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    There are unconfirmed reports suggesting Hermon Lowe, a hopeful for the United Progressive Party, was arrested by court marshals after appearing in a case in District A Magistrates Court, Number One. At the end of representing himself in the matter before Magistrate Douglas Frederick, marshals escorted Lowe from the courtroom into a waiting van. He […]

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  2. It appears The Nation may have effed up big time? Licensing Authority not targeting Toyota Owners for interrogation

    The Barbados Licensing Authority is not subjecting owners of Toyota cars in Barbados to any unusually “thorough interrogation” or investigation that is not standard for all applicants registering any kind of vehicle. The comments from the senior Licensing Authority official follow the recent publication of a front page article by the Daily Nation, where it […]

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  3. IPI Executive Director calls on Trinidad and Tobago to support defamation bill

    Statement by the Executive Director of the IPI;- It is with great esteem that, as executive director of the International Press Institute, I congratulate the Trinidad and Tobago House of Representatives for passing legislation to partially repeal criminal defamatory libel offences. It is a monumental step in the right direction we don’t take lightly. But […]

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  4. International Press Institute (IPI) urges Trinidad House to approve defamation bill

    The International Press Institute (IPI) urged Trinidad and Tobago’s House of Representatives to pass a bill that would partially decriminalise defamation. The Libel and Defamation (Amendment) Bill, 2013 would amend existing criminal law to abolish the offence of malicious defamatory libel, while preserving the offence of defamatory libel known to be false. The bill underwent […]

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  5. Suriname defamation law requires ‘serious’ reform: International Press Institute (IPI) renews call for legislators to take action

    An independent legal analysis has concluded that Suriname’s defamation laws are in “serious need of revision“, the International Press Institute (IPI) declared. The report, authored by Dr. Anthony L. Fargo, was produced as part of IPI’s Campaign to Repeal Criminal Defamation in the Caribbean. Fargo is the director of the Center for International Media Law […]

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  6. IPI hails partners for major victory in overhaul of country’s libel laws, urges Caribbean neighbours to follow suit

    In a milestone achievement for press freedom in the Caribbean, the Jamaican Parliament has approved a bill fully abolishing the offence of criminal defamation. Following a unanimous Senate vote in July, Jamaica’s House of Representatives on Nov. 5 passed the Defamation Bill 2013, which revamps the country’s libel legislation to better reflect international standards. The new law replaces both […]

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  7. Verus International receives support of Central Bank of Barbados

    The Central Bank of Barbados has confirmed that any misunderstanding regarding the status of Verus International has been clarified and resolved. Verus International is in good standing to conduct its business in Barbados. Ajmal Khan, Chairman and CEO of Verus International, was pleased any miscommunication is now cleared up and reiterated the Company’s commitment to […]

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  8. Cracking Heads & Target Practice: Jones can go fly a kite, issues need answers – Freundel is not only Leader allowing his MP’s to run amok… June 22, 2013Photo Gallery, PoliticalNo comments