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  1. BIBA pushes sector resilience in Global Business Week

    Stakeholders in Barbados’ vital global business community are not prepared to let the sector falter, despite the rapidly changing regulatory and geo-political influences that are challenging its growth. The assurance has come from Derrick Cummins, President of BIBA, the Association for Global Business, as he addressed the media launch of Global Business Week 2021 (GBW […]

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  2. Grenadian Directive transmitted on Bajan Social media creates unnecessary Panic

    Barbadians are being urged once again not to circulate information about COVID-19 directives of uncertain origin, especially when such information has the potential to panic others, or otherwise cause distress. “While our health officials are concerned about the increase in cases, and while we want Barbadians to recognise that by limiting their own movements, they […]

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  3. Nevis drone operators get opportunity to contribute to Federal draft regulations governing operations

    Drone operators on Nevis had the opportunity to contribute to regulations being drafted for the operation of drones by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis at a briefing hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Aviation recently. It was held at the Nevis Disaster Management Department’s conference room at Long Point. Mr. Royston […]

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  4. PMO Barbados’ Response to Social Media Post of Good Friday incident

    Within recent hours, a social media post regarding an incident at Deacon’s Road on Good Friday has been gaining significant traction, even though the salacious details at its core are untrue. While citizens, for whatever reason, are free to comment on and even criticize the words or actions of any other citizens, including the Prime […]

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  5. CLARIFICATION: Emergency Management (COVID-19) Orders & (Curfew) Directive (No. 7)

    Click the link to download the most recent directives, Emergency Management (COVID-19) Orders & (Curfew) Directive (No. 7).

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    Britain has published draft legislation which sets out the minimum it expects to see from British Overseas Territories when they publish the owners of companies registered there. The legislation – which is supported by the Overseas Territories themselves – will improve corporate transparency and deter illicit finance. The introduction of publicly accessible registers of who […]

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  7. Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy fine tunes Domestic Vessel Legislation

    Last weekend, Barbados took another step closer towards fine tuning aspects of the domestic vessels suite of laws aimed at improving maritime security and environmental and general business and operation standards for the small vessel sector when the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy (MMABE) reconvened a closed door session with Jet Ski […]

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  8. Mottley Administration dismisses rumors over extension of Curfew, AG clarifies the Powers of Emergency Management is a different aspect to combat the novel coronavirus

    Barbados recorded one new positive COVID-19 test. In addition, a number of Bajans are unnecessarily panicking – because Parliament extended the powers and management of the Barbados’ COVID-19 public health emergency proclamation until June 30th. The previous proclamation of a public health emergency was due to expire on April 27th. IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD: “curfew” […]

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  9. Hurryiet about it! New legislation for Harriet Tubman

    In commemoration of Harriet Tubman Day on March 10, internationally renowned actress, Gwendolyn Briley-Strand, brought Harriet Tubman to the Halls of Congress, and she brought some passengers with her. Local 1-2 of Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, Worcester County NAACP Branch, and HR 1242 Resilience Project were present to encourage Congress to introduce legislation […]

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  10. Challenge to anti-sodomy law in Jamaica heard by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

    Sarah Bosha, legal and research advisor from AIDS-Free World, Maurice Tomlinson of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, and Samir Varma, partner with the U.S. law firm Thompson Hine LLP presented a petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on behalf of two gay Jamaicans challenging their country’s anti-sodomy law. The legal team argued […]

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  11. States Where It’s Already Legal to Wager on Sports in the United States

    On May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States has finally lifted the ban on Sports Betting by striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This was initially challenged by New Jersey as the state was trying to legalize sports betting within its borders with the already existing federal […]

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  12. Attorney General of #Barbados, Dale Marshall Speaks to Freedom Of Information 1

    This is the first part of Attorney General Dale Marshall‘s comments as he addressed media workers in #Barbados 11th Aug. Mr. Marshall outlined the background to many critical issues which affect blogging and journalism during the annual general meeting of the Barbados Association of #Journalists and Media Workers, this took place at the #Argentine Embassy, […]

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    Employers are asked to note the following changes related to personal income tax as announced in the 2019 Budgetary Proposal and Financial Statement and which came into effect from July 1, 2019. The first income tax band will be up to $50,000 and taxed at a rate of 12.5% while the second tax band on […]

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    It seems Barbados will soon be like other countries who are consumer oriented in allowing number portability. The Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology said Flow is at the forefront of talks to enable mobile users to carry their number from one network to another without any hassle; – While not giving any timeline […]

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  15. Should Barbados consider the legalisation of gambling?

