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  1. Barbadian NGO calls for Palestinian Student Exchange, As Envoy Sobeh plans Regional Familiarisation

    The rapacious missile attacks into civilian dominant areas of Palestine has created many divides, such as where the son of an Israeli leader (narrowly dodging corruption charges recently after two run off votes competing against Benny Gantz among at least four other parties) accused Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot of being Switzerland in her neutrality […]

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    CAAP condemns the on-going attacks on Palestinians in East Jerusalem at the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque. This is part of the “ethnic cleansing” by the Zionists of Palestinians who have been living in Jerusalem for countless generations, to make way for Zionist Settlers. Over 200 hundred Palestinians have been injured by stun grenades, […]

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  3. CIF denies any connection to Likud Party: why reach out to Region?

    “Israel has been slow to admit Ethiopians whose ancestors converted to Christianity, not seeing them as fully Jewish even if they practice Judaism.” – Israel Accepts Ethiopians of Jewish Descent, but Fewer Than Promised, New York Times 13/10/2020 Relations between Tel Aviv and Addis Ababa could be smoother and the path has been made rockier […]

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  4. Game-changer COVID19 breathalyzer tested in Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health says it tested Israel’s breathalyzer and certified the accuracy is 95% of the PCR reliability tests. The difference in price is around RD$800 of the breathalyzer to RD$4,000 of the PCR test. The biggest advantages, nevertheless, are in a shorter time to have results and the ease of […]

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    The ten-part limited drama series OUR BOYS debuts with two episodes back-to-back MONDAY 12th AUGUST at 21:00 hrs AST*, followed by single episodes debuting subsequent Mondays, exclusively on HBO. The show will also be available on HBO GO. In the summer of 2014, three Jewish teenagers are kidnapped and murdered by Hamas militants. Israel is […]

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  6. “Is It Truly An Allergy? Exploring the differences between asthma, allergies and other irritants” – Drug Service Lecture series, March 6th 2018, 6:00 pm at LESC, Two Mile Hill

    Allergies are common annoyances to many of us. From dust to pollen to food to pets, allergic reactions can range from mild to severe. But is it an allergy? Irritants, intolerances, sinuses or your mind just playing tricks on you, there is a lot to be considered and sifted through before you declare it’s an […]

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  7. Anne Rice’s ‘The Young Messiah’ – Fea. Sean Bean, Easter 2016

    This adaptation of Anne (originally came to fame on Vampires before True Blood) Rice’s novel stars Sean Bean, David Bradley, Sara Lazzaro, Vincent Walsh and Adam Greaves-Neal. The Young Messiah will open in theaters on March 11th, 2016. Tells the story of Jesus Christ at age seven as he and his family depart Egypt […]

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  8. “A BORROWED IDENTITY” (Israël – 2015)

    Gifted Eyad (Tawfeek Barhom), a Palestinian Israeli boy, is given the chance to go to a prestigious Jewish boarding school in Jerusalem. As he desperately tries to fit in with his Jewish schoolmates and within Israeli society, Eyad develops a friendship with another outsider, Jonathan (Michael Moshonov, Lebanon) a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy, and […]

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    Axcel Finance, a micro-financing company which has been operating in Barbados for only two years, has been lauded for initiating a mentorship program for secondary school children. While stating that it was good to have such a program, Minister Jones said: “We would have had in this country, over time, different iterations of something approaching […]

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  10. “Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine” (CAAP) will be observing 67th anniversary of UN resolution to partition Palestine

    On Saturday 29th November 2014 the Barbados based group “Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine” (CAAP) will be observing the sixty-seventh anniversary of the United Nations resolution to partition Palestine between its residents who had lived there for countless centuries, and recently arrived Zionists from Europe, with the majority of the land going to the minority recently […]

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  11. Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine

    According to the Palestinian Authority, since the year 2000, some 1500 children have been killed by Israeli forces in occupied Palestine, to say nothing of the others killed in previous years. This one sided killing spree, is claiming more child victims daily as Israel remorselessly currently targets built up population centres in Gaza and the […]

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  12. Barbadian Sculptor loses Cancer fight in Tel Aviv, Bill Grace in memoriam: Via – Damon Gerard Corrie & Therese Hadchity

    {EDITOR’S NOTE: 2 Tributes – 1st? Damon Gerard Corrie‘s} Yesterday, Friday the 13th 2014 turned out to be a day of sorrow in the end, as I got news that an old friend – famous Barbadian Artist Bill Grace – died in a hospital Israel, after fighting bravely against cancer for 30 years, his mortal […]

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  13. “Netanyahu at Bay” By Itamar Rabinovich – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2013

    Few foresaw the surprising setback suffered by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his Likud party, and the right in general in Israel’s recent general election. It is an outcome that will have important ramifications for Israel’s domestic politics and foreign policy alike, particularly its Middle Eastern diplomacy. Although the final vote tally awaits (soldiers’ votes have […]

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  14. “Netanyahu the Palestinian” By Alex Joffe – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    In January, Israeli voters will go to the polls for an election that promises to hand Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a renewed mandate. Few prospects are more loathsome to the Israeli left, US President Barack Obama’s administration, most European leaders, or many American Jews. But no one regards the prospect of another Netanyahu government with […]

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  15. Israel versus America versus Iran by Shlomo Ben-Ami – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    Israel’s concern about the specter of a nuclear Iran has now degenerated into a crisis of confidence concerning the United States. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has embarked on a campaign to force President Barack Obama to set a red line that Iran must not cross, lest it risk unleashing an American military response. Implicit threats […]

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