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  1. Dining in Style thanks to KFC and Courts

    Lucky shopper Roslind Byer will be dining in grand style this Independence and Holiday season, after collecting an impressive dining room package as October’s Grand Prize in the Makeover Your Home for the Holidays promotion jointly sponsored by KFC and Courts. A smiling Roslind got a taste of just how delightfully her dining room would […]

    November 14, 2014EventsNo comments
  2. Basseterre on High Alert: Anonymous Consumers judging their service practices! Bim should follow suit!

    I was zipping through Caribbean 360 today and see that over in St Kitts and Nevis the Government there has requested a company to send visitors to that Federation so as to gauge the level of service tendered to shoppers. This is known as “mystery shoppers“, this can be very enriching for a company to […]

    February 21, 2007TravelNo comments