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    Barbadians are advised they’re no longer required to produce evidence of address when registering a vehicle or renewing a driver’s licence. News of this came from the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance (MTWM), following a wider discussion on proof of identity by the Cabinet of Barbados. The MTWM will therefore no longer be requiring […]

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  2. Bermuda’s outgoing Chief Justice defends independence of judiciary

    Bermuda’s outgoing Chief Justice mounted a spirited defence on Saturday of a judicial system free of political interference. Ian Kawaley also told a conference that the constitutional foundation for the judiciary was “deficient” and needed urgent reform. “Judicial independence matters because the judiciary’s constitutional role is to serve as a third branch of government, independent […]

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  3. “Liberating our Youth” by Grenville Phillips II – ‘Solutions Barbados’ perspective

    Recently, we described how our secondary school students could graduate with some measure of independence. This can be achieved by keeping our students interested in learning by teaching them the practical aspects of subjects during the first three years, and then training them to start and grow successful businesses using this practical knowledge. Our students […]

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  4. Fortress Fund Managers looks to continue growth in 2018 after strong 2017

    After a strong finish to 2017, Barbados-based Fortress Fund Managers is forecasting a positive 2018 for its range of investments, despite the challenges to the local economy. The company manages more than BBD $650 million across 13 different funds with regional and global investments and Peter Arender, chief investment officer of Fortress Advisory & Investment […]

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  5. Prime Minister Unwittingly creates Party seeking to replace the ruling DLP in the next Elections

    Clergy, Youth and Ethnicity are clear bulwarks of candidacy in Solutions Barbados a political party celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. This group is following global trends in France where Emmanuel Macron became an Independent Centrist President with a disenfranchised electorate, and over in the Caymans where 9 Independent candidates made the former premier Alden McLoughlin seek […]

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  6. Too many Project delays – COW says Town & Country must be faster

    Barbadian Construction Mogul Sir Charles Williams lambasted Government for excessive and petty red tape, which he said prevents employment, and appealed directly to 2 Cabinet Ministers for a speedier and intelligent deliberation. Designed by architect Larry Warren, the $19 million facility was funded by both the National Insurance Department and Republic Bank. Sir Charles sided […]

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  7. Barbados already is a Republic, although Crown can still exert control

    Considering how the Barbadian constitution has invested many duties which previously were dispensed under British rule, essentially Barbados on gaining Independence is already a Republic. Professor Richard Drayton was fielding audience questions recently at Frank Collymore Hall under the auspices of the Central Bank of Barbados. Dr Drayton is of the firm view that when […]

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    Four new desalination plants to ease Barbados’ water concerns in the north and east of the island are well on their way for development. This project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and zoning to prevent any residences or businesses being built too near the proposed sites are already fully established. On September 9th, […]

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  9. Business & Professional Women’s Club Call For a National Dialogue on Reforms to the Judicial System

    The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Barbados, the organisation that operates the sole shelter for abused women in Barbados, is questioning what appears to be a new policy of releasing suspects of murder on bail, and even more recently, the release of the convicted murderer of a mother and daughter, whose sentence of death […]

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  10. Barbados needs BuildIng Code ratified

    An upcoming conference on Facilities Management exposed Barbados’ glaring lack of a building code, which could have prevented the September 2010 tragedy of the Campus Trendz fire where 6 young girls died trapped in a blaze started by robbers. Caribbean industry professionals will be meeting in Barbados to deliberate during a two-day World FM Day […]

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  11. Minister pledges new Heritage Bill soon a Reality and will benefit Corporate Responsibility

    Pretty soon many businesses will clamour to assist preserving historical buildings once new legislation creates tax incentives for such entities to benefit from architectural preservation. Stephen Lashley, Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture addressed a workshop at the Radisson Aquatica held by the Organisation of American States on developing legislation to improve National Heritage. […]

    January 24, 2016CultureNo comments
  12. IMPACT Justice Hosting Regional Oil and Gas Workshop in Barbados

    The Canadian government funded, Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project is hosting a training and competency development workshop on Oil and Gas in the Caribbean. The three-day session, which starts on September 28 at the Accra Beach Hotel, is being held in conjunction with the London Centre of International Law Practice […]

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    The Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT) has set a three-day hearing for the 97 workers who were retrenched from the National Conservation Commission (NCC), beginning on Wednesday 30th September. This was announced by Chairman of the ERT, Hal Gollop, following a presentation of the published First Decision of the ERT to Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. […]

