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  1. Going to Harrison’s Point is NOT a Death Sentence: Confessions of an Asymptomatic

    CAVEAT I have images here which were accumulated while under Isolation, I made sure to include no depiction of Staff nor Patients and thus maintain confidentiality, if there are any objections still? I welcome official images to substitute them with. Please feel free to either contact me or send approved photography at UNAVOIDABLE EXCLUSIVE? […]

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  2. LIAT announces appointment of new Director Flight Operations

    LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, revealed the appointment of Captain Arthur Senhouse as Director Flight Operations (DFO) effective September 01, 2015, with responsibility for all aspects of the airline’s flight operations. Prior to taking up his current role, Captain Senhouse was the Chief Pilot – a position he took up in February 2014. He was responsible for […]

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  3. Guerneys for the QEH, Life Saving Operations for children and more from the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust

    Children in need of medical attention – who live with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) or Rickets (softening of leg bones and knee joints) – and other challenges now have an affordable means of addressing such difficulties thanks to the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust. International non-profit, humanitarian organization World Pediatric Project and the Queen Elizabeth […]

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  4. Barbados Tennis Association 2015 Sol Nationals – Day 2 via Harry MacKenzie

    The match of the day was Robert Hayden v Lloyd Slocombe. Hayden (U16), one of our junior players, came up against Lloyd Slocombe (O45), one of our veteran players, in what turned out to be a topsy-turvy match where the momentum swapped back and forth between the players throughout the match. Hayden got off to […]

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  5. Vincentian Motivational Speaker aims to promote Caribbean Professional Development

    With numerous accolades and international work experiences under her belt, acclaimed author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Karen Hinds is on a journey to increase personal and professional development within the Caribbean community’s workforce and general population. Born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Karen, who is the author of 5 books, a weekly […]

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  6. Tourism Minister Brantley meets with Nevis’ Hotel Tourism Association

    Nevis’ Minister of Tourism Mark Brantley, at the annual meeting of the Nevis Hotel Tourism Association, referred to members as the “backbone of the industry” and assured them he was committed to helping them improve their services. With tourism being the most important industry on the island, Brantley said, all resources should be geared toward […]

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