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    Forging bold new steps in relatively uncharted territory, (BIBA) the Barbados International Business Association looked at the potential of Barbados becoming a hub for cannabis in the basis of palliative care… Each October since 2009, BIBA has a designated International Business week, and this year was no exception, their Panel Discussion was called “A Look […]

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  2. United Progressive Party’s Leadership Under Fire Before Barbados Elections (Pt 1)

    A few days ago Charleston Taylor as a hopeful for the fledgling United Progressive Party in the riding of St Philip West made a Facebook entry suggesting Ganja be legalised before violence escalates. A war of words between himself and incumbent Adriel Brathwaite eventually led to his photo stripped from and now he has […]

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  3. CARICOM and its citizens are better protected if Legal Fraternity engages in Continuous Training

    The myth that any magistrate or Justice attains peak knowledge once donning their robes is just that, a myth, and true power wielded correctly for the region’s benefit can only be achieved by admitting that every judicial expert is a perpetual student. The Chief Justice went on to reinforce his statement by adding laws are […]

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  4. What ForEx is lost? Marijuana tourism debate at C.T.O’s State of the Industry Conference in USVI

    The notion or reality of marijuana tourism will be discussed at the upcoming State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC) in the USVI next week. Expert presenters will debate issues related to the subject as part of a broader discussion on medical, health and wellness tourism. The debate surrounding marijuana tourism has taken a sharper focus […]

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  5. MEN CHARGED, RE – DRUG SEIZURE OFF NEEDHAM’S POINT: 607 lbs. sold takes how much off of Barbados’ Deficit?

    Police have arrested and charged the following persons with regard to the Monday¬†10th March 2014 operation by members of the Drug Squad which led to the seizure of a 24 foot boat and its cargo of 607 lbs of cannabis about 8 nautical miles off Needham’s Point, St. Michael. They are: 1. Winston Oneal Jones, […]

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  6. DRUG ERADICATION OPERATIONS – Would Ottawa, Denver or Los Angeles have bid on them? How much did Barbados lose?

    On Thursday 14 March 2014, members of the Marine Unit conducted drug eradication operations in several areas in the parishes of St. Peter and St. John, and a total of 2,614 cannabis plants were discovered under cultivation mostly hidden in bushy areas. 1. Road View, St Peter – 227, tallest 3 feet; 2. Pot House, […]

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