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  1. Barbados Olympic Team will be “Going for Gold” with The Barbados Lottery

    As an unwavering supporter of sports development in Barbados, International Game Technology (IGT), operators and managers of The Barbados Lottery, recently presented a cheque for $50,000 from the proceeds of the “Going for Gold” scratch ticket game to the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) in support of the athletes who will be representing the island at […]

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  2. THE SWORDSMAN: Jang Hyuk, Man-sik Jeong & Angelina Danilova

    Three different swordsmen — a swordsman who is going blind, the best swordsman in Joseon Dynasty, and the best swordsman in Qing Dynasty who aspires to be the best even in the Joseon Dynasty — meet each other for their own reasons.

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  3. Still going strong: Serena Williams and her enduring champion status

    There are few names as synonymous with their sport as Serena Williams and tennis. Along with her sister Venus, Serena has brought women’s tennis to a new level of speed and physicality over the last 25 years or so, all while becoming one of the most decorated player in the history of the women’s game, […]

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  4. Kittitian told to ‘stay home for two weeks’ on arrival at Robert Bradshaw Airport

    Mounting concern over a St Kitts & Nevis national who returned recently from Japan was told to “stay home for two weeks” when she arrived at the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport. It is still unclear whether it was immigration or health personnel who gave that instruction to the Christ Church resident and the basis […]

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  5. Nanyo City Officials Visit the Barbados Olympic Association

    Olympic solidarity was at its height when officials from Nanyo City, Japan, paid a courtesy visit to the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) in Wildey, on Wednesday. A number of participating countries in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been paired with a city in Japan. The Barbados visit was part of a cultural exchange that […]

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    Although the road to Tokyo for the 32nd Olympiad is not cheap, the Barbados Lottery is doing their part to defray costs. The raising of the Olympic and Japanese flags was performed by a contingent of the Barbados Cadet Corps.   View this post on Instagram   The #Barbados #Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) began their […]

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    How does a man at the age of 60 compete professionally in Karate? Very well, thank you very much, this was the sum of a quick chat had with Tony Morrash from Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania – he was part of Team USA here to participate in the first Pan Caribbean Martial Arts Tournament at […]

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  8. THE OUTSIDER (Jared Leto, Netflix)

    An epic set in post-WWII Japan and centered on an American former G.I. who joins the Yakuza.

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  9. Sumitomo highlights business growth at Bushy Park Barbados

    From the giant Japanese Sumitomo Corporation, parent company of Mazda, through local motor dealerships, motor sport enthusiasts and leisure organisations to a growing number of tourists, Bushy Park Barbados is fast expanding its business profile. After nine months of redevelopment, the facility re-launched with Top Gear Festival Barbados in May 2014, since when it has […]

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  10. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, Dir. by Antoine Fuqua (2016) Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio: Western Remake HD

    Director Antoine Fuqua brings his modern vision to a classic story in The Magnificent Seven. With the town of Rose Creek under the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the desperate townspeople employ protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns. As they prepare the town for the violent showdown that they know […]

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  11. Kubo and the Two Strings – Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara, Matthew McConaughey, George Takei & Ralph Fiennes Kubo lives a quiet, normal life in a small shoreside village until a spirit from the past turns his life upside down by re-igniting an age-old vendetta. This causes all sorts of havoc as gods and monsters chase Kubo who, in order to survive, must locate a magical suit of armor once worn by […]

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  12. Japanese journalist found not guilty of defaming South Korea’s President

    The International Press Institute (IPI) welcomes today’s Seoul Central District Court’s verdict that acquits former Sankei Shimbun Seoul bureau chief Tatsuya Kato of defaming President Park Geun-hye. Nonetheless, IPI reminds South Korean authorities that criminalising defamation falls dramatically short of international legal standards and has a chilling effect on journalists. “IPI welcomes Mr. Kato’s acquittal […]

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  13. THE ASSASSIN – Satoshi Tsumabuki, Shu Qi & Chang Chen

    In 9th-century China, Nie Yinniang is a young woman who was abducted in childhood from the family of a decorated general and raised by a nun who trained her in the martial arts. After 13 years of exile, she is returned to the land of her birth as an exceptional assassin, with orders to kill […]

