crane Marlon Alleyne – The Crane Marson Payne – Cobblers Cove Hotel Ezra […]

    April 12, 2014Agriculture, CultureNo comments
  5. Dom’s 40th Birthday at the Chopping Board Kitchen: Petition for the Return of Live Music! August 28, 2013Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  6. Dom’s 40th Birthday at the Chopping Board Kitchen: Fully Loaded! August 28, 2013Music, Photo GalleryNo comments
  7. Meet some of Mojo’s Chefs – Jesse Edwards, ambitious Chopping Board Kitchen pupil

    The son of one of our favourite regulars Jonny Edwards started training in the CBK kitchen in Sept 2012 to become Head Prep Porter. Jesse is in charge of making the new MOJO lamb burgers and as you guys will agree, he does a damn good job of it! Jesse has a passion for music, […]

    August 9, 2013Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  8. MOJO Staff Training – are they NISE?

    Down in Worthing, at Mojo’s they’re always looking to improve their service! Especially after earning that award from the National Initiative on Service Excellence… So you know what that means? Next time you are in MOJO’s feel free to put them to the test!

    August 7, 2013Agriculture, EducationNo comments
  9. Warner Brothers 26-7-2013 Burbank Tour: Austin Powers’ Shaguar July 29, 2013Culture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  10. Live music is back where it belongs – Mojo’s will resume performances shortly…

    Oh yes, your eyes are seeing right… after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, coming soon to a MOJO near you (and back by ever popular demand) – our famous band nights are returning! When they’re ready to play, you’ll need a few new MOJO t-shirts which are finally in the building. Patrons are […]

    July 4, 2013Agriculture, MusicNo comments
  11. Don’t fall for a Pirate version, get the real thing – at Mojo’s!

    Don’t fall for a Pirate version, get the real thin by Ian Douglas Bourne on GoAnimate In November 2012, MOJO launched The Chopping Board Kitchen. The menu was designed to be simple, homemade & sourcing fresh & organic foods when possible. The new menu offers healthy options along with the famous homemade burger. The deck was […]

    June 17, 2013Agriculture, OddityNo comments
  12. Trial By Fire: From Porter to Chef… Mojo’s top staffer yearns for lamb chops & scalloped potatoes?

    Carl from Inch Marlow, Christ Church is a born and bred Bajan. He started his career as a porter at the ripe old age of 19 at Coconut Court Hotel, where he trained for 5 years working his way up the ladder to a Line Cook. Carl then joined Daniel O’Shea‘s team at the Allamanda […]

    May 1, 2013Agriculture, ReviewNo comments
  13. The dead will rise again? Not zombies, LOL! ABSOLUT® Easter Sunday at MOJO’s in Worthing! March 28, 2013Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  14. Think you’re cool enough? Mojo’s is looking for some cool, hard-working folks to join the CBK family!

    If you think that you’re cool enough, or you know of anyone that meets this description, let the Chopping Board Kitchen know!

    March 9, 2013Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  15. ‘Sounds from the Kitchen’ – Mojo’s “Man with the Plan:” Daniel O’Shea

    Bajan born Danny O’Shea started his chef career at TGI Fridays in Enfield, North London, England. From there he moved his way up the ladder to Central London as a Food and Beverage Manager at TGI’s and Chiquito’s. Some of you may recognise Danny from Casuarina Beach Club back in 1999; as the Restaurant Manager […]

    March 9, 2013AgricultureNo comments
  16. Whopper of a Tale – Burger King in Haggatt Hall, Galloping Gourmet? Horse-feathers!

    Okay, lets get the supposedly horrific stuff out of the way – it seems Burger King (BK) in England – not Barbados – has served burgers which have 29% horse meat, millions of patties have been pulled. Not just the fast food chain, but Tesco, which uses the same processing company as BK. On my […]

    February 2, 2013AgricultureNo comments
  17. “You don’t haffi dread to be rasta” – Mojo’s Bob Marley Anniversary: Worthing 6th February

    Starting time 8:00 pm… Competition starts at 11:00 pm, Good Luck everyone and remember “You don’t haffi dread to be rasta“

    January 29, 2013Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  18. Chain Of Fools – South Coast Restaurant still victimised, why?

