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  1. MORTAL KOMBAT: Hiroyuki Sanada, Josh Lawson & Jessica McNamee

    MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth’s greatest champions (Above? Jax) in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe.

    February 23, 2021Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments

    Over 100 divisions and almost 250 contestants from different parts of the Caribbean plus Cynthia “Lady Dragon” Rothrock (as you read this, she not long touched down to our shores) will make Barbados never the same again this weekend… Speaking with reporters at the Island Inn hotel on Aquatic Gap was Dr Kevin Huffard who emphasised […]

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    Organisation for the inaugural Barbados leg of the Pan Caribbean Martial Arts Tournament continues at a hectic pace, as companies like Bajan Pure, and Republic Bank are now rushing to become a part of Barbadian sports tourism history… The event spans from the 12th to the 14th of this month and has not even one […]

    October 2, 2018Breaking News, Featured, Martial ArtsNo comments

    Barbados is to be the hub for a Pan Caribbean Martial Arts Tournament and two popular actors from capoeira and kung fu are on board to attend as judges… In an exclusive interview with, Professor Christopher Francis revealed for listeners how Grand Master Wesley Snipes known for movies like Demolition Man, The Expendables, New […]

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  5. Pan Caribbean International Martial Arts Games XIII – Oct. 2018

    Pan Caribbean International Martial Arts Games XIII Will be 13th & 14th October 2018 at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium. This year there will be three special guests will be gracing Barbadian shores and awaiting final confirmation – they include two international film stars dedicated to martial arts. Come out and represent your country and […]

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  6. “BIRTH OF THE DRAGON” Philip Ng, Action (2017)

    Set against the backdrop of 1960’s San Francisco, Birth of the Dragon is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was known for. It takes its inspiration from the epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Bruce Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Mon – a battle that gave birth […]

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  7. “BIRTH OF THE DRAGON” (2016 – Bruce Lee Movie)

    Birth of the Dragon is an upcoming American martial arts biographical drama film directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. The film stars Billy Magnussen, Philip Ng, and Xia Yu. The true story revolves around the young martial artist Bruce Lee, who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man […]

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  8. MEMORIES OF THE SWORD – Byung-hun Lee (2015)

    As the greed and excess of a corrupt Monarchy threatens to destroy the once-glorious Goryeo Dynasty, three legendary warriors lead a revolt to overthrow the empire and save its people. But when deceit and betrayal costs the life of a master swordsman, a plot for justice and revenge is set into motion, raging for decades […]

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  9. ‘Skin Trade’ – Tony “Ong Bak” Jaa, Ron “Hellboy” Perlman & Dolph “Expendables” Lundgren

    After his family is killed by a Serbian gangster with international interests. NYC detective Nick goes to S.E. Asia and teams up with a Thai detective to get revenge and destroy the syndicates human trafficking network.

    April 24, 2015Crime, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  10. ‘Pound of Flesh’ – Jean Claude Van Damme, need we say more?

    A man’s heroic attempt to help a woman in distress ends up with him waking up the next day without a kidney and plotting his revenge.

    April 10, 2015Cinema, Controversy, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. SNOWGIRL and the DARK CRYSTAL – (Fantasy, Martial Arts: 2015)

    Directed by Academy Award Winner Peter Pau, Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal is a big-budget ($30M US) romantic fantasy adventure about the legendary hero Zhong Kui, a fabled warrior with mysterious powers who is forced to conquer the realms of Heaven and Hell to save his people and the woman he loves.

    March 13, 2015Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  12. “The Last: Naruto the Movie” (2015) – Anime Action Adventure HD March 11, 2015Cartoons, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  13. Martin Scorsese’s “Revenge of the Green Dragons” (2014) – Harry Shum Jr., Justin Chon Movie HD

    The brothers quickly rise up the ranks, drawing the unwanted attention of hard-boiled city cops. After an ill-fated love affair pits Sonny against his own brother, he sets out for revenge on the very gang who made him who he is. From acclaimed Director Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo, and legendary Executive Producer Martin Scorsese […]

    September 4, 2014Crime, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  14. ‘Iceman’ – Donnie Yen, Time Travel/Martial Arts

    An imperial guard and his three traitorous childhood friends ordered to hunt him down get accidentally buried and kept frozen in time. 400 years later passes and they are defrosted continuing the battle they left behind.

    September 1, 2014Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  15. Anime Kon V: Empire Rises – Civilian Vs Mortal Kombat? (Humor/Cosplay)

    CLICK FOR BIGGER! (The picture, not the tummy!)

    August 24, 2014Martial Arts, Photo GalleryNo comments
  16. Caribbean Fight League – Massacre 6 MMA in Barbados, 23rd August

    The Caribbean Fight League’s next bout, MASSACRE 6, is set for Saturday 23rd August 2014 at 7:00 pm at The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The vacant lightweight belt will also be up for grabs, with Joel Guilliame of Guadeloupe fighting O’Neale Chase of Barbados. A special match will feature for the first time in Barbados; […]

    July 28, 2014Martial Arts1 comment
  17. THE PROTECTOR 2 “Fight Scene” – Tony “Ong Bak” Jaa Vs. RZA (Man With The Iron Fists)

    Boss Suchart is the owner of an elephant camp. When he is murdered, all evidence points to Kham (Tony Jaa), who was seen with the victim before he died. Kham is forced to run as the police launch a pursuit. Meanwhile, the twin nieces of Boss Suchart (Jija Yanin Wismitanan and Teerada Kittisiriprasert) are out […]

    April 12, 2014Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  18. “The Monkey King” (2014) – Donnie Yen Fantasy Movie HD January 9, 2014Books, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  19. “JOURNEY TO THE WEST” – Dir. By Stephen “Shaolin Soccer” Chow

    This is a world plagued by demons, who cause its human inhabitants unspeakable suffering. Young demon hunter Xuan Zang, fearlessly guided by his belief in “giving himself for the greater cause,” risks his all and conquers a water demon, a pig demon and the demon of all demons, Sun Wukong. He embraces them as his […]

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  20. ‘Ninja II: Shadow Of A Tear’ (2013) – Scott Adkins, Martial Arts Movie HD December 3, 2013Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  21. Barbados Mixed Martial Arts Federation – BROKEN TRIDENT Young (UKKS) vs Goddard (ROCK)

    New faces in the sport, along with champs – Renaldo Stuart, Corey Weithers & Oneal Chase

    August 18, 2013Martial Arts, Photo GalleryNo comments
  22. Shaolin Monks visit to Barbados & A Bajan’s Visit to a Shaolin Monastery

    The Barbados China Friendship Association (BCFA) is proud to be a major sponsor of the visiting delegation of Shaolin Monks visiting Barbados from People Republic of China. The Shaolin Temple monks from Dengeng village, Zhengzhou city in Henan province in China will be performing in Barbados on Saturday August 10th at the Sir Garfield Sobers […]

    August 8, 2013Martial Arts1 comment
  23. “The Grandmaster” Who taught Bruce Lee? (2013) – Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang: Classic HD July 15, 2013Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  24. “Man Of Tai Chi” (2013) – Keanu Reeves’ Martial Arts HD

    A youthful practitioner’s unparalleled Tai Chi ability land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.

    June 17, 2013Crime, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments
  25. “THE GUILLOTINES” (2013) Andy Lau Martial Arts Film

    A secret brotherhood of assassins — The Guillotines, once favored by the Emperor, are now a force of terror and oppression under a new regime.

    May 26, 2013Cinema, Martial Arts, Video GalleryNo comments