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  1. Listen to ‘Tides’ from Jimmy Buffett’s new album, “Songs From St Somewhere”!

      Jimmy Buffett‘s 31st album is full of chill evocations of island life, from “Einstein Was a Surfer” to “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat.” His music is an island, too – a place apart where country, old-guy rock, jokey storytelling and Caribbean rhythms lap into one another. Buffett clearly has Wi-Fi on his boat (“Useless But […]

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  2. Jimmy Buffett helps out reggae artist who once brought him coffee & croissants

    Jimmy Buffett must have the memory of an elephant – to go along with his huge philanthropic heart. When he plays Texas – and he always plays Texas – he thanks the audience for keeping him alive when he was just a kid, trying to eke out a living playing the coffee house circuit and […]

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  3. “Conch Salad Recipe” by RumShopRyan: Music a la Jimmy Buffett

    Conch Salad is a authentic Caribbean dish that is simple, tastes amazing and good for you! This video and photos in it were shot in Bimini Bahamas and a place called Stuarts’s Conch Salad Stand. The Conch Salad that we had was so fresh that is was pulled from the sea just minutes before we […]

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  4. Barbadian Beverage featured in popular Caribbean blog: Cockspur Rum used for Boat Drinks

    Boat drinks Waitress I need two more boat drinks Then I’m headin’ south ‘fore my dream shrinks I gotta go where it’s warm (I gotta go where it’s warm) I gotta go where it’s warm (I gotta go where it’s warm) I gotta go where it’s warm! Jimmy Buffett My late mother was the one […]

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  5. 80 weeks and counting – Paradise FM slammed as another Barbadian radio station opens – does ‘support’ count or merit? (PG-13: Mild Language)

    Jimmy Buffett has a song where the catchphrase is “IT’S JUST ANOTHER SH***Y DAY IN PARADISE” and I am guessing that Terry Bent is very likely feeling that way about the plight of his radio station, I mean, how do you react when you see another radio station which applied the same time as you […]

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    DISCLAIMER: Friends and family who have known me for years or decades even are completely aware that I have no intention to amend my carnivorous habits yet in spite of this, in the true spirit of democracy, I present this request from a gentleman I first met at Zemicon, it is something which goes against […]

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  7. “Pantomime” Author seeks to be first Caribbean National to be Oxford’s Professor of Poetry: Up against first female candidate

    My Aunt Diana is October-born like myself and so very into literary matters, she composes poetry and the like… She did not know that “Pantomime” is on here, in fact – tonight Sunday is the last Adult performance, and Monday’s matinee show for students at 1:00 pm is the absolute last call at Frank Collymore […]

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  8. Bobsled then dogsled – now Jamaica has… A skier? Yeh Mon! Chat with Jamaican Ski team member Errol Kerr

    When I read Jamaica has a skier planning to go Olympic, I began to see how sidestream smoke is really dangerous, especially in Jamaica… I mean a tropical dude in a WINTER contest? Isn’t that like a Laplander wanting to boogie-board? As far as I know, they stay cold and drink reindeer pee with wacky […]

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    EE-bwoy! Oonoo-ear? Looka fi de Jamaicans in nah bobsled but DOG-sled! TRANSLATION: Hey, bo’! Ya hear? Jamaicans give up bobsled fuh DOG-sled… Jamaica?s dog sled team participated in the Three Bear Sled Dog Races in Land O? Lakes, Wisconsin. Ken Davis, coach of the Jamaica sled dog team, noted that it is always fun for […]

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