    Watching the sunset on Barbados’ glam west coast is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Life here is pretty good. Quite safe by Caribbean standards, our easterly position in the Caribbean means that we normally escape hurricane season, something that, sadly, does affect others nearby. With Anglican churches and cricket greens in every village, we enjoy […]

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  16. End of Year Message by Chairman of CARICOM; Andrew Holness – Prime Minister of Jamaica

    I bring season’s greetings to the people of our Caribbean Community on behalf of all Heads of Government at this joyous time of year. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has had an eventful year both regionally and internationally. We have seen advances in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, (CSME), the signing of the New Multi-Lateral […]

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  17. Third Party Providers Require New Tax Numbers of Clients and Employees

    The Barbados Revenue Authority is urging all third-party tax information providers to acquire the new Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) of their clients and employees, in order to facilitate the uploading of their relevant third party information on or before in February 28, 2019. Please note that the new Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) will […]

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    Entrepreneurs if they are to rebuild Barbados then they must be enabled and recognised in their effort to restore investor confidence in this country… Dwight Sutherland, Commerce Minister of Barbados was the keynote address last night at the Mount Gay Visitor Centre on the Spring Garden Highway, he was invited by the Barbados Coalition pf […]

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    Barbadians are advised they’re no longer required to produce evidence of address when registering a vehicle or renewing a driver’s licence. News of this came from the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance (MTWM), following a wider discussion on proof of identity by the Cabinet of Barbados. The MTWM will therefore no longer be requiring […]

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  20. Bermuda’s outgoing Chief Justice defends independence of judiciary

    Bermuda’s outgoing Chief Justice mounted a spirited defence on Saturday of a judicial system free of political interference. Ian Kawaley also told a conference that the constitutional foundation for the judiciary was “deficient” and needed urgent reform. “Judicial independence matters because the judiciary’s constitutional role is to serve as a third branch of government, independent […]

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  21. “Liberating our Youth” by Grenville Phillips II – ‘Solutions Barbados’ perspective

    Recently, we described how our secondary school students could graduate with some measure of independence. This can be achieved by keeping our students interested in learning by teaching them the practical aspects of subjects during the first three years, and then training them to start and grow successful businesses using this practical knowledge. Our students […]

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  22. Fortress Fund Managers looks to continue growth in 2018 after strong 2017

    After a strong finish to 2017, Barbados-based Fortress Fund Managers is forecasting a positive 2018 for its range of investments, despite the challenges to the local economy. The company manages more than BBD $650 million across 13 different funds with regional and global investments and Peter Arender, chief investment officer of Fortress Advisory & Investment […]

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  23. Prime Minister Unwittingly creates Party seeking to replace the ruling DLP in the next Elections

    Clergy, Youth and Ethnicity are clear bulwarks of candidacy in Solutions Barbados a political party celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. This group is following global trends in France where Emmanuel Macron became an Independent Centrist President with a disenfranchised electorate, and over in the Caymans where 9 Independent candidates made the former premier Alden McLoughlin seek […]

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  24. Too many Project delays – COW says Town & Country must be faster

    Barbadian Construction Mogul Sir Charles Williams lambasted Government for excessive and petty red tape, which he said prevents employment, and appealed directly to 2 Cabinet Ministers for a speedier and intelligent deliberation. Designed by architect Larry Warren, the $19 million facility was funded by both the National Insurance Department and Republic Bank. Sir Charles sided […]

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  25. Barbados already is a Republic, although Crown can still exert control

    Considering how the Barbadian constitution has invested many duties which previously were dispensed under British rule, essentially Barbados on gaining Independence is already a Republic. Professor Richard Drayton was fielding audience questions recently at Frank Collymore Hall under the auspices of the Central Bank of Barbados. Dr Drayton is of the firm view that when […]

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