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  1. ‘War Story’ – Ben Kingsley, Photo-Journalist Drama

    A battle-scarred photojournalist (Catherine Keener) risks her life to rescue a young refugee in this gripping, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller. Sir Ben Kingsley also stars.

    July 6, 2014Cinema, Controversy, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. Jordanian authorities block over 200 news websites – IPI criticizes the use of I.T. obstacles to limit Media

    Jordanian authorities ordered the country’s internet services providers (ISPs) to block access to more than 200 websites on Sunday, according to the news website Al Bawaba. The decision comes just two weeks after IPI’s World Congress, which was held in Amman May 19-21. The International Press Institute (IPI) condemned the blockage of internet news websites and urged […]

    June 4, 2013Controversy, PoliticalNo comments
  3. On the Occasion of the Award of the Nobel Prize to the EU

    For many the news from Oslo that the European Union had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 came as a surprise. Some believed it odd that this recognition was awarded at a time when social tensions are on the rise and when the EU is mired in an economic crisis. The uncertainty we […]

    December 14, 2012PoliticalNo comments
  4. “Bye-Bye, Middle East?” by Zaki Laidi – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    For some time now, a certain strategic vision has been gaining traction: the United States is becoming energy-independent, paving the way for its political retreat from the Middle East and justifying its strategic “pivot” toward Asia. This view seems intuitively correct, but is it? Energy-hungry America has long depended on the global market to meet […]

    December 14, 2012PoliticalNo comments
  5. “Israel’s Missing Peace Offensive” by Shlomo Ben-Ami (Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012)

    Even before the latest cease-fire took hold, it had become clear that the dilemma facing Israel in Gaza entails more than simply developing military answers to the challenge posed by Hamas. The real question is whether Israel’s leadership is capable of using new, non-military tools to address the anti-Israeli rage that has gained momentum across […]

    December 5, 2012Editorial, PoliticalNo comments
  6. 2012 WISE Prize for Education Awarded To Indian National

    This year’s WISE Prize for Education has been awarded to Dr. Madhav Chavan, a former chemistry lecturer who devised a simple formula to bring education and literacy to millions at minimum cost. The Laureate of the 2012 WISE Prize for Education was announced at the opening plenary session of the fourth World Innovation Summit for […]

    November 17, 2012Education, TravelNo comments
  7. “Obama’s Underachieving Foreign Policy” by Zaki Laïdi –

    To evaluate an American president’s foreign-policy performance after one term is challenging, given the complex diplomatic and strategic environment and significant domestic constraints that confront every US president. Nevertheless, in advance of November’s presidential election, it is important to distinguish the forces that have shaped Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and to assess his handling of […]

    October 28, 2012Editorial, Political, TravelNo comments
  8. At times like these, media freedom and independence are more important than ever {IPI/WAN-IFRA Editorial}

    In the United States, a movie trailer of uncertain origin is posted on YouTube, purporting to promote “Innocence of Muslims”. Though the trailer is an unbearably stupid, incredibly offensive portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad, with production values of a high-school parody, the trailer sets off a wave of anti-American violence in the Middle East. Though […]

    September 27, 2012Culture, EditorialNo comments
  9. The U.S. Candidates’ Non-Debate by Christopher R. Hill – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    For the uninitiated, especially foreign observers, the United States’ presidential election campaign can seem like an epic narrative in which the protagonists pass through various trials en route to salvation, with the US media’s nonstop coverage resounding like a Greek chorus. Now that the made-for-television Republican and Democratic conventions are over, the odyssey of President […]

    September 25, 2012PoliticalNo comments
  10. “Libya’s Jihadist Minority” by Omar Ashour, Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    “They are armed I am not going to fight a losing battle and kill my men over a demolished shrine,” said Fawzi Abd al-‘Aali, the former Libyan interior minister, before he “resigned” last August. He was referring to the armed Salafi groups that were accused of destroying Sufi shrines. One of the accused groups was […]

    September 15, 2012Controversy, Political, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. Iran’s Electoral Strategy by Mehdi Khalaji, Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have again hit a wall, but the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, appears unconcerned. Indeed, Khamenei seems convinced that neither the United States nor Israel will attack its nuclear facilities – at least not before the US presidential election in November. Ironically, while Khamenei is no fan of democracy, […]

    September 12, 2012Controversy, PoliticalNo comments
  12. “Chicken With Plums” – from the makers of ‘Persepolis,’ sex & violins?

