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  1. Attorney General of #Barbados, Dale Marshall Speaks to Freedom Of Information 1

    This is the first part of Attorney General Dale Marshall‘s comments as he addressed media workers in #Barbados 11th Aug. Mr. Marshall outlined the background to many critical issues which affect blogging and journalism during the annual general meeting of the Barbados Association of #Journalists and Media Workers, this took place at the #Argentine Embassy, […]

    August 18, 2019Crime, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. Ombudsman rules complaint of the Marketplace vendors against the removal of kiosks founded

    In the case filed by a group of thirty Marketplace Vendors, the Ombudsman considered the Complaint founded, and ruled that the standards of Reason, Active and adequate information provision, and Reasonableness and proportionality have been violated. On 12 October 2017 thirty (30) Marketplace vendors, represented by Mrs. Ingrid Grell-Davis (Complainants), informed the Ombudsman that they […]

    January 24, 2018Featured, PoliticalNo comments
  3. Leroy Parris in hard times? Yet was seen in plain sight at FoodWine Rum festival…

    REMEMBER WHEN THE BARBADOS HIGH COURT froze the assets of former CLICO boss Leroy Parris and his company Branlee Consulting Services Inc. to the tune of $4.5 million? Didn’t stop him going Polo on Saturday though…

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  4. “Militant Pacific Islands ready to fight” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    The Island-States of the Pacific are outraged at what they regard as indifference by industrialised countries of the effects of climate change on their survival and, in some cases, their very existence. Meeting in Fiji at the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) in early September, heads of government were militant in their readiness to confront […]

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  5. IMPACT Justice: 21 More Community Mediators Certified

    Barbados now has 21 additional certified community mediators. This follows a five-day Community Mediation workshop made possible by the Canadian Government through the Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project. The total number of community mediators in Barbados trained under the Project’s Practical Mediation Skills Training course now stands at 43. Professor […]

    August 28, 2015EducationNo comments
  6. “Climate change: Time for talking is over” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Imagine if on the anniversary of its independence the friendliest message your nation gets is that if your country sinks underwater, a nearby island is willing to give your people refuge. That means picking up whatever you might salvage and leaving behind your homeland, your possessions and your entire heritage. It also entails the suffering […]

    July 26, 2015Featured, NatureNo comments
  7. Financial Foibles – Barbados Edition 2015: Say Brother, can you spare a Million?

    CLICK ABOVE FOR BIGGER – In an application filed last week, Parris says the order had created hardships for him and the company, preventing them from meeting ‘their usual living and business expenses‘”

    February 15, 2015Business, Photo GalleryNo comments
  8. Nigerian Deputy Governor refutes any funds are missing, plus no affairs with any Barbadians

    While not referring to the spurious Barbados Free Press, nor to any claims made by those represented by Douglas Trotman – nevertheless Amos Utuama, Deputy Governor of the Delta State in Nigeria made it clear there is no wrongdoing and students concerns will be answered before summer arrives… Trotman claims he represents the disgruntled pupils […]

    January 27, 2015Controversy, Political, Video GalleryNo comments

    Earlier this month, the IMPACT Justice Project and the Supreme Court of Barbados welcomed Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Justice Francis Belle, one of the region’s leading mediation specialists, as guest speaker for two lectures on mediation. Speaking to a diverse audience in the Ralph Carnegie Lecture Theatre at the University of the West Indies, Cave […]

    December 21, 2014CrimeNo comments
  10. “Not only cricket but West Indian self-worth at stake” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    In a letter to the President of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control (WICB), Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron, the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves made a compelling statement about the existential threat to West Indian cricket. He said “I do not think this huge, complicated matter can be handled […]

    November 2, 2014Cricket, EditorialNo comments
  11. West Indies Power to begin legal action against NIA

    West Indies Power (WIP) has instructed its legal counsel to begin legal action against the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for the illegal awarding, to Nevis Renewable Energy International (NREI), of a concession to develop geothermal resources on Nevis. WIP currently is the legal holder of the concession to develop geothermal resources on the island of […]