    When Bajan Reporter started, we enjoyed visiting Mojo’s on a Monday night for live entertainment – whether from France or Cricket World Cup, someone exciting would be there for a song and a joke or two… This had to stop due to one neighbour, according to members of management at the popular south coast eatery, […]

    August 13, 2012Agriculture, Controversy2 comments
  19. Mojo’s – Learns from Court Battle: Organic Cuisine & Environmentally Responsible, result? More Customers!

    If you recall, there was a regular feature when we’d look at Mojo’s Monday night band – this went awry when a minority of residents decided to carry the pub/nightclub establishment to court, the ongoing melee put many a nose out of joint (in some cases, literally)… When the smoke cleared and the attorneys staggered off to […]

    May 28, 2012AgricultureNo comments
  20. Barbados Police on the move? Murder accused charged while even more Drug Seizures and fielding an accident involving a ZR Van…

    MAN CHARGED WITH MURDER Roger Rommel Stephen Sealy, 26 years of #11 Martin Road, Pinelands, St. Michael was arrested and charged for the murder of Anderson Brathwaite, formerly of Sargeant Road, Ellerton, St. George. This incident occurred on Sunday January 2, 2011 when the deceased was attending a fete at Cane Hill, Ellerton, St. George. […]

    March 15, 2011Crime, FeaturedNo comments
  21. Find a Bajan everywhere? Try Thailand, NYC and Italy or Fiji

    In the years this Web-Magazine evolved we highlighted and tracked the careers of a number of musically-talented Barbadians whose quest for success have led them far from home… But after a while, they appeared to drop off the radar – did they succeed beyond wildest expectations and lounge in a hammock awaiting a freshly peeled […]

    January 2, 2010Culture, Featured, Music, Travel6 comments
  22. Toby and the Blues Explosion – Barbadian Blues Band issues EP-CD for Sale at popular Barbadian nightspots

    Years ago in Worthing there was a really cool blues bar opposite where Terra Real Estate Agency is, you would find the Mighty Gabby or Verno Del Congo laying a jam session, there was also a guy called Cameron who was real good and a bit like Seal, but I never knew what became of […]

    November 30, 2008Music, News, ReviewNo comments
  23. UPDATED: Barbadian designer thinks two Lottery presenters have room for improvement – Blogger regains temper and looks at issue not idle speculation

    Sorry for taking so long to update, had a very busy week – Facebook is incredible, as I mentioned back in September – it was via this internet social network tool that Surfer’s Cafe promoted a comedy show and used no newspaper advertising and had the event sold out!Separate to this, in Heat Magazine I […]

    November 20, 2008Controversy, Entertainment, Fashion, Featured3 comments
  24. VIRGIN ATLANTIC’S MUSIC FESTIVAL 2008 – What’s hot & what’s not + what’s left

    The Virgin Atlantic Music Festival (VAMF) has deliberately sought to highlight musical expressions other than soca or calypso in an effort not only to educate Barbados that there are styles of song other than holding up a rag and shaking a gluteal, but also to provide a spotlight for Bajans who have chosen to do […]

    November 2, 2008Entertainment, NewsNo comments
  25. Pyramid artistes feature in Virgin Atlantic Festival – Season passes slipping away

    Two groups associated with the Pyramid Entertainment Company – MASALA, and Threads of Scarlett – will be featured at the prestigious ten-day Virgin Atlantic Music Festival, now in its second year. Local, regional and international artistes will join Virgin Atlantic as it commemorates the airline’s tenth year of flying to the Caribbean. The event will […]

    September 24, 2008Entertainment, MusicNo comments