    Since his beloved violin was broken, Nasser Ali Khan, one of the most renowned musicians of his day, has lost all taste for life. Finding no instrument worthy of replacing it, he decides to confine himself to bed to await death. As he hopes for its arrival, he plunges into deep reveries, with dreams as […]

    July 22, 2012Cinema, Music, Video GalleryNo comments
  13. “In Security,” A Canadian Documentary on Human Rights, Racism and National Security

    Dr. Ron Harpelle, of Lakehead Univesity, Ontario, Canada, has produced this compelling and thought provoking documentary on how barbed wire is used now all over the world as a means to control, contain and divide people. Dr. Harpelle will lead the discussion following the presentation of this documentary on Friday 16 December 2011 for 7:00 […]

    December 13, 2011Featured, Photo Gallery, PoliticalNo comments
  14. The Breitling Jet Team Completes the East Mediterranean Tour 2011

    The Breitling Jet Team have arrived safely back to Dijon, France after a tour of 5 new countries, which involved 7 aircraft flying more than 225 sorties in 18 days with all flights on schedule. This unique tour allowed the largest professional civilian aerobatics team performing on jets to display to new audiences in the […]

    December 8, 2011Featured, SportsNo comments
  15. Just Men from Queen’s Park Gallery (NCF) – “Gaddaflee” by Winston Edghill

    The NCF exhibition continues until Guy Fawkes’ Day, 5th November…

    October 19, 2011Controversy, Events, Galleries, Photo GalleryNo comments
  16. “Fostering Peace Through Literacy Empowerment” – Commemorating International Literacy Day, 2011

    One of the most disturbing features of planet Earth at this time is the virtual assault on that peace and equilibrium which is of tremendous importance to man’s welfare. Open and continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine, uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Syria, internecine wars in parts of Africa, civil protests in England, Greece and […]

    September 7, 2011Books, EditorialNo comments
  17. Mixed Martial Artist Gina Carano & Michael “Magneto: X-Men, First Class” Fassbender in spy-thriller ‘Haywire’

    Beautiful freelance covert operative Mallory Kane is hired out by her handler to various global entities to perform jobs which governments can’t authorize and heads of state would rather not know about. After a mission to rescue a hostage in Barcelona, Mallory is quickly dispatched on another mission to Dublin. When the operation goes awry […]

    August 1, 2011Cinema, Entertainment, Events, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  18. Has Barbadian Jewish Community been duped? CNN reveals ex-Terrorist may have been “Regular Joe,” where do the speaker fees go?

    You’ll recall Barbados was exposed to lavish security when a supposedly former Palestinian terrorist came here with plainclothes & uniformed cops plus private security guarding at Two Mile Hill as a panel discussion vehemently viewed Islam compared to Judaism when the true debate was to be linked to the then death of Osama Bin Laden. The moderator at the time, Peter […]

    July 18, 2011Featured, Political2 comments
  19. Jordanian and Palestinian leaders to visit the Dominican Republic

    Over the weekend, King Abdullah of Jordan and Queen Rania welcomed President Leonel Fernandez and First Lady Margarita Cedeno at the Royal Palace in Al-Hommar. Fernandez is on a Middle Eastern tour that includes Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The Hispanic President’s three-day visit included talks between King Abdullah that Jordanian news reports say focused […]

    June 22, 2011Featured, PoliticalNo comments
  20. Barbadian Imam admits preferring Sharia Law – Jewish Community of Barbados far more numerous than folk realise…

    …I don’t subscribe to this point of view It would be such an ignorant thing to do If the Russians love their children too… Music video by Sting performing Russians. (C) 2005 A&M Records This eerie tune based on a melody from Prokofiev (who did Peter & The Wolf, it’s said his hands had a […]

    June 12, 2011Crime, Featured2 comments
  21. Barbados goes to Middle East: Publisher earns award in Tel Aviv June 10, 2011Photo GalleryNo comments
  22. The Israeli Palestinian Crisis Exposed on Friday 27th May at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre, 7:00 pm

    Bajans are invited to attend the Panel Discussion – The Israeli Palestinian Crisis Exposed on Friday, May 27th at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre from 7 p.m. This topic should be of immense interest to you especially in light of the recent reports of the death of Osama bin Laden. The purpose of the discussion […]

    May 27, 2011Controversy, Editorial, Events, Video GalleryNo comments
  23. Obama and Osama, why the similarity? At the Luau… May 8, 2011CartoonsNo comments
  24. If the Son Of Man taught Obi-Wan Kenobi: Mattakunobaka’s Theory May 8, 2011CartoonsNo comments
  25. ‘Devil’s Double’ – Based on True Story, man is forced to mimic Uday: son of Saddam Hussein

    Iraqi army lieutenant Latif Yahia is thrust into the highest echelons of the “royal family” when he’s ordered to become the ‘fiday‘ — or body double — to Saddam’s son, the notorious “Black Prince” Uday Hussein, a reckless, sadistic party-boy with a rabid hunger for sex and brutality. Cast: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, Mimoun Oaissa, […]

    May 8, 2011Cinema, Controversy, Video GalleryNo comments