    September 4, 2014Featured, PoliticalNo comments
  12. Request to contact District “C” Court

    The following persons are requested to contact the District C Magistrate’s Court as soon as possible: David Welch – Insp. Public Relations Officer

    August 22, 2014CrimeNo comments
  13. WIPN’S Geothermal License not terminated by court order

    The Court of Appeals has not issued an order terminating the West Indies Power Nevis (WIPN) geothermal development license, granted by the Nevis island Administration (NIA). The recent declarations by Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brantley and the NIA, stating that there is a court order terminating WIPN’s license which allows the NIA to negotiate a […]

    July 6, 2014TechnologyNo comments
  14. Statement to Federation by Leader of the St.Kitts-Nevis Opposition: Team UNITY on Judgement in Motion of No Confidence Case & Letter to Governor General

    Fellow Citizens and Residents, I think it is appropriate for me to address you on two significant events of recent vintage. Firstly, I wish to make some remarks regarding the Court judgement in what has been dubbed the Motion of No Confidence case. In a landmark judgement, in the application by the Speaker and government […]

    February 25, 2014Editorial, PoliticalNo comments
  15. Two Barbadian Policemen charged, re: shooting incident

    The RBPF have arrested and charged fellow Constables Curtis Hill, 26 years and Jason Allman, 33 years for the following offences: 1. Serious Bodily Harm; and 2. 4 counts of Endangering life. Hill and Allman are expected to appear at the District A Magistrate Court on Friday 10th January 2014. David Welch, Inspector Pub. Rel’s. […]

    January 10, 2014Controversy, CrimeNo comments
  16. “A case for compensation for climate change destruction” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    Can the countries of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) take international legal action against the States that are warming the planet with devastating consequences not only for their survival, but in some cases even their existence? This question comes into sharp focus in the wake of the damaging effects of flooding and landslides […]

    January 4, 2014Editorial, NatureNo comments
  17. Dominican Republic Journalists being gagged

    The Dominican Journalists Union (CDP) has expressed its alarm at the number of journalists taken to court over the last two months and has called on the authorities to investigate the situation. Celebrating National Human Rights Day yesterday, 10 December, CDP president Olivo De Leon said that 12 journalists have been subject to court hearings […]

    December 11, 2013Controversy, PoliticalNo comments
  18. Canadian sues Dominican Republic for rain during his Vacation

    A Quebec man who has sued the Dominican Republic for bad weather during his vacation has been labeled a “quarrelsome litigant” by a Quebec judge. Bruno Leduc will no longer be authorized to file a lawsuit unless he receives prior authorization from the court. The procedure is applied to those who claims are “at the […]

    December 10, 2013Oddity, TravelNo comments
  19. CCJ ruling posed to Sen. Maxine McClean, Bds. Foreign Affairs Min. rebukes Bajan Reporter – decides what’s Newsworthy?

    As you may be aware, based on the Photo Gallery on this website, Bajan Reporter is in Georgetown for the Caribbean Week in Agriculture soon winding down… Guyana is a huge place and very interesting to visit, will soon be posting quite a few videos on my return to Bim! One unexpected bonus was to […]

    October 10, 2013Political, TravelNo comments
  20. Grenada abolishes criminal defamation – IPI celebrates first success of Caribbean campaign, urges further repeal of seditious libel

    The International Press Institute (IPI) deeply appreciates Grenada on becoming the first Caribbean state to decriminalise defamation, but urged the Grenadian government to further abolish seditious libel. According to Grenada’s Ministry of Legal Affairs, a July reform to the country’s criminal code included the repeal of Section 252, which regulated “negligent” and “intentional” libel. The […]

    October 20, 2012PoliticalNo comments
  21. Red Sox’ Ortiz – DNA proves he is NOT Babyfather of Teen

    Good news? No child support to hand out or as Bajans say? “C*ck tax” – but, bad news? DNA tests are not cheap! DR1 has the rest;- Dominican baseball player David Ortiz is not the father of 17-year old Edward Jimenez, according to a paternity test. Several months ago, Jimenez, a young baseball player from […]

    March 10, 2012SportsNo comments