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  1. Caring partnership unites Republic Limegrove and Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs

    A commitment to caring for children and the community has given rise to a new partnership between Republic Bank’s Limegrove branch and the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs, St. Peter. Senior Child Care Officer and Residential Coordinator, Esther Bayley, welcomed the initiative as she received the first contribution of supplies donated by the staff of […]

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  2. Peer To Peer Lending Launched At Limegrove

    Peer to Peer lending is the most recent catch-phrase of the 21st Century and has been growing exponentially around the globe for the last decade. Carilend made its official consumer debut in Barbados at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. Mark Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Carilend addressed a wide array of potential investors and clientele – […]

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  3. Contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! (Producer – Melissa Simmonds

    “Being a producer of low budget feature film is a job that is never ending. Ultimately the buck always stops with me. Even though I have the support of colleagues like Lynette Eastmond and currently Renatta Mohammed, as well as Executive Producers Christian Roberts and Keith Morris, I am exhausted. If I had I known […]

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  4. Contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! (Screenwriter – Shakirah Bourne)

    Shakirah Bourne has been a contributor to this website and crator of a very fascinating tourism game plus scripted four films – Payday, Two Smart, Next Payday and A Caribbean Dream …. what’s next?

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  5. FLOW RUGBY BARBADOS WORLD 7s – Dec 10th and 11th

    In a special partnership with the Barbados Olympic Association, the Barbados Rugby Football Union initiated a project to enable the comfort of spectators at events. Mr Nicholson expressed the hope other entities in either public or private sector would come forward to add to the stock of temporary seating in order to bolster Barbados’ reputation […]

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  6. “Giving a Mercedes To a 2 Year Old,” what Eleven Plus parents really think of achievement

    In 1924, Montblanc created a writing instrument that became an icon of writing culture: the Montblanc Meisterstück. Its functional, attractive design, the innovative ink-feeding system and its hand-engraved gold nib with an iridium tip have made this fountain pen the writing instrument of our times. – Website, under Luxury Pens Four years too late, the […]

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  7. Tribute for Green Business Barbados at Limegrove’s Eco Fair: Cave Hill Campus’ FST or Faculty of Science & Technology

    This UWI Faculty has an outreach programme aimed at promoting the use of solar energy stills, solar dryers and photovoltaic panels and was very popular at Limegrove.

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  8. Tribute for Green Business Barbados at Limegrove’s Eco Fair: Smell Test?

    When Harris held a similar survey at BMEX, some folk actually preferred the high odor paint as they’re accustomed to paint having a whiff…

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  9. Tribute for Green Business Barbados at Limegrove’s Eco Fair: InkTech

    InkTech enables desktop printers to reuse their cartridges safely and get a discount too through the Small Business Association’s Be SME Smart Crad when users get 5% off on displaying the card.

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  10. LIME launches at Limegrove: Samsung S6 Launch – Next is … NexCyx!

    Barbados’ most talented and versatile band of the moment, the group NexCyx is no stranger to smartphone savvy – they already did a music video with footage all from a mobile alone… Here they wow guests and customers who came to view the Samsung Galaxy S6 at Limegrove…

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  11. LIME launches at Limegrove (Next is NOW): Hard Work pays off!

    Part of the hard working team from Goddard’s Catering who had many executives arriving straight from their job without a lunch or snack, brave guys and talented, too! For dessert patrons could browse the S6 booth at Limegrove, where else?

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  12. LIME launches at Limegrove (Next is NOW): New CEO pays a visit…

    Niall Sheehy (CENTRE), formerly head of Columbus Communications (Barbados), now boss of both LIME & FLOW (soon to become FLOW only) spares a moment to share a word with LIME Marketing Manager Rachel Pilgrim (Blonde) at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre during the launch of the “the Beautiful, Re-Invented Galaxy S6“… He said in December 2014 […]

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  13. LIME launches at Limegrove (Next is NOW): Goddard’s Catering

    Goddard’s Catering did a superb job of making sure all customers and guests were well fed, they had a wicked and dangerously hot Chili Ketchup as a dip for Dim Sum (Chinese Dumplings)! They probably felt you’d be so cool with an S6 you wouldn’t feel the spice?

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  14. LIME launches at Limegrove: ‘Beautiful, Re-Invented Galaxy S6 – Next is now!’

    Advertising honcho Jevan Jutagir of award winning RED Advertising (left) chats with Anderson King … ex-GHA DDb and now at Sagicor Insurance, heading their Marketing Dept – possibly deciding if to splurge and get the new S6?

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  15. Last Night of the Proms reception: Real Estate mogul and Health expert pause to enjoy finer things September 17, 2014Health, Photo GalleryNo comments

    Been to Limegrove in Holetown and still can’t get enough of Michael Kors? The fashion icon is now pleased to announce the launch of their ALL ACCESS KORS microsite in anticipation of the Spring 2015 runway show. The immersive digital viewing experience, enhanced and expanded this season, will offer viewers premium access to the runway […]

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  17. Runway 14 Collection: Agua Bendita swimwear & 130th Anniversary of Breitling timepieces

    The Palm Court Yard, in the ultra chic Limegrove Lifestyle Center in Holetown, St. James was made a noche para recordar… Breitling is also one of the rare companies to produce its own mechanical chronograph movements, entirely developed and manufactured in its workshops. This family owned business is also one of the last remaining independent […]

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    A balance of high glamour and laid-back ease are at the heart of the Fall 2014 advertising campaign. “This season, I was influenced by the easy lifestyle of California, and I wanted the images to express my jet set sensibility but with a relaxed attitude,” says Michael Kors. The Michael Kors and Michael Michael Kors […]

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  19. Diamonds International celebrates top “11+” students: Charles F. Broome Primary (a) July 8, 2014Education, Photo GalleryNo comments
  20. Diamonds International celebrates top “11+” students: Willoughby Turner’s Hall July 8, 2014Education, Photo GalleryNo comments
  21. Diamonds International celebrates top “11+” students: Vanati Melwani (absent) July 8, 2014Education, Photo GalleryNo comments
  22. Diamonds International celebrates top “11+” students: Providence Elementary July 8, 2014Education, Photo GalleryNo comments
  23. Celebrate Mother’s Day With Burberry at Limegrove in Holetown!

    Your Mom should get gifts fit for a Queen, go west – head for Limegrove in Holetown today!

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    Just think, when next you go Holetown, you may see a new range of eyewear at Limegrove? That’s because Michael Kors Holdings Limited and Luxottica Group announced they signed a new and exclusive eyewear license agreement for the Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors eyewear. The first collection produced with Luxottica will launch in […]

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  25. Crane Hotel’s Bartender emerges as Stoli Mixmaster

    Stephan Domenge owner of Scarlett bar and Restaurant wins the Stoli Mixmasters final at the Crane Hotel on Wednesday April 9th. He defeated nine other contestants who were;- Carl Henry – The Crane Rohan Hackshaw – Sandy Lane Hotel Ivan Edey -The Crane Marlon Alleyne – The Crane Marson Payne – Cobblers Cove Hotel Ezra […]

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