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  14. ATTACK ON TITAN – Japanese Science Fiction

    Mankind has retreated behind walls in the wake of the man-eating humanoid giants known as the Titans. After a century of relative peace, a young boy named Eren and his friends Armin and Mikasa venture to the wall’s edge with hopes of seeing what’s on the other side. Then the unthinkable happens: a titan larger […]

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  15. “YAKUZA APOCALYPSE” (Comedic vampire action thriller)

    Fearsome yakuza boss Kamiura is also a bloodsucking vampire. One day, men arrive from a competing clan and deliver him an ultimatum: Play nice or die. Kamiura refuses and, during a fierce battle, is torn limb from limb. With his dying breath, he passes on his vampire powers to his loyal lieutenant, Kageyama. His first […]

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  16. “Hiroshima Cover-up: How the War Department’s Timesman Won a Pulitzer” by Amy Goodman & David Goodman

    The below article is an excellent example of how even the New York Times has twisted the facts and manipulated public opinion in order to support a deeper agenda. This revealing story covers the bombing of Hiroshima 70 years ago, yet the same deceptive techniques of distortion and manipulation continue to be used today to support […]

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  17. “Dragon Ball Z RESURRECTION F” (Cartoon Perpetual Series: 2015)

    Hot on the heels of last year’s summer blockbuster, Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z is back in theaters. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the second film personally supervised by the series creator himself, Akira Toriyama. The new movie showcases the return of Frieza – one of the most iconic villains of all time. […]

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  18. Toyota sending young artists to Japan

    Toyota, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, is offering young Barbadian artists the opportunity of a lifetime. As part of the company’s annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, youth between the ages of four and 15 are invited to create and submit a drawing of their ‘Dream Car’ for a chance to win an all-expenses paid […]

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  19. ‘Man from Reno’ – Ayako Fujitani, Pepe Serna, Kazuki Kitamura: MYSTERY HD

    (CONCL. FROM CAPTION ABOVE) At the same time, Japanese mystery author Aki Akahori (Ayako Fujitani) takes a trip to San Francisco in order to escape the press tour for her latest book – a potboiler in her world famous “Inspector Takabe” series. Feeling lonely and vulnerable, she begins a romantic affair with a mysterious Japanese […]

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  20. Unbroken – Coldplay Music Video: “Miracles” (2014) HD

    Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken is an inspiring story about the power of hope and human perseverance, as told through the real-life struggles of former Olympian and war veteran Louis “Louie” Zamperini. To help capture the spirit of Zamperini’s amazing story, the band Coldplay wrote “Miracles” specifically for the film. Hot on the heels of their three […]

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  21. Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt take selfies with fans at “UNBROKEN” Premiere

    “I think it’s cool to do photo selfless instead of autographs Notice I use selfless. They give of themselves to their fans.” Youtube comment…

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  22. “WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL” – Jun Kunimura, Fumi Nikaidô, Shin’ichi Tsutsumi, Hiroki Hasegawa, Gen Hoshino, Tomochika, Itsuji Itao (2014)

    There’s a war going on, but that won’t stop the inexperienced but eager wannabe film crew The F*ck Bombers from following their dreams of making the ultimate action epic. Ten years ago, yakuza mid-boss Ikegami led an assault against rival don Muto. Now, on the eve of his revenge, all Muto wants to do is […]

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  23. “THE TALE OF THE PRINCESS KAGUYA” (Studio Ghibli – 2014)

    Legendary Studio Ghibli cofounder Isao Takahata revisits Japan’s most famous folktale in this gorgeous, hand-drawn masterwork, decades in the making. Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter (James Caan) and his wife (Mary Steenburgen), a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady (Chloë Grace Moretz). The mysterious young […]

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  24. “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends” (2014) – Japanese Live Action Movie HD

    In “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends,” Himura faces the burnt and bandaged antagonist Makoto Shishio (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and members of his elite group Juppongatana.

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  25. PATEMA INVERTED: Award-winning anime from the director of “Time of Eve”!

    A world, forever beyond your expectations. In a dark, cramped, underground world of endless tunnels and shafts, people wear protective suits and live out their modest, hard and yet happy lives.

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