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  1. $5.35 Million Bds Boost to Barbados Tuna Industry, Maritime Affairs gaining more value for Fisherfolk

    The substantial demand for tuna among sushi and sashimi lovers mainly in North America has been the driving force behind the development of tuna fisheries in the Caribbean region for exports. As a result of this global demand, a number of countries in the Caribbean region, such as Barbados, have developed a yellow-fin tuna (YFT) […]

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  2. Caribbean Brands to Feature at Leading Food, Health and Nutrition Exhibition

    The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand from health-conscious consumers for natural products made with pure and simple ingredients. In 2016, the global natural food and drinks market was valued at $79.1 million (US) and by 2023 is estimated to reach $191.9 million (US)- a compound annual growth rate of 17.6%.[1] This presents an excellent opportunity […]

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    Register now to find out the implications of the Coronavirus on small businesses and more!

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  4. Caribbean Export, the CARIFORUM Directorate and the EU support firms in Leveraging the EPA

    Supporting CARIFORUM firms to leverage the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is at the forefront of the Caribbean Export Development Agency’s work programme as they implement the 11th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union. Co-hosts for the workshop, the European Union (EU) Delegation, expressed their commitment to supporting the […]

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  5. “Trump, trade and the Caribbean” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    Trade between the US and other countries of the world, particularly China, was a major plank of Donald Trump‘s campaign for the Presidency. He regarded all the trade deals as inimical to US interests. So, is there reason for Caribbean Community Common Market (CARICOM) countries to worry about their trade relationship with the US under […]

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  6. Caribbean Export Wishes you & yours, a very Merry Christmas!

    The offices of Caribbean Export will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Enjoy your holidays!

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    The West India Biscuit Company Limited (WIBISCO), widely known for their baked goods such as biscuits and cookies, copped the Caribbean Exporter of the Year Award last night at the 2nd Caribbean Exporter of the Year Awards. The Awards event held this year at Hilton Barbados Resort hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean […]

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  8. Bankrupt Ideas at Cave Hill Campus – MP Wants No Cannabis for Cash Crops

    Harvest local foods instead of illegal drugs… St Michael West Central MP, James Paul, made this stern admonition to the University of the West Indies, in the wake of a request from a senior administrator there for the laws to be changed to allow the Cave Hill Campus to grow medicinal marijuana on farmland in […]

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  9. Changing the International Perception of the Caribbean from Tourism

    “One of the challenges we face in the region is how to change the perception of the Caribbean as being that of a destination solely for vacation tourism”. This was the view from President of the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA), McHale Andrew, of Invest Saint Lucia last week during a study tour […]

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  10. Barbadian expert cites 7 Trinidad & Tobago Companies Identified For Export Thrust

    Seven companies from Trinidad and Tobago have been already identified as potential partners in the Global Business Innovation Corporation’s (GBIC) drive to move Caribbean products from regional distribution to supermarket shelves in North America. This development follows the launch of the Caribbean Food Business Innovation Revolution initiative at exporTT headquarters in Port of Spain… The […]

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  11. Caribbean Regimes advised by CDB to find ways to reduce Expenditure swiftly

    I am honoured to be able to represent the Caribbean Development Bank in a forum that underscores the determination of Caribbean governments, the private sector and the development community to come to grips with the seemingly elusive issue of sustainable economic growth. I recently had the privilege of attending the IMF World Bank Annual Meetings […]

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  12. CARDI creates Revenue Generating Unit: Corn Seed sold to Grenada

    With a focus on increasing crop and small ruminant productivity by equipping the Region’s agribusiness sector to deal with the challenges of climate change, increasing incidence of invasive pests, low productivity and increasing costs of inputs, CARDI has established a Revenue Generating Unit. The Unit, established in 2013 to supplement the Institute’s operating cost, has […]

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  13. Caribbean Export Supports Haiti’s Private Sector

    The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) recently held a series of high level meetings with Ministry officials and key Stakeholders in Haiti. These meetings were not only to strengthen the relationship with Haiti but also to set the agenda for the Agency’s commitment to supporting Haiti’s buoyant private sector to achieve greater competitiveness and […]

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  14. T&T Manufacturers ‘excited’ to be part of Summer Fancy Food Show