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  14. Overcoming the Implementation Deficit: From Planning to Performance, at Hilton Barbados

    On September 21st and 22nd, 2015 a number of local and regional members of the Public Sector will be attending the first annual Public Sector Conference, hosted by The Cave Hill School of Business/ The University of the West Indies (CHSB/UWI), in association with the Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management (CAPAM), Caribbean Leadership […]

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  15. ‘Engaging the Youth’ – 2015 Midterm Delegates’ Conference of CTUSAB

    The 2015 Midterm Delegates’ Conference of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) will take place Thursday 17th Sept. at the Horatio Cooke Auditorium, National Union of Public Workers’ Headquarters, Dalkeith Road, St. Michael, under the theme, ‘Engaging the Youth.’ The Opening Ceremony is to be followed by the Business Session […]

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  16. IMPACT Justice: Model Arbitration Bill Coming for CARICOM Region

    A recently formed Model Arbitration Legislation Committee will review legislation from around the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region to develop a model arbitration bill. The committee coordinated by the Canadian Government funded Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project meets on September 11 at the Trade Winds Hotel in Antigua. “The feedback clearly […]

    September 4, 2015EducationNo comments
  17. Prime Minister of Curacao resigns, seeking Governor General post?

    With elections right around the corner, the prime minister of Curacao, Ivar Asjes, resigned on Monday. He will be succeeded as head of government by Dr Bernard Whiteman. Asjes, the fourth and longest serving prime minister of autonomous Curacao, has not yet explained the reasons for his abrupt departure but he appeared to have lost […]

    September 3, 2015PoliticalNo comments
  18. IMPACT Justice: 21 More Community Mediators Certified

    Barbados now has 21 additional certified community mediators. This follows a five-day Community Mediation workshop made possible by the Canadian Government through the Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project. The total number of community mediators in Barbados trained under the Project’s Practical Mediation Skills Training course now stands at 43. Professor […]

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  19. Caribbean fishing industry moves to close food safety gaps, expand markets

    The Caribbean region’s ability to cash in on a potentially lucrative, international export trade in fish and seafood is being held back by huge gaps in measures to protect food safety and animal health, experts say. But the experts, who are investigating food handling policies in ten Caribbean countries for the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism […]

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  20. IMPACT Justice Growing Pool of Community Mediators in Barbados

    In a bid to increase the local cadre of community mediators in Barbados, the Canadian Government funded Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project is hosting a second course on Community Mediation from August 17. Newton also highlighted the thrust behind the five-day community mediation training programme. “As a Project, our ultimate […]

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  21. “A threat smelling to high heaven – Obama whiffs it” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    It was uncanny, but reflective of thoughtful and caring minds that just days before President Barack Obama made his far-reaching statement about Climate Change on August 3, Caribbean Poet, Author and Intellectual, Ian McDonald, made a point to me that was echoed by the US President. In responding to a commentary I wrote on July […]

    August 13, 2015NatureNo comments
  22. CARICOM Leaders Served Cassava-Based Dishes at CARICOM Heads of Government Summit

    Addressing the food import bill, creating new jobs in the food and agricultural sector and improving nutrition and health through appropriate public policy for the cassava industry were promoted at the recently concluded 36th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), held July 2-4 in Barbados. The Caribbean Office […]

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  23. “Gun Violence and the Caribbean Region” by Felicia Browne

    Human Rights and Peace Ambassador for the region, St Lucian Felicia Browne, has cited the urgent need for new initiatives against gun violence. “When women and youth are fatally shot with such brutality, it raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of our crime-related policies. No citizen can feel safe within areas which are ridden with […]

    July 6, 2015CrimeNo comments
  24. Barbadian Engineer designs new Political movement: Grenville Phillips II warns of vicious attacks if joining, urges everyone to solve and comment

    Grenville Phillips II chooses his words carefully, whether suggesting how Barbadians build better homes or examining if NISE really served its purpose, once he’s made a careful assessment – he makes no bones to state what should or should not be done if success can be grasped… For the noted engineer to decide to embark on […]

    July 2, 2015Editorial, PoliticalNo comments
  25. Labour Minister of Barbados sees no Correlation between the NIS extended retirement and the plight of BIDC staff

    If Sir Leroy Trotman as an officially retired trade unionist is still holding sway in the Barbados Workers’ Union and even negotiating still at Government’s Bay St headquarters earlier this month (to the derision of Barbadians on social media asking if this is Toni Trotman or Sir Leroy Moore, making a play on the allegedly genuine […]

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