    ‘Excited’, ‘Very proud’, ‘Thrilled’, ‘Optimistic’, ‘Exhilarated by the possibilities’, ‘Proud and accomplished‘, all words to describe the feelings of the thirteen local exhibitors on the opening day of the 60th Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS), which runs from Sunday 29 June on to Tuesday 1 July, 2014 at the Jacob Javits Center, New York, USA. There […]

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    On Friday 18 April, 2014, members of the Drug Squad supported by other Units of the Force and members of the Barbados Defence Force conducted a drug eradication operation in St. David’s Village, Christ Church. Two thousand four hundred and fifty six (2,456) cannabis plants were discovered in a dense bushy area north of the […]

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  16. High Time? Creating ForEx & reducing Barbados’ deficit

    Last year the Governor of the Central Bank stated it is best for Barbados to create a $400 million surplus in terms of Deficit balancing. At the same time? Barbados has had a harsh economic outlook from 2010 onwards, with an almost correlative rise in crimes involving locally grown cannabis, trees are not found in […]

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    Police have arrested and jointly charged Fabian Aaron Taylor, 30 years of Clover Court, Inch Marlow, Christ Church, and Clement Harrison Brown, a Canadian national, for the above mentioned offences which occurred on 2014-04-11 while at Inch Marlow, Christ Church: 1. Possession of cannabis 2. Possession with intent to supply; 3. Trafficking; and 4. Cultivation […]

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    {EDITOR’s NOTE: Barbados, Jamaica and the rest of CARICOM continue to miss the boat on Decriminalising marijuana for medicinal export to legal and open markets such as Canada, Washington, Colorado & California – in taxing such a commodity which is easy to cultivate and distribute, this region could be very self-sufficient in jobs, agriculture and […]

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  19. Illegal drugs eradication operations: What could Barbados earn if exported to Canada or Colorado?

    1. A cannabis eradication operation was carried out Friday 14th February 2014 by members of the Drug Squad and supported by members of the Barbados Defence Force. It begun at 6:00 am and targeted areas in St. John, Cherry grove, Wakefield, Easy Hall, Golden Ridge, Todds, St. George and Blackmans, St Joseph. {EDITOR’s NOTE: How […]

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    The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) in conjunction with the implementing partners CARICOM Secretariat and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic (DICOEX) have been awarded responsibility for the implementation of a 3.2 million Euro programme by the European Union towards the implementation of the 10th EDF Services Sector Component. Implementation […]

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  21. “Canada-CARICOM Trade Talks Shrouded in Doubt” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    Negotiations on a trade agreement between Canada and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have limped along for over five years. Unless political will and energy is now put into the process, the negotiations could fizzle out by the end of June – a ‘drop-dead’ date now accepted by both sides. Abandonment of these negotiations would not […]

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  22. Canada wants to buy Ganja from Jamaica: Barbados’ Finance Minister can’t address potential ForEx – too busy at Awards Ceremony sponsored by … ???

    “…In Canada, the number of patients under the medical marijuana programme has been doubling in size annually.” Read More HERE… Further, why don’t Adriel Brathwaite and Chris Sinckler wake to f**k up? Is somnambulism that pervasive in this regime?

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  23. Dominican Republic told it should withdraw from Caricom: 15 member grouping querying DR’s treatment of Haiti should be economically punished?

    Head of the Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas says Caricom leaders don’t understand Dominican reality, as reported in the Jamaica Gleaner. “Since 2012, Dominican Republic has imported the significant sum of US$1.6 billion in goods and products from Trinidad and other Caricom countries,” the business leader said. He said […]

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  24. “A gloomy time” By Sir Ronald Sanders, review of IMF & Barbados

    The announcement on Friday 13 December by the government of Barbados that it will lay-off over 3,000 public servants in January as a first step in cutting back government expenditure and reducing national demand for goods and services has rightly rattled other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) members. Concern has been greatest in neighbouring Eastern Caribbean countries, […]

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  25. Not so sweet in DR as they face sugar shortage: Over-Exporting?

    Dominican Republic’s Minister of Agriculture Luis Ramon Rodriguez says he’s looking for a solution to the sugar shortage problem, so he is coordinating the volume of the sugar imports with the National Sugar Institute (Inazucar), producers and businesses. He said that one of the problems with local production is that the country was affected by […]

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